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Healthcare Disruption and Preventative Medicine

Last Updated on 27 October, 2023

Healthcare disruption refers to the significant changes and innovations occurring within the healthcare sector, driven by technological advancements, changing patient expectations, and the need to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery. Preventative medicine focuses on proactively maintaining and enhancing individual and population health by preventing illness and disease before they occur.

In this podcast, Breck L. Rice discusses the various aspects of the two in detail.

About the Speaker

Breck helps employees get back to work safely while mitigating the risk and liability of employers. He also helps community pharmacies get fair reimbursements and improve patient care.

Show Notes

01:25 Would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners and tell us about your wellness journey?

08:09 How is artificial intelligence (AI) being used to advance preventive healthcare measures and personalize treatment plans?

09:52 What role do wearable devices and health-tracking apps play in promoting preventive medicine, and how might they impact healthcare costs?

14:27 Can you explain the concept of "telemedicine" and how it is contributing to preventive healthcare and cost savings?

15:45 Are there specific examples of successful preventive healthcare programs or initiatives that have led to significant cost reductions for individuals or healthcare systems?

17:35 What challenges and barriers exist in the widespread adoption of preventive medicine practices, and how can they be addressed?

19:13 Can you discuss the role of patient education and lifestyle interventions in preventing chronic diseases and reducing healthcare expenditures?

21:12 Would you like to share any valuable suggestions with our listeners?

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