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Eating Well, Feeling Great: National Nutrition Month at Work

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Last Updated on 19 May, 2023

March is National Nutrition Month. It is a great time to focus on healthy living and eating. Also it is also a great way to raise awareness in the workplace about a healthy lifestyle.

Statistically speaking, 42% of Americans are obese. Since most of them are corporate workers, addressing this issue in the workplace is essential.

According to the CDC, obesity causes major chronic health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and some malignancies. This can lead to absenteeism, increased healthcare costs, and decreased productivity in the workplace.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics promotes awareness and teaches individuals about healthy food habits.

Corporate wellness programs should address nutrition throughout the year. But, dedicating a month to educate employees and spread awareness on the subject will benefit them.

Theme- 2023

Fuel for the Future


The theme for this year is fuel for the future. This year's theme focuses on the importance of fueling and nurturing our body and mind.

Eating with sustainability in mind is a delicious way to nourish ourselves throughout our lives while protecting the environment.

A Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist can help you develop sustainable healthy behaviors. And the diet will be tailored to your specific needs.

Importance of Food and Nutrition in the Workplace

Food and nutrition are important in the workplace because they also impact employee health. Nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, are essential for many physical and mental activities. Nutrition plays a function in immunity, not only in avoiding but also in resolving infections.


Healthy foods enhance concentration, energy, and cognitive function, resulting in higher productivity and job satisfaction.

A balanced and healthy diet can lower the risk of chronic diseases. Hence, it can result in less absenteeism and lower healthcare expenses.

Furthermore, having healthy food options at work fosters a culture of wellness. It also helps retain employees who value a healthy lifestyle. Investing in employee food and nutrition greatly benefits the employees and the firm.

23 Healthy Ideas to Spread Awareness at Work

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics urges the public to learn more about nutrition each March. They launched an annual campaign encouraging people to cultivate healthy eating habits.


The 23 suggestions below are simple ways to celebrate healthy National Nutrition month at work.

1. Host a healthy Potluck.

Hosting a healthy potluck at work is a fun and engaging way of celebrating National Nutrition Month. You can include your favorite cultural food items and ask your employees to do the same.


This supports healthy eating habits, variety, and cultural exchange among coworkers. It's an excellent way to learn about other cuisines while promoting health and fitness at work.

This creates a unique, inclusive event that can spark conversation on nutrition and culture.

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2. Encourage eating breakfast before coming to work.

Encourage employees to eat breakfast before arriving at work as part of fostering healthy habits in the workplace. One method to do this is to provide healthy breakfast options at work. You can keep various options, such as fresh fruit, yogurt, whole-grain cereal, and milk.

It has several advantages, including

  • increased cognitive function

  • increased energy levels

  • Better weight management.

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3. Organize lunch and learn sessions.

Lunch and learn programs can be used to offer employees nutrition and healthy eating information. It will also teach you some tips and tricks for creating healthy meals at home.

Lunch and Learn events can be engaging, with everyone sharing and discussing the nutritional benefits of what’s on the table. This can result in a more engaged and productive workforce. It will result in a pleasant workplace culture that places a premium on employee well-being.

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4. Re-organize vending machines.

This is a popular stop for busy employees, and unfortunately, the goods here occasionally replace meals. Include healthy food options in your vending machines, such as almonds, dried fruit, low-sugar energy bars, and trail mix.

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5. Introduce a water drinking challenge in the office

Water not only keeps headaches at bay but also keeps the entire body running smoothly. Drinking adequate water is unquestionably important for excellent health and dietary practices.


It helps eliminate toxins, excess electrolytes, and other contaminants. Try the Water Challenge with your team to track their daily intake.

You can also use various tracking apps, such as Vantage Fit. It will help you track your and your team’s water count and keep a tab.

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6. Healthy eating punch card

Make a punch or stamp card for your team to utilize throughout National Nutrition Month. They get a stamp for every fruit and vegetable they eat at each meal. After 30 stamps or punched holes, give them a prize, such as a grocery gift card.

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7. Create a recipe exchange board.

Sometimes, inspiration for dinner simply does not strike. Create an easy-to-use recipe exchange bulletin board for your employees. Encourage staff to hang their favorite healthy recipes on a workplace bulletin board.

Everyone at work will open their box of creativity and come up with various tasty recipes. No paper will be left to turn, whether a magazine clipping for minestrone or grandma's secret zucchini lasagna recipe! They will give their best to present the best recipes.

8. Hold a 30-day veggie challenge.

During National Nutrition Month, a 30-day veggie challenge is a great way to promote healthy eating habits. Not only that, but this will also inspire staff to try new foods.

Encourage your employees to enjoy a plant-based meal for 30 days. Ask them to focus on nutrient-dense vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes.

Employers can help employees plan meals and incentivize those who complete the challenge. It can also encourage staff to be more conscious of their food choices and habits. Hence, it will lead to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly diet.

9. Nutrition challenge

Do you have a wellness program at your workplace? March is an excellent month to begin a dietary challenge. Motivate your staff to examine their eating habits and make healthier choices.

  • Send out a survey.


It is difficult to change our routines when we are unaware that anything is wrong. Invite staff to take the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics brief quiz.

  • Make available resources.

Encourage healthy eating by providing staff with rapid access to nutritional foods.

  • Make a challenge.


Start a challenge that encourages employees to track the days of the month when they eat healthily. While it is crucial to eat healthy every day, 20 days in a month could be an excellent beginning point. Encourage employees to participate in your wellness program by offering points and incentives.

10. Free nutrition resources.

You can motivate your staff by offering unique professional or personal development opportunities. Consider producing a list of free high-quality courses for National Nutrition Month.


Stanford's Introduction to Food and Nutrition teaches people how to discriminate between meals that benefit or harm their health.

11. Provide on-site exercise sessions.

National Nutrition Month is an excellent opportunity to encourage everyone to eat well and exercise.


Providing on-site fitness classes or discounts to gyms is a great approach to encourage physical activity. It also makes it easier for individuals to include exercises in their daily lives.

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12. Promote walking meetings or breaks during the day.

Walking meetings are a great way to get some exercise throughout the workday. It boosts creativity and productivity while also strengthening relationships.

Taking short walks during the day can help improve focus, concentration, and mood. Walk breaks can also result in higher productivity and job satisfaction.

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13. Offer standing desks or exercise balls.

Long sitting durations can lead to various health problems, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Providing standing desks or exercise balls might give several health benefits to employees. Standing workstations allow people to modify their posture and spend less time sitting during the workday.

This can help lower the risk of health problems caused by extended sitting, such as back pain, bad posture, and low energy levels. A standing desk can help boost productivity and focus by increasing blood flow and decreasing weariness.

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14. Host a nutrition-based workplace wellness program.

Creating a nutrition education-focused workplace wellness program can aid in improving staff health. The program can teach healthy eating habits, portion control, and meal planning.

You can also get access to resources like healthy recipes and culinary lessons. It can foster a wellness culture and make employees feel appreciated and invested in the organization's success.

15. Buy produce from local farms to support local farmers.

Purchasing produce from nearby farms can help the local farming community. You can also buy food in seasons and shop locally.

Doing so will provide employees with healthy and nutritious options. It will also lower food transportation and distribution's carbon footprint. Furthermore, it will build community relationships and foster a sense of pride and connection.

16. Set up a food donation drive.

Locate a local food bank (many are housed in churches and sometimes in schools) that needs to resupply its community pantry. Provide nutrition fact sheets for various vegetables or simple, healthful recipes to be sent with the packaged food.

17. Hold a blind taste test competition.

A blind taste test among employees can be a fun way to promote healthy eating. This can be a fun method to encourage employees to try new foods and make smart eating choices.

The competition can also include prizes or incentives for participation. It can be anything like healthy foods or a local grocery store gift card. This can increase employee engagement while promoting a health and wellness culture in the workplace.

18. Invite an allergist and a nutritionist to your event

Consider a lunch and learn session with an allergist and a dietitian. Several foods can induce allergies or sensitivities, but people may not realize they are having a food reaction.


Bringing together a dietitian and an allergist to discuss food allergies and health might provide useful insights to your team. It may also help them get started on the path of allergy testing to remove foods that cause serious health problems.

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19. Healthy cooking classes

Employees can benefit from holding healthy cooking lessons or nutrition workshops. Employees can learn how to prepare healthy, delicious meals that are quick and easy meals by offering culinary workshops.


An employer can hire a personal chef and rent a space or use the company's kitchen to hold a one or two-hour cooking session.

They can also share videos or have virtual classes for employees to learn at home. This can help promote good eating habits and reduce the intake of processed and unhealthy foods.

Nutrition workshops can teach employees about good eating habits and the benefits of a balanced and nutritious diet.

20. Organize a company-wide health fair featuring physical and mental wellness services

Community wellness activities can boost morale and team spirit. It also reinforces a company's commitment to social responsibility.

These events allow employees to engage in physical activity. They will also learn about healthy lifestyle options and connect with others with the same interests.

Employees can establish a sense of camaraderie and pride in their firm by working together towards a common objective.

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21. Encourage employees to take breaks throughout the day to promote work-life balance

Taking pauses throughout the day promotes work-life balance and improves employee well-being. These breaks can be short and easy. Such as taking a walk around the office, stretching at the desk, or practicing mindfulness or meditation for a few minutes.


Employees may reduce stress and retain focus throughout the workday by taking breaks. It can contribute to a more positive and productive work atmosphere and improve organizational performance.

22. Create a Workplace Garden.

Establishing an office garden is an effective strategy to enhance workplace health and wellness. Gardening has therapeutic advantages and can help employees connect with nature. It will also provide a break from their daily routine.

Everyone can collaborate to plan and maintain the garden. It will foster teamwork and increase job satisfaction. Infact, you can also ask your employees to have a garden to grow food at home.

23. Reward a meal delivery at the end of the month.

Rewarding a meal demonstrates your dedication to improving health and well-being and can aid in developing a strong and motivated workforce. It can contribute to a more favorable work atmosphere and boost staff morale.

Treating your staff with a dinner at the end of National Nutrition Month can help your employees and your organization. It s a great way to show your staff how much you appreciate their efforts and contributions to the firm.

10 key messages the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics wants to share

  1. Learn the benefits of a healthy eating approach.
  2. Select health-promoting meals and beverages.
  3. Regularly include a range of healthful foods from all dietary groups.
  4. When eating out, choose healthier selections.
  5. Keep portion quantities in mind. Consume what is necessary for you and what you can eat.
  6. Eating healthy does not have to be difficult.
  7. Make food safety a regular part of your lifestyle.
  8. Consider the items you already have before purchasing more at the store to help decrease food waste. Also, always purchase foods with minimal packaging to reduce your carbon footprint.
  9. Discover activities you enjoy and engage in physical activity most days of the week.
  10. Consult a nutritionist. They can provide personalized nutrition dietary recommendations tailored to meet your health goals.


National Nutrition Month is a great opportunity to discuss healthy eating habits. It's also a way to discuss and implement lifestyle improvements with your employees. Healthy eating habits are important to living a healthy lifestyle.

According to the CDC, chronic but avoidable diseases cause productivity loss and cost the economy $260 billion annually.

You can help employees think about simple adjustments they can make to improve their health.

Replace vending machine snacks with healthier options preceding pizza days in favor of salad bar outings. Continue having healthy food choices talks and activities in your wellness programs.


Q. 1 What is the purpose of National Nutrition Month?

National Nutrition Month is an annual campaign held in March to raise awareness of the importance of good eating and nutrition. It is a nutrition and dietetics project that encourages individuals, organizations, and communities to focus on making informed food choices and building good eating habits.

Q. 2 How can you celebrate National Nutrition Month?

National Nutrition Month can be celebrated in a variety of ways. Begin by introducing more fruits and vegetables into your diet, choosing whole grains, and minimizing your added sweets and bad fats intake.

You can also participate in nutrition-related events such as cooking demonstrations or workshops or share healthy eating advice on social media.

Q. 3 What is the significance of National Nutrition Month?

National Nutrition Month is significant because it increases awareness of the significance of proper nutrition and encourages people to make healthy choices. A healthy diet can help to prevent chronic diseases, as well as improve overall health and well-being.

Individuals and communities may work together to encourage good eating habits and create a healthier future for all by participating in National Nutrition Month.

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