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Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Last Updated on 04 October, 2023

Psychological safety is believing that you can openly express your ideas without being ashamed, embarrassed, or rejected. Speaking up with thoughts and ideas, particularly in the workplace where your teammates surround you, can sometimes be challenging.

And if an employee is not comfortable sharing their opinions, some great initiatives might not even see the light of the day. Effective plans would not come to the surface and be concealed forever, which can often lead to business repercussions.

According to a 2017 Gallup poll, 3 out of 10 employees strongly agreed that their opinions are ignored at work.

In this podcast, Ruthann Weeks shares strong insights about the role of psychological safety in the workplace. She explains how a psychologically safe workplace would benefit both employers and employees.

About the Speaker

As a speaker, author, trainer, consultant and connector, Ruthann specializes in workplace psychological safety and corporate social well being; mental health; violence and harassment prevention related to bullying, sexual harassment, sexual violence, and domestic violence as it affects the workplace.

Embracing Corporate Social Innovation, Ruthann works with Enlightened Leaders to build harmonious workplace cultures where individuals are free to be authentic and vulnerable in taking interpersonal risk. Such an environment creates continuous improvements and efficiencies. Innovation reigns and high engagement, increased productivity and profits result.

As a public speaker Ruthann is engaging, captivating and inspiring. Her lived experience, coupled with her client work in human service roles and training and education gives her a multi-faceted understanding and approach to workplace wellness that is rich and transforming.

Connect with her on Linkedin.

Show Notes

(00:49) Tell us how do you work.

(01:33) How would you describe psychological safety?

(03:31) Don't you think psychological safety plays an important role in organizations?

(05:36) Can psychological safety or a lack thereof play a part in the well-being of employees?

(07:55) The power of pyschological safety lies in the ability to openly admit mistakes and improving on them. Failure is the opportunity to learn. Don't you think?

(10:01) What are the top 5 advantages of having a psychologically safe workplace for employers?

(12:41) Do you agree that psychological safety varies a lot even in one company?

(14:19) What can employers do to promote psychological safety in the workplace?

(18:46) Any suggestions or advice you would like to give to our listeners?

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