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Burnout Reduction For Leaders

Last Updated on 03 October, 2023

Burnout is a condition of physical and emotional exhaustion. In a working space, it is associated with issues like job withdrawal – absenteeism, intention to leave the job and turnover. However, for people who stay on the job, burnout leads to lower productivity and hampers effectiveness at work.

It is also associated with decreased job satisfaction and a reduced commitment to the organization and job. Burnout can be 'contagious' as it can have a negative 'spillover' effect on employees' personal lives.

WHO has declared burnout as a medical condition that needs immediate action. Burnout anually costs Australian businesses billions of dollars in productivity loss, mental health leave, poor decision-making, low morale, and sub-optimal managing practices.

About The Speaker

Dr. Rozina Lakhani is a MD Psychiatrist, Executive Coach, and Corporate Speaker. She is an Executive Coach, Corporate Speaker, and Integrative Psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Rozina has helped hundreds of leaders reduce losses due to burnout-related injuries and have guided them in getting the right tools and action plans in place to become happy, productive, and healthy leader in all aspects of life.

Her best-selling book "Stress to Joy" has helped many people achieve balance in life and restore their peace of mind through simple and proven strategies that they can do within minutes. She’s also the founder and podcast host of the show “Happy and Healthy Mind” which aims to bring tools for stress management, burnout reduction, treatment of anxiety and depression, and health & fitness.

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Show Notes

(01:15) What is burnout and how is it related to stress?
(03:24) How much do you think burnout is affecting employees’ overall health and well-being?
(09:54) Are mental health issues the most contributing factor to burnout? Can addressing these issues prevent burnout?
(14:05) How can leaders recognize the signs and symptoms of burnout? What are the strategies to combat it?
(24:44) What is your take on wellness programs? Can corporate wellness programs help prevent burnout?

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