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Unraveling the Loneliness of Remote Work

Last Updated on 14 November, 2023

Remote work, or working from anywhere, can sometimes lead to feelings of loneliness. This happens because people miss their usual interactions in a traditional office.

In this podcast, William shares his insights on the challenges employees face while working remotely.

About the Speaker

William Sipling, SHRM-PMQ, DASM, is the Director of Workforce Transformation and Chief Brand Storyteller at Hubstaff. With over thirteen years of experience in communications, media, and leadership, he focuses his interests on labor relations, inclusive HR practices, and organizational development.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, two master’s degrees in humanities, and is a doctoral student in business administration. He has also earned credentials and certifications in ethics, DEI, conflict resolution, workplace investigations, marketing, executive coaching, and data analytics.

His work on psychology, social thought, and media ecology has been featured in popular and peer-reviewed publications and at conferences at Cambridge, Durham, Notre Dame, and other prestigious institutions.

Show Notes

01:16 Tell us about your wellness journey.

02:18 How has the widespread adoption of remote work during the public health crisis affected employees' feelings of loneliness and isolation?

05:40 What are some common signs and symptoms of loneliness that remote workers may experience, and how can they be addressed?

08:32 Are there differences in the experiences of loneliness between employees who have always worked remotely, and those who transitioned to remote work due to the pandemic?

11:31 What role can employers play in mitigating loneliness among remote workers, and what strategies have been successful in promoting social connectedness?

15:50 Are there technological solutions or tools that can help remote workers combat loneliness and foster a sense of belonging in virtual teams?

19:30 What steps can individuals take to proactively combat loneliness while working remotely, and what resources are available to support them?

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