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How Can A Walking Meeting Boost The Health Of Employees?

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Published on 15 June, 2021

In the world of technology, most of us spend time sitting at our desks and looking at our phones. According to health statistics, sitting in the same position can reduce mental well being, productivity and cause several health problems.

Spending too much time sitting can impact the movement of the entire body. For example, if you sit in poor posture, it will affect your walking and standing. Unfortunately, these issues are common in offices and harm employee wellness.

When there is the movement of the body, there is improvement in motor function. Body movement impacts the overall performance. In addition, there is an enhancement of blood circulation and glucose levels in the body.

Meetings are a part of any organization. They give a chance to the employees to come up with good ideas. Meetings offer essential opportunities for our team members to contribute their ideas and let them know our expectations, needs, and wants.

The primary purpose of the meetings is to make decisions and strategic planning. Many times, workers might feel lazy to attend meetings. Attending meetings in a conference room while sitting in the same position is very common. Employees look forward to taking part in discussions.

Instead of usual meetings, employees can participate in a discussion while walking.

What is a Walking Meeting?

Walking meetings are a distinctive way of organizing meetings. It is not a usual meeting where team members sit together. Meetings take place in various places like streets and hallways of buildings.

These meetings set a perfect example of keeping the employees healthy. They are a social wellness activity that enhances the wellness of the employees in workplaces, as they get a chance to cooperate with their teammates.

Walking meetings give a good time to employees where they get a break from the sedentary lifestyle. Employees get fresh air while strolling around places away from the humdrum of city life. In areas where there is less chaos, employees can work with a free mind. This, in turn, helps to reduce stress and improves mental health.


The duration of the walking meeting can vary. It could be a 10 minutes walk, or it could take more than one hour. The longer the walk, the better the productivity.

Walking meetings should not be conducted in larger groups. It works out the best when there are two-four people. Small groups are preferred.

When there are fewer people in a group, there is a good flow of communication. Employees can write notes on documents or use note-taking apps.

Benefits of a Walking Meeting

Employees spend most of the time sitting in the offices. Hence it is essential to incorporate some physical activity during working hours. When actions are exhibited in the workforce, it increases positive thinking among the staff. Let us look at some of the benefits an employee can gain during walk and talk meetings.

1. Increase creativity

According to researchers, walking meetings can increase creativity by 60%.

When there is a change in office set-up, workers tend to engage more in their work. It improves their thinking ability and cognitive skills.

Workers who often participate in walking meetings are healthier than those sitting in the same positions for hours. In addition, employees tend to increase their creativity and produce excellent results.

2. Enhancing flexibility

Walking meetings can change the mobility among the employees. It means the leaders, the record keepers, and the mentors can engage themselves on a different level.

Unlike traditional meetings, everything works according to the hierarchy. Walking meetings helps in making employees feel relaxed. They produce better results in a short period.

Note- Do not discriminate against anyone based on hierarchy during walking meetings. Be flexible and cooperate with everyone.

3. Increased dynamism and energy

Employees who attended walking meetings felt more enthusiastic and energetic. When the employees are active, the brain is more focused. Hence it leads to better concentration of work and performance. In addition, more people are engaged with their teammates and the company.

Walking meetings yield blood circulation and improve overall employee health.

4. Stimulating communication

Most of the employees are engaged in phones, and walking meetings help them distract the phones' attention. They make the brain more active and employees more honest with each other. As a result, the communication becomes clear and transparent.

5. Improved overall health

Walking meetings boost the physical activities of the employee through their workday. As a result, it cuts down health care costs and lessens the number of sick days.


Ways To Hold Walking Meetings For Employees

If walking meetings are conducted once a week, they can help maintain employee health. In addition, such panels ensure increased employee engagement and positive outcomes. Let us look at some of the points and how walk and talk meetings are conducted for employees.

1. Fewer Participants

Walking meetings should not be conducted with too many people—participants of three work out the best. When there are fewer participants, the outcome of the discussions is fruitful.

2. Meetings with goals

The panels should have a purpose with proper strategies and plans. Appoint someone so that the person takes the responsibility of achieving those targets.

3. Select an excellent Location

Choose a location where there is fresh air in the surroundings. Employees are likely to give new ideas when they are engulfed by the great outdoors. For example- if you hold a meeting in a scenic location, creative ideas will likely pop up.

4. Keeping track of the weather

Before holding a meeting, check the weather forecast. The temperature shouldn't be too hot or cold. Keep the location attractive where the employers can enjoy walking.

5. Display leadership qualities among employees

Do not leave anybody after the meeting. The leaders should see that the employees reach home safely. For example, for employees who have problems with walking, their walks are restricted. When the session ends, it is essential to give strong support and drop them back at the desired location.

6. Keeping healthy snacks

During a walking meeting, replace sugary snacks with delicious healthy snacks. Drinking water is a must. During summers, employees feel thirsty; hence it is necessary to maintain proper hydration. To keep away from the scorching sun, ask your employees to keep sunscreen handy.

Make sure the surroundings give positive vibes while conducting walking meetings.

7. Assigning roles

Role assignment is crucial. It makes the walking meetings more organized. By giving different parts to different members, arrangements can be successful. Here are some of the roles you can assign.

i. The Leader

It is one of the most critical roles assigned. The leader has a lot of responsibilities like the ability to delegate, communicate and enhance integrity. They smoothen the entire process.

ii. The Mentor

A mentor guides and helps others move in the right direction. They also make pragmatic decisions and address safety concerns. Mentors suggest newer options if the existing options don't get fulfilled.

iii. The Record Keeper

They are the one who takes all the important notes during the meetings, the points that are discussed. The record keeper keeps track of the leader's words and documents everything.

Final Thoughts

There should be dynamism in meetings. If the workflow isn't energetic, it breaks the concentration and the overall productivity. As a result, the performance of an employee declines, and there is disruption of health.

In formal meetings, employees sit and don't move properly. Whereas in walking meetings, employees have an option to move freely. It has proved to benefit the company and colleagues.

Walking meetings increase focus, creativity, and energy more than formal meetings. Not only this, but physical health is improved, and recurrence of office interruptions is decreased. As you know, traditional meetings don't improve the worker's productivity.

Next time when employees hold meetings, they must conduct walking meetings to enhance employee health.

This article is written by Anangsha Alomyan who is a content marketer at Vantage Circle. Apart from writing, Anangsha plays the piano, acts, raps and does photography. Since childhood, she has been into sports and brought laurels across the country. An adventurer by heart, she loves to explore new routes across the Himalayas. To get in touch, reach out to

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