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The Pursuit of Practical Happiness in the Workplace

Last Updated on 01 March, 2023

Can you define happiness? Yes, but how?

Depending on the individual and his state of mind, happiness can signify anything from tranquility to contentment.

The concept of happiness is arbitrary. Happiness may mean different things to each of us. In the work environment, the meaning of happiness can be narrowed down to when someone enjoys their work and has an optimistic attitude toward life. Workplace happiness could be that small gesture of appreciation from your boss. Or the satisfaction you experience when finishing a project before the due date.

In this episode, Pamela Gail Johnson discusses happiness and, most significantly, the concept of practical happiness.

About the Speaker

Happiness is personal. - Pamela Gail Johnson

Pamela Gail Johnson, Founder of the Society of Happy People, is a Practical Happiness Advocate who helps companies engage employees, increase retention, and boost wellness.

Pamela is the author of "Practical Happiness: Four Principles to Improve Your Life". These principles can help everyone feel happier by redefining happiness and controlling the circumstances that sap it.

Her Practical Happiness At Work programs use these same principles to assist businesses in developing happier micro- and macro-cultures.

Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Show Notes

(00:48) Tell us about your journey in the area of wellness.

(03:42) Is the term "practical happiness" the same as the happiness we often refer to?

(04:42) Are satisfaction and happiness synonyms of each other?

(05:45) What are the various aspects of practical happiness?

(08:50) Tell us about your book “Practical Happiness”. What drove you to write this book? What is the key message you want to convey in your book?

(11:40) What do you think makes work a factor of happiness for employees?

(16:26) How can employers help their employees experience practical happiness at work? Can they implement some corporate wellness programs centred around practical happiness?

(21:08) What are some common misconceptions people associate with happiness?

(26:50) Would you want to share more light on the topic of practical happiness?

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