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Deep Rest In The Workplace

Last Updated on 05 January, 2024

Deep Rest isn't discussed often enough in the workplace, even today. Promoting rest, recovery, and more meaningful breaks at work is vital because it improves productivity, focus, creativity, enthusiasm, and employee well-being.

Deep rest is a vital therapeutic process that includes yoga poses, conscious breathing, etc., for everyone. It is a body, mind, and soul well-being and restoration process.

Modern lifestyle choices has minimized the concept of mindful living. But, workplaces must promote mindfulness and help employees adopt holistic wellness practices.

A recent Wall Street Journal interview with Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, got down to brass tacks on productivity, discussing weekend Peloton workouts, having Google employees come into the office three days a week, making compromises when it comes to meeting daily goals, and a meditation technique known as non-sleep deep rest (NSDR).

When you rest, you catch your breath and it holds you up, like water wings…
– Anne Lamott

Taking deep will give employees positivity in their bodies, breath, minds, intellect, memory, and ego, thus allowing them to produce better results at work.

About The Speaker

Sindhujaa is a Holistic Wellness Practitioner licensed in Integrative Health and Alternative Medicine (Lifestyle Medicine). A vibrant thought-leader in women's health and holistic empowerment, she's a columnist and featured wellness expert for The Times of India and Economic Times, Entrepreneur magazine, Business World magazine, The Pioneer and others. She's been a mentor for Google's '500 women entrepreneurs' program with Sheroes, and on the mentor circle for platforms like Shenomics. Additionally, she's passionate about social welfare, and heads Public Relations for The/Nudge Institute - an NGO that works for poverty alleviation and social entrepreneurship.

Connect with her on LinkedIN.

Show Notes

(01:10) What is deep rest?

(02:37) Why do you think deep rest is a necessity?

(05:49) What are the mental and physical health benefits of deep rest at work?

(08:08) What are sleep and non sleep deep rest? What is the ideal amount of time to take a deep rest?

(14:33) Taking more breaks / rest periods at work may not be something that several organizations look at enthusiastically. How would you break the stereotype of taking rest or relaxing at the workplace?

(18:08) What would you suggest to our listeners ?

This podcast is hosted by Parismita Goswami who is also a content marketer and podcast host at Vantage Circle. A feverish poet and cinephile with an intense taste for music, specifically rock, she has the heart of an explorer, learner, and is a lover of the Himalayas. To get in touch, reach out to

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