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What is the Role of Sports in Leadership?

Last Updated on 01 March, 2023

A sport is something that often excites us, whether we are watching it or playing. Be it any form of sport; it is known to keep one fit and active.

Did you know sports can also be a great contributor to your leadership game?

So, in this episode, we speak with leadership expert Craig Johns, who shares his knowledge on the critical role of sports in honing leadership skills and overall wellness.

About the Speaker

Where the ordinary, don't belong! - Craig Johns

Craig Johns is a former elite athlete, international coach and CEO turned High Performance Leadership Expert. He is relentlessly curious, has an obsession for human behaviour and performance, and is passionate about transforming influencers into being high performance leaders.

As a global keynote speaker, active CEO performance coach, leadership performance expert, active CEO Podcast curator, and author of the soon to be launched Breaking The CEO Code book, he focuses on teaching you the four fundamentals of being a high performance CEO, Coach or Leader and the 3P’s of the leadership performance formula. He teaches you the 3 P’s of Breaking the CEO Code - CEO Performance, CEO Presence and CEO Periodization – so that you are on you're ‘A-Game’, ‘raise the energy in the room’, and have the ‘energy to perform’, every single day.

With more than 25 years global experience, working in five countries across three continents, in the sport, health, mind, education and hospitality industries, Craig has the knowledge and expertise to make a difference for you, as an important person of influence in this world.

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Show Notes

(00:53) What does a typical day in your life look like?

(02:54) How long have you been in the area of sports?

(05:05) How do you think sports mould an indivdual's personality?

(10:58) Can sports be the answer to those employees going through lack of motivation and discipline?

(13:57) How does a leader incorporate sports in their wellness programs?

(15:13) Can't leaders also learn a lot from sports?

(20:58) How can employers constantly motivate their workforce to be involved in wellness initiatives, especially during crisis like COVID?

(25:08) Would you like to share a personal experience or maybe something you have encountered over the years where you saw sports playing a crucial role in leadership?

(29:28) Would you like to share any more suggestions to help our listeners?

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