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Reaching The Finish Line Of The Global Corporate Walkathon 2021

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Last Updated on 27 November, 2023

Like all good things that must come to an end, the Global Corporate Walkathon 2021 is now officially over. It has been a contest full of excitement and enthusiasm that saw the participation of more than 3700 participants from companies across 24 countries.

We are delighted to see so many teams and individuals complete the walkathon with full spirit. The active participation of all the contestants till the last second of the contest was something that we could have only hoped for in the very beginning.

Even though the Global Walkathon was a virtual competition, it never felt like one. Thanks to the enthusiasm and competitiveness of each and every individual, the walkathon almost came alive. Also, contestants kept each other on their toes as evident with minute-by-minute changes in the leaderboard.

The Winners

The Walkathon had attractive prizes up for grabs for two primary categories, i.e., the Company with highest average steps and the top 100 individuals with the highest step count.

VServe Ebusiness came out on top as the Company with the highest average steps completed, with an astonishing 461135 steps.


In terms of individual competition, Kiran Kuncham, Adhikarla Prem Kumar, and Rangareddy Thudoddi, all from Gemini Edibles and Fats India, bagged the first, second, and third places respectively.

Check out the full list of winners in the leaderboard page.

A Successful Step Towards A Healthy Future

The Global Corporate Virtual Walkathon 2021 allowed organizations from various parts of the world to showcase their concern for employee health and set an example for others to promote the same. This walkathon was just the beginning of a long road of initiatives that we plan to put forward to aid our mission of making corporate lives healthier.

We congratulate each and every participant that helped make this walkathon such an exciting one and look forward to more participation in the future. Till then, stay fit and stay healthy.

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