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Embracing Change Mindset

Last Updated on 01 March, 2023

Achieving success becomes easy when you learn how to change your mindset. Today, to thrive, having an agile mindset is crucial. A changed mindset allows you to perceive things better than a constant mindset.

You can modify your mindset or embrace a change mindset. The power to flex your mindset is something every flourishing personality has in common.

Your mindset defines you. A changed mindset comprises your renewed beliefs, values, and attitudes about yourself in your personal and professional lives. Also, your health and well-being factor highly depends on your ability to adapt and stimulate change under any condition.

About The Speaker

Cyriel Kortleven is a global professional & TEDx speaker(Making Change Simpler) and Author of 5 books. For more than 20 years, he has inspired organizations like IKEA, NASA, and Unilever to approach Change with courage, confidence, and enthusiasm.

Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Show Notes

(01:13) What is the significance of a change mindset in today’s corporate setting?

(03:05) A change in mindset sounds revolutionary and out of the box, so how do people, mostly leaders? Does the generation gap have anything to play in the picture?

(08:49) How can a change mindset redefine work culture and improve lives?

(12:28) How can one boost their creative and entrepreneurial mindset? And stimulate the mindset of the people you work with to unleash their full potential.

(24:22) What are the behavioral and mental health implications of a change mindset in the 21st century?

(26:54) Would you suggest some tips and tools help HR leaders drive behavioral change across their organization and reduce the resistance to change?

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