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Is the Health of RTO Workers Better than That of Hybrid or Remote Workers?

Last Updated on 05 December, 2023

The impact of a particular work arrangement on health can vary among individuals. For example, remote work might offer more flexibility, potentially reducing commuting stress and providing a better work-life balance for some. On the other hand, it could lead to challenges like social isolation and difficulty in separating work from personal life.

In this podcast, David talks about the various factors that come into play and influence employee well-being.

About the Speaker

Dr. David Lenihan is the CEO of Ponce Health Sciences University (a medical school with campuses in Ponce, Puerto Rico, and St. Louis, MO) and the co-founder of Tiber Health. His POVs on a variety of leadership, business strategy, and medical education topics have been featured in The HR Director, STAT, CPO Magazine, OZY, Fierce Healthcare, Forbes, Fast Company, the Washington Post, Entrepreneur, and many more.

Show Notes

01:16 Tell us about your wellness journey.

01:45 Are RTO workers generally healthier than hybrid or remote workers?

04:00 Are there differences in terms of physical fitness and activity levels between these groups?

06:17 Is there a disparity in mental health challenges, such as stress, anxiety, or burnout, between RTO, Hybrid, and Remote workers?

08:02 How do their levels of job satisfaction and work-related stress compare?

09:20 Do trust issues develop between employees and managers during work from home?

11:17 Do RTO workers struggle more or less with maintaining a healthy work-life balance compared to hybrid or remote workers?

12:55 How does the health and wellness of RTO workers affect their productivity and job performance compared to Hybrid or Remote workers?

15:20 What role do company policies and wellness programs play in influencing the health and wellness of these worker categories?

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