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How Self-Care Collective Wellness Is Part Of Burnout Relief?

Last Updated on 06 March, 2023

Self-care and collective wellness are both essential components of burnout relief.

Creating a positive workplace culture through collective wellness is crucial. Fostering open communication and collaboration can help individuals feel supported and valued, alleviating burnout and promoting overall well-being.

Combining self-care and collective wellness practices can create a sustainable framework for burnout relief. They are important components of burnout relief because they help individuals cope with their work and personal life's physical, emotional, and mental needs.

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About The Speaker

Erayna Sargent ( aka Chill Sargent), is a speaker, mental wellness champion, and burnout relief specialist. As founder and Chief Anti-Burnout Champion at Hooky Wellness®.

She merges employee-centric design and mental wellness for their signature framework, Navigating Burnout™. She has empowered thousands of professionals across clients including Google, Deloitte, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and more.

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Show Notes

(00:54) Please tell us about yourself.

(03:50) What is collective self-care? Explain its relevance in today's era.

(05:32) How do a burnout and related issues impact employees' health and workplace wellness?

(09:00) How can organizations incorporate self-care collective wellness into employees' well-being?

(14:16) Can you suggest ways to enhance and motivate self-care wellness to cater to burnout relief?

(16:31) What are the ways in which self-care collective wellness help reduce employee burnout?

(17:15) How can organizations integrate self-care collective wellness as part of burnout relief in a corporate wellness program?

(18:39) What would be your message to the corporate listeners?

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