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Ways to Find Ikigai At Work

Last Updated on 03 October, 2023

"Ikigai" is a Japanese concept that represents a person's reason for being or the source of their passion and purpose in life.

In this podcast, Jayashmita talks about ways of finding ikigai at work. She further says how it can be a deeply fulfilling endeavor, as it involves aligning your passions, talents, and values with your professional life.

About the Speaker

Jayashmita Barman is a biotechnologist working in the Biopharmaceutical sector since mid 2018. Her work deals with making medicines which are used for the treatment and management of chronic illnesses. She often blogs about biotechnology and associated fields to raise awareness. One of her special interests is the Indian biosimilar market which strives to provide access to biologics medication in the domestic market at affordable prices.

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Show Notes

(00:55) Would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners and tell us about your journey?

(02:22) What is the definition of ikigai?

(04:07) Can you tell us about its origins?

(06:15) What do you know about corporate wellness and employee health?

(10:18) How to identify aspects of your work that align with ikigai?

(12:09) How can employers help their employees find their ikigai?

(16:35) Do you think any kind of physical exercise help one find their ikigai?

(19:05) What do you think the process should be about finding your ikigai at work?

(25:15) Would you like to share any valuable suggestions with our listeners?

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