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16 Office Olympics Event Ideas to Build Team Spirit and Wellness in the Corporate Arena

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Last Updated on 12 July, 2024

The Olympics are a testament to human will and endurance. They celebrate the best athletes who succeed in various sports and showcase peak physical performance.

Drawing inspiration from this global event, the idea of an Office Olympics event is somewhat similar. As Paris gears up for the 2024 Olympics, channel that Olympic spirit into your team’s very own Office Olympics event. Such events present a unique opportunity for employers to promote employee fitness and well-being.

Companies can enhance workplace morale by organizing a series of sports and fitness activities, either in teams or individually. It can turn out to be a great means for employers to create an engaging environment and ensure employee wellness.

Leveraging the widespread presence of technology, Office Olympics can seamlessly blend with physical and virtual experiences. Corporate employees, who are often at the forefront of technological innovation, can benefit from this approach that incorporates real-world activities alongside virtual or digital wellness tools.

Hosting such an event ensures a dynamic, inclusive experience that highlights the importance of fitness and teamwork in the modern workplace.

Benefits of hosting an Office Olympics

Cheering; benefits of hosting an Office Olympics

Work in a conservative environment can become mundane after a while. Routines can become monotonous and sedentary over time.

Enters Office Olympics! An event like the Corporate Olympics injects a shot of fun. Such events offer a chance to break away from the routine, reconnect with colleagues, and unleash a little healthy competition.

They are a fantastic tool for promoting corporate wellness in a way that's engaging and accessible to everyone.

Listed below are some benefits of Office Olympics.

1. Encourages and improves physical activity

Even light-hearted desk-based games can get people moving, improving circulation and focus, and promoting physical well-being. Participating in activities such as the Relay race or jogging challenge will only do wonders.

2. Reduces Stress

According to a study from the American Institute of Stress, workplace stress is highlighted as a major concern. Fun games and a light-hearted competition are a great way to lighten the mood and tackle this challenge. Such activities help employees de-stress and come back to their work feeling refreshed.

3. Boosts Morale and Team Building

Participating together in a competition can go a long way in fostering companionship and a sense of community in your teams. Team-building activities like Office Olympics significantly boost employee morale by enhancing job satisfaction and employee motivation.

4. Improved Communication

Many Office Olympic events require teamwork and communication to succeed. Working together towards a common goal strengthens communication and collaboration skills. This can be a great way for employees from different departments or teams to interact and learn how to work together more effectively.

4. Breaks The Ice

For those of us who are shy or introverted or new to the team, Office Olympics offers a fantastic opportunity to connect. It would provide a playful and relaxed setting to interact and build relationships outside the usual work dynamic.

boosts morale

Office Olympics offers a range of benefits that go beyond physical fitness, fun, and engagement. These events allow employees to break down social barriers and prioritize physical and mental wellness.

Ignite the spirit of Paris 2024's ‘unity and innovation’ with your own Office Olympics!

16 Corporate Olympic Event Ideas

Here are some fantastic Office Olympics ideas to get you started.

Fun Office Olympic Event Ideas

1. The Office Relay


Teams can race through a course set up with desks and obstacles. Each team member runs a section of the course, passing a baton to the next teammate waiting at designated points. It's all about speed and teamwork as they navigate through the office space.

2. Office Basketball


Participants can throw crumpled paper balls into bins placed around the office. It's a fun and competitive game that tests accuracy and aim. Individuals or teams making the highest number of baskets within a set time win.

3. Frisbee Flinders

Players can aim frisbees at targets set across the office. It's a fun way to show off some throwing skills and score points for the team.

4. The Mental Riddles Relay

Employees can engage in mental challenges such as puzzles, riddles, and memory games. It's a great way to stimulate cognitive abilities and boost creativity and teamwork under pressure. Such activities also provide a break from physical tasks while promoting problem-solving skills among coworkers.

5. The Great Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunting

Hide items in different corners of the office. Teams can search the office for these hidden items based on clues provided. This challenge encourages teamwork as participants collaborate to find all hidden items within the allotted time. It's a super fun event as it is a race against the clock to find everything on the list.

6. Typing Challenge

Colleagues compete in a timed typing competition. One who achieves the highest word-per-minute rate while maintaining accuracy and efficiency wins this timed challenge. It's a competitive event that showcases individual typing skills under pressure.

7. Rubber Band Archery

Place targets around the office. Ask participants to take aim and shoot rubber bands at the targets placed. The team or individuals with the most accuracy will win points based on hitting the highest number of shots on the target.

Outdoor Office Olympic Event Ideas

8. Tug Of War

vantage fit tug of war

Tug of War is a fun-filled outdoor game. Teams compete to pull the opposing team across a center line with a rope.

Form your teams based on strength and fitness levels to ensure fair competition. Play the game in three rounds, with the third round serving as a tiebreaker if needed. Such is the nature of the game, that once it ends, everyone will be all smiles.

9. Football

vantage fit office football

‘The beautiful game,’ the biggest global sporting event- Football, is familiar to everyone. Get access to a field or a futsal arena, gather your teams, and get ready to play.

To cater to everyone's fitness levels, make the game 50 minutes long, with each half lasting 25 minutes. If there are more than two teams, set up a league-based competition. The top two teams in the league advance to the final to compete for the Office Olympics football trophy.

10. Sprinting

Sprinting, arguably the base of all sporting events, is an essential part of the Olympics. This outdoor event requires a field or a running track. Organize 100m and 200m sprinting events to find your office’s Usain Bolt. It’s a thrilling sport of speed and endurance.

Viratual Office Olympic Event Ideas Using Digital Fitness Tracking Apps

11. Step Challenge


Challenge your team to reach a daily step goal. Set targets such as achieving 10,000 steps daily or maintaining a 7,000-step streak each day. Step trackers and apps like Vantage Fit track progress automatically, making it easy to monitor progress. The most steps win the step challenge!

12. Squat Challenge

Participants can track their squats using fitness tools with built-in squat tracker. A squat challenge can be set in two ways: the person who logs the highest number of squats wins, or the one who can hit the set target all weekend takes the prize.

13. Running Challenge


Challenge your employees to achieve an average speed of 15km/hr for 15 minutes. A simpler challenge could be to see who can run the most distance by the end of the day or week. Running apps can track progress, providing insights like speed and distance. Participants can check the leaderboard in the apps to see their rankings and compete with their friends.

14. Cycling Challenge


Cycling challenges make staying active exciting. Organize a cycling challenge where employees who cover 20 kilometers over the week win. Another exciting option is to reward the employee who creates the most interesting map route. Using cycling or fitness tracking apps, participants can easily track their routes and distances, turning exercise into exploration.

15. Healthy Sleep Challenge

Adequate sleep is crucial for overall health, yet many corporate employees struggle to get enough rest. A healthy sleep challenge encourages participants to prioritize sleep using sleep-tracking features. The goal: 7 hours of sleep a night for a week. Those who achieve this target are recognized.

16. Minfulness Meditation Challenge


Mindfulness meditation is a type of meditation that allows one to be present or mindful. A mindfulness meditation challenge helps beat stress, ease anxiety and focus better. Log into guided meditation sessions, generally featuring calming music and voiceovers. The goal is to see who logs into the most sessions over the weekend.

It's best to use one app that has all the features. Vantage Fit, for instance, comes with all the above-mentioned features and challenges, making it a one-stop solution to organize an Office Olympics. Schedule a demo and start planning your office Olympics effortlessly.

How to Organize Office Olympics

Organizing a successful Office Olympics event involves planning and execution. Equally important is to promote the event, encouraging employee participation. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Pick Your Events

Tailor the games to your space and fitness level. Get creative, try physical challenges, a recycling relay race, or mental agility games. Utilize employee wellness apps and participate in gamified custom team or individual challenges like a step challenge or a squat challenge.


2. Gauge Interest

Get everyone involved. Promote the event beforehand, ensuring that the spirit of healthy competition resonates throughout the organization. Use internal communication channels and digital wellness tools to spread the word.

3. Location

The right location sets the stage for a successful Office Olympics. Choose a clear space free from obstacles and fragile items to ensure everyone's safety. Look for areas with built-in equipment that can be repurposed for games.

For outdoor events, find lawns or fields that offer ample room for larger activities.

Also, platforms like corporate wellness apps or fitness apps are ideal for events like Office Olympics. They allow you to design and host engaging Office Olympics events virtually with tools for tracking steps, squat performance, and logging outdoor activities, regardless of location.

4. Prizes & Recognition

Think gift cards, award medals, or vouchers for healthy snacks. A little reward goes a long way when it comes to participation, sportsmanship and most importantly encouraging engagement.


Enhance Your Office Olympics with Vantage Fit

Discover a range of customizable team and individual challenges.

  • Custom Challenges: Engage teams with step and squat challenges, utilizing AI-powered tracking for accuracy.

  • Rewards & Recognition: Motivate participants with our rewards and recognition platform. Employees can win badges as they unlock levels of fitness or receive gift cards for completing challenges, which can be monetized across all major e-commerce platforms.


  • Journey Challenge: Take participants through an e-marathon where achieving step targets unlocks new levels, fostering a healthier lifestyle.

  • Activity Tracking: Use the app to track steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep patterns, or integrate with popular fitness trackers and wearables for activity tracking.

  • Leaderboards: Track team progress and individual achievements, enhancing competition and maintaining your own office Olympic leaderboard.


Follow-Up After the Office Olympics Event

After the event, gather and analyze participants' feedback. This will help improve future events and maximize their success

Use online survey tools like CultureMonkey or Vantage Pulse. They offer pre-made templates that make creating surveys and getting feedback from employees a breeze.

Vantage Pulse, for instance, offers a survey creation tool, with customizable templates, analytics, and reporting capabilities that can streamline the process and enhance the quality of the insights gathered



An Office Olympics serves as a corporate wellness event that drives team spirit while promoting physical and overall well-being. Such events also act as a fantastic tool for employee engagement.

Along with transforming the work environment to a more health-conscious and productive workplace, it breaks the routine and offers a chance to step away from the spreadsheets.

The key is to keep it inclusive and light-hearted. Encourage participation from all levels and abilities. Offer rewards and utilize digital wellness platforms to make the most out of these events. More importantly, organize events that really benefit the employees' health and well-being.

Add a dash of fun to the event by documenting the moments with photos and videos. Share them on your company's social media or newsletters for an extra dose of excitement

This article is written by Mrityunjay Sahariah, a content marketing specialist at Vantage Circle. Besides Mrityunay's love for long drives, he is an avid sports follower and enjoys his music. With his gathered experience and information on domains pertaining to wellness technology, wellness sports, and employee wellness, Mrityunjay writes extensively on these subjects. For any queries reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com

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