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Impact of Remote Work on Employee Engagement and Burnout

Last Updated on 05 November, 2021

COVID-19 has forced companies to shift the workplace to home. While remote working has been a relief for many employees, it has its own share of drawbacks.

Working in isolation has taken a huge toll on employee health- both physically and mentally. Depression and fatigue have become constant companions. As a result, employee burnout has seen a rise and productivity has taken a hit. In such circumstances, employers are looking out for ways to rejuvenate the workforce and engage them.

In this podcast, Tatiana Cirio talks about how the pandemic has severely affected employee engagement and led to stress and increased burnout. She further explains how employers can cope with the new changes and take measures accordingly.

About the Speaker

Having 10 years of experience in Human Resources, Strategic Planning along with retention and Engagement, Tatiana Cirio is currently working as VP of People in Rocket Chat, a platform of communication and collaboration installed over 500k servers and counts over 12m users worldwide.

Here, she is the Head of People leading all HR strategies and processes.

Show Notes:

(01:07) Would you like to introduce yourself to the listeners?

(02:57) How is the workplace scenario changing post-Covid-19?

(04:07) Is Employee Engagement taking a dip during these times?

(05:51) How can employers increase employee engagement for remote working employees?

(07:03) Has remote working, and the pandemic increased workplace stress and employee burnout?

(10:21) What impact does high workplace stress have on employee performance?

(12:05) Can low employee engagement increase workplace stress and employee burnout?

(13:05) Have you experienced any of your employees getting burned out while working remotely?

(15:22) What can employers do to ensure employees are stress free and healthy during this pandemic?

(18:07) What tools can HRs use to make sure that their remote workforce is engaged and put first before everyone else?

(20:51) Do you think we would ever go back to what was before the pandemic or employers have to adjust to the current work scenario? And how do you think they will cope with that?

(23:32) Any message you would like to give to our listeners?

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