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15 Amazingly Delicious And Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Work

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Last Updated on 16 August, 2022

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day. After an overnight fast, it provides our bodies with required fuel for energy to last throughout the day, hence its name. Starting a day without having breakfast is like starting a car without any petrol - it will eventually stop running.

But let’s face it, most of us with corporate jobs do not get the time to prepare and eat our breakfasts in the morning. We often tend to skip on our breakfasts to commute to and reach our offices on time. Also, since we are already short on time in mornings, it makes

And, skipping breakfast increases our hunger and makes us consume unhealthy foods in excess.

Here are some benefits of eating your morning breakfast-

  • Kick starts and improves metabolism
  • Refuels glycogen stores after an overnight fast
  • Provides energy to last throughout the day
  • Provides essential nutrients
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels

So, how do you make both ends meet i.e., get to work on time and eat breakfast regularly? By having your breakfast at work.

You can do this by preparing your meal beforehand or by making it at your office desk itself. If you choose to prepare it at work, then you can either take the ingredients with you or keep them at your office desk.

The key is to keep everything organized beforehand. At first, the task at hand might seem quite daunting, but after a couple of days of getting used to having breakfast daily, you will never do without it.

To help you make sure to eat your breakfast every day, I’ve created a list of quick and healthy office breakfast ideas that you can have at work. These healthy breakfast recipes are great for your busy mornings and require very little time for meal prep.

1. Cereal with Skimmed milk

Color my day
Photo by Nyana Stoica / Unsplash

Nothing is more convenient to have as a breakfast meal than plain old cereal with milk. But instead of eating regular cereal and whole milk, opt for multi-grain or all-bran cereal and skimmed milk. Multi-grain and all-bran cereals are much higher in nutrients and fiber and also lower in added sugars. Moreover, skimmed milk has low-fat content and aids in weight management.

2. Boiled Eggs

Photo by Enrico Mantegazza / Unsplash

Eggs are one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods in the world. They are an excellent source of protein, essential vitamins, and minerals. The protein in eggs helps to build and repair muscle tissues.

You can boil and take your eggs to work, or if your office has an egg boiler, you can cook them in the office. Soft-boiled or hard-boiled, the choice is yours!

3. Whole grain bread and nut butter

Whole-grain bread with a kind of nut butter like peanut butter or almond butter is one of the best breakfast options for people looking to eat healthily. Whole-grain bread is full of fiber, essential minerals like zinc and magnesium, whereas nut butter is rich in protein and healthy fats. Also, this meal can be easily prepared in no time; you only need to have the ingredients present.

If your goal is weight gain, then choose peanut butter, and if you are looking to lose weight, then opt for almond butter. Also, make sure to buy all-natural, unsweetened varieties, instead of sugar-laden, unhealthy ones.

4. Overnight Oats

Healthy morning breakfast with oatmeal :)
Photo by Daria Nepriakhina / Unsplash

A bowl of overnight oats is an excellent breakfast option for warm summer mornings. It is a perfect option for busy people as it requires minimal effort to prepare. All you need to do is soak oats in milk or yogurt overnight, and you are done. To add to the taste and enrich the nutritional profile, add some dried fruits or nuts.

5. Whole grain toast with avocado

Avocado toast with soft-boiled egg
Photo by Wesual Click / Unsplash

Avocados are one of the healthiest fruits in the world, being exceptionally rich in healthy fats and protein. The combination of whole-grain bread and avocado provides the perfect balance of complex carbs, healthy fats, and fiber, keeping you full and satiated till your next meal.

Just top one or two slices of whole-grain toast with mashed avocado and your good to go. If required, season with salt and pepper.

6. Quinoa

Salmon and quinoa dish
Photo by Ella Olsson / Unsplash

Widely popular among fitness aficionados and health enthusiasts, quinoa is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. It is one of the most protein-rich foods in the world, and it is also rich in minerals and vitamins and also is gluten-free. As it is a type of grain, it is the perfect food choice for vegans and vegetarians.

You can have quinoa for breakfast in many ways, by eating it as cereal, porridge, or even soaking it overnight to make overnight quinoa.

7. Breakfast Sandwich

juicy sandwich
Photo by OLA Mishchenko / Unsplash

Sandwiches are easy to make, easy to carry, and they don’t require much time for preparation. They are very versatile, and you can have them cold or warm. Also, you can prepare and pack one beforehand on the night before, or make right before going to work or at work itself.

By using ingredients like whole-grain bread, tuna, ham, grilled chicken, and fresh vegetables, you can make the perfect breakfast meal to start your day on a healthy note.

8. Chia pudding

Photo by Marc Mintel / Unsplash

Chia seeds are often touted as a superfood because of their impressive nutritional profile, providing massive amounts of nutrients with very few calories. They are a fantastic source of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and protein.

Just mix chia seeds, milk, and a little honey or maple syrup in a bowl and let it set in the refrigerator overnight. Take the bowl out in the morning and enjoy a breakfast that is guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied and healthier!

If you are lactose-intolerant, swap the milk for almond milk, and you are good to go.

9. Granola Bar

Buy and store some granola bars in your office desk drawer for a quick and healthy breakfast or snack. Granola bars are made with wholesome ingredients like nuts, seeds, grains, and dried fruits and, therefore, are very nutritious.

Just check the nutritional information before buying as most store-bought granola bars are high in fructose and empty calories.

10. Quinoa Fruit Salad

Mix quinoa and pieces of different fruits in a bowl to create a breakfast meal full of antioxidants, fiber, and protein. Toss the ingredients together till the pieces of fruit are covered with the quinoa evenly. To balance out the meal and add some healthy fats into the equation, add a little bit of olive oil, nut butter, or some cheese.

11. Greek Yogurt with Fruit

Photo by Joanna Kosinska / Unsplash

Greek yogurt is a food that is quite popular among health enthusiasts because of its high protein content and weight management properties. It also contains probiotics that improve gut health.

By topping a bowl of Greek yogurt with fruits or nuts, you can create a delicious, easy-to-make, and super healthy meal for breakfast.

12. Breakfast Burrito

Photo by Ryan Concepcion / Unsplash

Well, if you love burritos, then this one is absolutely for you! Contrary to popular conception, burritos don’t always have to be greasy and unhealthy; they can be quite nutritious and healthy if made with the right ingredients.

Try making one yourself using multi-grain flour or lettuce leaves for the wrap, and fresh veggies and protein-rich ingredients for the filling.

13. Breakfast Smoothie

Photo by Louis Hansel / Unsplash

Smoothies are one of the best ways to mix and blend various healthy ingredients to make one super healthy meal. All you need is a blender and the ingredients of your choice to make your breakfast smoothie. You can opt for a high-protein smoothie, a high-fiber smoothie, anything that suits your needs.

14. Fruit and Peanut butter

Photo by Christine Siracusa / Unsplash

If you are running very low on time, grab a fruit or two from your dining table, then slice and dip them in peanut butter for an extremely easy-to-make meal. Peanut butter and fruit (especially apples) go exceptionally well together, and the result is a tasty breakfast that is full of fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

15. Oatmeal Cookies and Black Coffee

Photo by amirali mirhashemian / Unsplash

Even though cookies and coffee might seem like a meal fit for an afternoon or evening snack, you can have it for breakfast without worrying too much. Oatmeal cookies, especially homemade ones, contain all the benefits of oats minus the added sugar present in other cookies.

Take a pack of oatmeal cookies to work and have it with a cup of black coffee for a simple yet healthy breakfast option to start your day.

So, start every day on a healthy note with one of these excellent and easy-to-make healthy breakfast choices for work!

Besides working as a content marketer at Vantage Circle, Shah Alif Ahmed is also an internationally certified nutrition specialist, competitive bodybuilder and a musician. For any queries reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com

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