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Resolving Workplace Conflict Is The Road To Corporate Wellness

Last Updated on 29 December, 2023

Workplace conflict refers to the discord, disagreement, or tension that arises between individuals or groups within an organization. Conflicts in the workplace can manifest in various forms, such as differences in opinions, communication breakdowns, personality clashes, competition for resources, or opposing work styles.

In this podcast, Penny Tremblay discusses more on this topic.

About the Speaker

Penny Tremblay is an international speaker, trainer, and mediator. Founder of the
Tremblay Leadership Center and the Sandbox SystemTM, Tremblay teaches people how
to “play nice” in the sandbox at work, and when they don’t, she helps them fix
disconnected relationships.

Tremblay enjoys a spiritually connected life, and strong relationships with her children and partner in North Bay, Ontario, and Riverside, Rhode Island. Her “Joy” is a yellow lab and the great outdoors, which balance the hours spent serving clients both in person and virtually.

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Show Notes

01:31 Can you tell us about your wellness journey?

02:59 How does workplace conflict impact employee well-being and corporate wellness?

05:16 What are the common sources or causes of conflicts in the workplace?

09:33 What strategies can organizations use to effectively resolve workplace conflicts and promote a healthier work environment?

16:40 Are there industries or types of workplaces that are more prone to conflict, and how can they proactively address these issues?

25:04 Would you like to share any valuable suggestions with our listeners?

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