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Why Do Workplaces Need To Focus On Employees' Behavioral Health?

Last Updated on 19 June, 2024

Most of the time, behavioral wellness conditions are the primary reasons for employees' unproductivity, absenteeism, burnout, etc at work.

Employees' behaviors reflect their individuality as well as professionalism. Therefore, examining and assessing if the office workload or environment is hampering an employee's mental, spiritual, and physical health is vital.

Facts Suggests:

Organizations must sustain and provide behavioral therapy solutions to resolve the issues in no time. According to a CDC report, mental health issues are among the most burdensome health concerns in the United States. Nearly 1 in 5 US adults aged 18 or older (18.3% or 44.7 million people) reported any mental illness in 2016. In addition, 71% of adults reported at least one symptom of stress, such as a headache or feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

Stress or pressure can result in employees disrespecting each other, and they might also create a hostile work environment for all. But, taking necessary actions to minimize such problems in the workplace can resolve half of the problems.

Therefore, evaluating, understanding, and maintaining employee health and wellness in the workplace is crucial for the 21st century diverse workspace.

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About The Author

Edy Nathan is an author, public speaker, and a grief therapist.
And in her expertise, she interweaves her formal training as a psychotherapist with breathwork, guided imagery, ritual, and storytelling. Edy Nathan MA, LCSWR is an author, public speaker and licensed therapist.

In her expertise as a grief therapist she interweaves her formal training as a psychotherapist with breathwork, guided imagery, ritual and storytelling. Trauma, abuse, and grief cause the soul to become imbalanced: The goal of the work is to find emotional calibration or balance to defy the depth of darkness and the grip grief often has on the psyche. She believes that everyone experiences grief throughout their lives. Grief is not just about the death of a loved one, but the losses we experience in life.

An essential element in her practice she offer clients the chance to combine psychotherapy with a deeper, more spiritual understanding of the self. She is dedicated to helping people understand their grief, cope with the fear and struggle that holds them back, and learn to live fully.

Connect with her on LinkedIN.

Show Notes

(01:04) What is behavioral health, and can you simplify it?

(03:42) What is the difference between behavioral health and mental health?

(05:49) Why are Behavioral Health Care Services Needed?

(09:56) Can you refer to some common issues In Which Behavioral Health Care Services Can Help employees?

(11:47) Why do you think behavioral health problems among employees are rapidly rising?

(13:16) Suggest some behavioral health techniques

(15:43) Why do we need to implement behavioral health programs in corporate wellness programs?

(16:45) Do you want to suggest or share your valuable opinions regarding the matter?

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