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Choosing the Right White Label Wellness Program for Your Business

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Last Updated on 13 February, 2024

Wellness programs can seem as soothing as a spa day and as motivating as a pep talk from Richard Simmons. Yet beneath the sheen of serenity and sweatbands lies meticulously crafted white-label wellness programs.

These programs offer a seamless blend of health and wellness tools that can be branded as your own, presenting a turnkey solution to employee wellness. But what exactly is a white-label wellness program, and how does it differ from other wellness options? Let’s dive in further to know more.

What is a White Label Wellness Program?


White-label wellness programs are pre-developed wellness platforms that a company can pay to brand as their own. The company that develops the white label program handles all the backend work. It includes creating the platform, programs, and content.

The licensing company brands the platform with its logos, colors, names and more. It makes it appear as its wellness offering.

The white label comes loaded with things to help employees get healthier.
The following are usually included:


The company that buys the program doesn't have to build any of this. The white-label wellness company provides it all and keeps it running smoothly.

This saves the buying company time and money. It also lets them give their employees a custom health program without doing anything themselves.

So, white-label wellness lets companies quickly add a branded wellness plan. And the buying company doesn't have to create it from scratch. It's a ready-to-use health solution with the company's name on it.

Thus, their convenience and flexibility are major selling points for many companies. You can launch a polished wellness platform and programs in a fraction of the time compared to building in-house.

Difference Between White Label Wellness, Private Label Wellness, and Reselling Wellness

"White-label wellness" and "private-label wellness" mean the same thing. Generally, they involve branding an existing wellness platform with a company's logo.

For example, an insurance company might brand a wellness platform with its name, logo, and colors, marketing it as its own program. They rely on the original provider for technology, features, and content but present it as their own.

Reselling wellness, however, is different. It involves using the platform internally while selling access to other organizations for additional revenue.

For example, the insurance company could use the platform under its own brand for its customers. But it could also partner with gyms to resell the platform to them, maybe with the gyms' branding. The company can act as a middleman to earn extra money.

The original wellness platform company provides the base technology and services in both scenarios.

Benefits of having a White-Label Wellness Platform

Some key benefits of using a white-label wellness program rather than building from scratch include the following:

1. No Tech Headaches


Running a big tech system can be as tough as solving a giant maze. But with a program already set up, you don't have to worry about all the tricky parts. It's like having a tech wizard by your side, ensuring everything works perfectly.

2. Save Your Piggy Bank


Imagine trying to build a huge robot, taking ages and tons of cash. That's how tough it is to make a big wellness program. But if you choose one that's already made, you save time and money. It's like getting a cool robot without building it piece by piece.

3. Be the Boss


With an all-inclusive health program, you can plan exciting stuff, like fitness contests or cool rewards. The best part? You get to call the shots and choose what fun activities to offer without building each yourself.

4. Access to Expertise


Having a cool tech isn't enough; you need people who can help answer questions and fix problems. With a ready-made program, you get experts to guide you, so everything runs like clockwork.

5. On Phones and Computers


These days, phones are like mini supercomputers in our pockets. A top-notch, ready-made program works on both phones and computers. This way, more people can join in easily, whether on the couch or the go.

6. Up with the Latest Challenges


Like video games get cool updates, a health program needs new stuff to stay exciting. With a program that updates itself, you always have the latest challenges and tools to keep everyone interested.

7. No Compliance Worries


Keep your wellness program secure and confidential by following HIPAA standards for integrity. It's rare to find a wellness vendor that undergoes a thorough HIPAA compliance review. Finding a wellness program that is rigorously audited for data security is even rarer.

Vantage Fit's white-label wellness platform undergoes comprehensive data security checks. It employs every current protocol and procedure for data protection. The servers store data that is fully encrypted and meticulously safeguarded.

Thus, you can delegate security and compliance responsibilities to your wellness provider. Doing so allows you to focus on the most crucial aspect of your program, guiding employees to develop and sustain healthy habits for a lifetime.

Drawbacks of using a White label wellness program


Launching your tailor-made wellness program lets you shape an experience that resonates with your team. Yet, not every business finds its groove with a standard, ready-made white-label solution. Here's when you might think twice about going the generic route:

1. White-Label Programs May Overwhelm First-Timers

Suppose you're dipping your toes into corporate wellness programs for the first time. Initially, there's a lot to navigate - from getting everyone on board to smoothing out the bumps.

That's where a seasoned wellness partner comes in handy. They bring more than just a software platform; they offer the kind of wisdom and hands-on management that's gold for a program in its infancy.

2. Generic Programs Often Lack Tailored Guidance and Support

Not everybody in your squad has the capacity and know-how to steer the wellness ship. It's not just about having the tools; it's about knowing how to use them effectively.

It's all too common for businesses to lump wellness responsibilities onto an already overloaded HR person. But let's be real — juggling wellness with a full plate often leads to a half-baked program. Like any successful venture, wellness initiatives thrive with dedicated attention.

3. Compliance Complexities Favor Customized Wellness Solutions

Suppose you're feeling out of your depth with running wellness incentives and staying within the lines of compliance. Smaller companies, in particular, can find this challenging.

Companies don't look for a platform; they want a program crafted to fit like a glove with their company ethos and health goals. It's about getting a solution that understands and aligns with your unique vibe and vision.

How to choose the right White label wellness program?

When picking the perfect white-label wellness platform, think of it as finding a trusty sidekick for your wellness program. The ideal platform should be your go-to for making everything run like clockwork. It should be there to:


What's cool about this platform is that it goes beyond being tech-savvy. It's like having a maestro orchestrating every aspect of your wellness activities, making the life of a program administrator much easier.

Now, if you're a company stepping into the world of workplace wellness, you'll find yourself at a crossroads with three paths to choose from:


But let's face it: option three is like climbing a mountain without a rope for most businesses. Juggling this with all your other priorities? It's a stretch. That's why shaking hands with an expert vendor can be a game-changer.

You get to put your name on a platform that's already proven its mettle, customizing it to fit your needs, all without the headache of building tech from scratch. It's like getting a custom-made suit without having to learn tailoring!

A few tips for choosing a White label wellness program are:

  • Research the provider's reputation and experience in white labeling. Look for solid client references.
  • Evaluate customization options. Seek robust branding and tailoring capabilities.
  • Consider the cost structure and revenue potential. Compare pricing models and profit opportunities.
  • Assess programming quality. Ensure content is evidence-based, engaging, and personalized.
  • Find an experienced partner invested in your success. Prioritize customization, revenue, and programming quality.

Examples of White-label wellness programs

1. Vantage Fit

Vantage Fit

Are you looking to launch an engaging, customized wellness program without starting from scratch? Vantage Fit checks all the boxes.

  • As an acclaimed white-label platform, Vantage Fit empowers you to easily brand and tailor a sleek mobile app that resonates with your workforce. The app has features like a step tracker, calorie counter, activity trackers, mood-o-meter, etc.

  • With Vantage Fit, you can dive into contests, social feeds, and leaderboards to foster friendly competition. Keep motivation soaring with incentive campaigns tied to points and rewards. Plus, tap into real-time analytics to gauge program traction.

  • An assigned team will collaborate closely to align Vantage Fit with your culture and objectives. They'll help develop challenges and incentives that feel authentically you. You also get leeway to incorporate your content assets into the app.

  • The compliance team ensures your program abides by the regulations, too. This frees you up to focus on boosting enrollment, and sustaining engagement.

  • Regarding costs, Vantage Fit keeps budgets in check with its value-based pricing. You can retain full ownership of participant data.

With an outstanding client retention rate and rave reviews from enterprises like Grid India, Keva Flavours, Heidrick & Struggles, ITC, and more, Vantage Fit has cemented its standing as a top-tier wellness partner.

Let Vantage Fit build you a branded platform that allows you to deliver exceptional wellness experiences. Transform Vantage Fit's proven offerings into a custom solution that resonates at every level - from culture to code.

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2. WellSteps


WellSteps offers a customizable corporate wellness solution. The platform includes assessments, challenges, incentives, and reporting. It is designed for organizations to white-label their employee wellness program. Customers include employers and wellness resellers.

3. Wellics


Wellics offers a comprehensive white-label wellness solution focusing on holistic employee health. Their platform integrates various wellness aspects like mental health, physical fitness, and nutrition.

Wellics stands out for its customizable wellness plans and interactive tools, such as health risk assessments and wellness challenges. Their data-driven approach provides valuable insights to employers while ensuring user privacy.

4. GoPivot


GoPivot is a unique player in the white-label wellness space, known for its points-based reward system. This system encourages healthy behavior changes by offering tangible rewards.

GoPivot's platform is versatile, catering to diverse wellness needs, from physical activity tracking to mental health support. They emphasize customization, allowing companies to align the platform with their specific wellness objectives and branding.

5. Wellness 360


Wellness 360 offers a robust white-label solution that prioritizes ease of use and comprehensive wellness tracking. Their platform includes features like health assessments, activity tracking, and wellness challenges.

Wellness 360 is particularly noted for its user-friendly interface and ability to integrate seamlessly with other health and wellness tools, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking to provide a holistic wellness experience under their brand.


White-label wellness programs are like ready-made health clubs for your company. It's a smart move because it's easy and doesn't cost much money. Plus, it's a quick way to make your company a healthier workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to customize a White Label wellness program for your brand?

  • Work with the provider to tailor the platform interface, website, mobile app, and materials to feature your branding, logo, colors, and messaging.
  • Select customized content and programs that align with your population's health goals.
  • Configure customized incentives, challenges, and gamification based on your engagement strategy.
  • Set up branded communications, newsletters, and notifications to create a seamless user experience.
  • Access branded and customized reporting to track engagement and outcomes.

2. What are the key features of a White-Label wellness platform?

  • Custom branding and styling options to match your brand identity.
  • Content management platform to add and tailor wellness content.
  • Automated incentives, rewards tracking, and promotions engines.
  • Data analytics with customized reporting.
  • APIs and integrations with your existing HRIS, payroll, etc.
  • Multi-tenant portal capabilities.
  • Configurable participant journeys and campaigns.

3. How much does a White Label wellness program cost?

  • Costs vary based on program scope, number of participants, customization level, and contract length.
  • Typical contracts are 1-3 years with monthly/annual license fees ranging from $2-$8 per participant per month.
  • Additional costs for custom branding, content creation, incentives, communications, and more may apply.
  • Some providers offer revenue share models for client reselling programs.
  • Contact vendors directly for detailed quotes based on your specific needs.

This article is written by Ritushree R Singh, who is a content writer and marketer at Vantage Circle. Besides having a curious heart with an avid taste for music, she relishes traveling to new places and exploring different cultures whenever possible. To get in touch, reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com

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