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It's a Wrap for the Global Corporate Walkathon 2022!!

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Last Updated on 27 November, 2023

The finish line is here, everyone. The Global Corporate Walkathon 2022 officially comes to an end. Let me tell you; the event has been a bunch load of fun and full of motivation. It witnessed individuals taking their wellbeing seriously and giving their best efforts in the competition.

There were 2092 participants, with 83 teams from companies across 26 countries. We are overwhelmed with such a positive response that only motivates us to continue with our wellness initiatives.

We started the Global Corporate Walkathon Season 2 with much anticipation and hope after its success last year. And we were not disappointed for we saw active participation and enthusiasm all around in this season as well.

Our primary goal behind this contest was to foster a healthy work culture, which we feel has been fulfilled. The numbers are inspiring, and so is the dedication of all the participants.

All in all, the zeal and excitement made this entire event possible and successful.

The Winning Team

The reward structure for the walkathon is framed a little differently this year and has mainly focused on uplifting team spirit. As a result, there are three prizes set for teams with the highest average number of steps. The team acquiring the first position earns USD 2500 in total, followed by the second and third teams earning USD 1500 and USD 1000, respectively.

The team which came first in this year’s event is SuperGas Team C, with an amazing average step count of 576551.


Apraava (481227) and Getronics_The Striders (336549) fixed their spots in second place and third, respectively.

Check out the full list of winners on the leaderboard page.

Towards Wellbeing and Sustainability

The Global Corporate Walkathon 2022 brings in a whole new refreshing mood thus ending the year on a good note. It successfully brought corporates together on a common platform to work towards their employee health goals.

Besides boosting individuals to lead an active lifestyle, it turned the wellness program into a sustainability drive. For every 10,000 average steps covered by the team, one tree was planted at the end of the contest. So, promoting healthier lives in a healthy and green environment is what our ultimate mission has been.

Congratulating every participant who put in their best efforts and helped us reach our goal; we hope to collaborate with you again in the future for another wellness initiative.

Until then, Live healthy and Live green.

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