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Gauging Employee Wellbeing in a Remote Working World

Last Updated on 04 October, 2023

The last couple of years have been nothing short of a terrifying roller coaster ride. People around the world were rocked by the ravaging threat to health that we all know as the Covid-19 pandemic.

Businesses, big and small, were forced to change their ways as per international safety standards and nationwide lockdowns. Some had no other option but to shut down their businesses. However, many continued to operate, thanks to remote working.

While remote-working has been somewhat of a boon for organizations, it has also impacted the latter negatively. Employee health is one aspect that has been impacted significantly by remote working.

In this podcast, Natalie Floyd expresses her views on how remote working has impacted employee health and wellbeing.

About the speaker:

Natalie (Faria) Floyd is an Experienced Director Of Business Development with a demonstrated history of working in the human resources industry. Besides, she is Skilled in the areas of Coaching, Sales, B2B, Customer Service and Recruiting along with being a strong business development professional with excellent rapport building skills.

Connect with her on Linkedin.

Show Notes

(01:26) Let us start by knowing your thoughts on remote working in today’s world.

(02:38) What would you like to say about the negatives of remote working?

(04:10) How would you describe the impact of remote work on employee health?

(05:58) Would you like to comment on the mental health issues like stress and anxiety that people face while working from home?

(07:19) What do you think are the factors behind weight gain and physical inactivity among remote employees? Did you experience anything similar?

(09:41) What do you think of Corporate Wellness Programs, and would you say they are beneficial?

(11:40) Do you reckon digital technology is transforming the wellness scenario in organizations worldwide?

(13:21) In a world where employees work remotely, how would employers be able to gauge the health of their workers?

(14:34) What measures can employers take to minimize the health effects of remote employees and improve their physical and mental wellbeing?

(16:36) Would you like to share any work from home wellness routine with our listeners?

(18:38) What message would you like to share with our listeners?

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