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Fueling Your 9 to 5: A Guide to On-the-Go Nutrition in the Corporate World

Last Updated on 26 February, 2024

In this podcast, Kirk discusses the various strategies employees can take to maintain a balance between their nutrition and hectic schedules.

About the Speaker

Kirk Anderson is helping busy professionals transform their health and well-being.

Featured in Forbes Health, TEDx Talks, Newsweek, Healthline, and other globally recognized mediums, his coaching program transforms lives leaving clients looking good and feeling even better.

After struggling with clinical obesity, pre-diabetes, and high blood pressure and cholesterol, Anderson curated a method that resulted in him losing weight and feeling even better. Now he's sharing his framework and over 4000 hours of ISSA training in health & nutrition knowledge with others.

Show Notes

(00:38) Tell us about your wellness journey.

(01:44) What are some quick and healthy breakfast options for busy professionals who need to fuel up for their 9 to 5 job?

(05:02) How can professionals incorporate meal prepping into their busy schedules to ensure they have nutritious meals throughout the workweek?

(07:50) What are the best snacks to keep at your desk for a quick energy boost during a hectic workday?

(09:15) Are there any specific dietary strategies or foods that can help sustain energy levels and focus during long meetings or demanding work tasks?

(12:55) What are some practical strategies for incorporating exercise or physical activity into a busy workday to complement a healthy diet?

(16:40) Would you like to offer any valuable suggestions to our listeners?

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