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Prioritizing Women's Health Issues in the Workplace

Last Updated on 01 March, 2023

Communities and countries, and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women. – Michelle Obama

In the early times, the air was fresh, people ate healthy and led active lives. But at present, the scenario is quite the opposite. Although women are seen in various fields now—working in corporates and leading the world, some stigmas are still prevalent.

As we see improvements in women's rights in modern times, we also see numerous diseases come into being. There have been various health issues concerning women, from ovarian cancer to polycystic ovary syndrome. The list is endless.

Women often discard issues like pain and discomfort as cramps or hormones. But what they do not understand is that those issues can be symptoms for some underlying disease. Therefore, even the smallest change in the body must be paid attention.

In this podcast, Michelle Smith discusses the rising health risks for women. She talks about how organizations should take the female workforce’s health into serious consideration.

About the Speaker

Michelle Smith is a teacher, mentor, and coach who has worked for 20+ years in healthcare and marketing. She is the founder of AmpedLife Global Wellness.
After working for so long, she walked away with a focus on better health and wellness for herself and her family and bringing that to others. As a wife, mother, and Labrador mom, she realized that there’s so much more to offer for the sake of others' Wellness.

Michelle now wakes up each day with a growing passion for teaching, mentoring and coaching all those around her, that when someone takes care of themselves first, they take care of everyone else around them at the same time.

From physical health and personal training to wellness coach for a safe home, strong immune system, and good health without having to be ingredient Nazi or breaking the bank and business coach those she is honored to collaborate with.

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Show Notes

(01:06) Tell me about your experience in wellness.

(04:12) What are some women’s health issues in the current world?

(06:11) What are the health problems faced by working women?

(07:28) Do the socio-cultural factors hamper women’s health in the workplace?

(09:43) Do you think the stigmas attached to women can be resolved?

(15:43) How can employers break those stigmas and secure workplaces for women?

(18:00) How to deal with the many health risks and diseases women face these days?

(24:40) We women are often ignorant about our own health. Is there a way around it?

(27:53) What is your opinion on corporate wellness programs?

(30:19) Would you like to share valuable suggestions with the listeners?

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This podcast is hosted by Dipshi Bhattacharjee. Besides working as a podcast host and a content marketer at Vantage Circle, she is an animal lover with a huge fascination for Cinema, Television & Foreign languages. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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