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Need for Mindful Leadership in our Lives

Last Updated on 04 October, 2023

The role of leadership comes with an array of responsibilities. And those duties cannot be taken for granted. The most important factor is that leaders must be mindful of their every motion while dealing with their teams. Thus, mindful leadership implies the approach leaders and managers take where they are open-minded and compassionate towards their team members.

In this podcast, Klyn Elsbury talks about how mindful leadership is related to wellness. She further emphasizes the significance of having a mindful leader at work.

About the Speaker:

Klyn Elsbury has endured over 70 hospitalizations from cystic fibrosis and is the founder of the MK Foundation. As a 2x best-selling author, Klyn offers motivational keynotes, workplace wellness, and mindfulness workshops & facilitates interactive leadership meetings. She dedicates her life to helping others achieve seemingly impossible goals by overcoming adversity, embracing mindfulness, and practicing gratitude.

Connect with her on Linkedin.

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Show Notes:

(00:48) What does a normal day in your life look like?

(01:30) What do you mean by mindful leadership? How is it related to wellness?

(02:08) in today’s world, isn’t it very important to have a mindful leader?

(03:01) Shouldn’t employers encourage the practice of meditation and mindfulness for their employees?

(03:57) how is mindfulness related to leadership?

(05:10) how do you practice mindful leadership in your workplace?

(10:16) Would you like to give some suggestions to our audience regarding how to be mindful in life?

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