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Finally!! Global Corporate Walkathon 2022 Begins.

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Last Updated on 27 November, 2023

No more waiting! We are back with the Global Corporate Walkathon 2022, powered by Vantage Fit. The event is live, and we cannot wait for you to put on you shoes and kickstart this contest.

With 83 teams spanning over 26 countries, such as the USA and New Zealand, this year, we have surpassed the previous numbers by a good margin in terms of participation. Organizations like Toyota Connected, Cerebral Hub, and Hexaware Technologies have joined the contest and are waiting for the moment to begin.

Exciting prizes will be rewarded to the top three teams with the highest average number of steps walked during the walkathon. The top team will be awarded USD 2500 in total, followed by the second and third teams with USD 1500 and USD 1000, respectively.

The competition is aimed at businesses that place a high priority on employee health and wellness. It serves as a platform for these enterprises to motivate their workforce to develop healthy habits and active lifestyle.

What is the duration of the contest?

The walkathon is live from 23:59 Hrs, 3rd October to 23:59 Hrs, 6th November 2022 (All-time zones).

How many teams are taking part?

The contest will feature 83 teams and more than 2000 participants in total.

Where can I check my progress in the contest?

There are two ways to check your progress -

  • Open the Vantage Fit app and click on your rank.

  • Go to the leaderboard page on the Vantage Fit website.

Few Words from the Vantage Fit Team

Due to the success of the first season of the Global Corporate Walkathon, we discovered that most companies prioritized employee health and sought a healthy lifestyle. They have actively competed and walked their desired number of steps with full motivation.

We are looking for that same high spirit this year. With that enthusiasm and boost, we urge you to give your best in the contest and help us build a healthy living and sustainable world.

Along with participating in the walkathon, users may also explore intriguing Vantage Fit app features like a squat tracker, mindfulness meditation sessions, and more. If you want to participate in the contest smoothly, look at our participation guide and a video.

So, what are you waiting for? You may finally start going for that walk you have been delaying!!

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