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Stress Transfer: Coping with Secondhand Stress

Last Updated on 03 October, 2023

Secondhand stress is the sense of tension or overwhelm brought on by being around or watching someone else's stress. Even if individuals are not directly involved in the source of stress, it happens when they are negatively impacted by the stress of those around them.

In this podcast, Eliz Greene talks about an interesting topic- Secondhand stress. She discusses in detail the causes and consequences of the same and how they can put negative impact on employees.

About the Speaker

Stress is not good or bad. It is a natural reaction we have towards the environment. - Eliz Greene

Eliz Greene is an author, blogger, and professional speaker who gets ridiculously excited about stress. She not only finds the chemical reaction in the body caused by stress fascinating, but stress is also her favorite topic to speak about, write about, or discuss in line at the grocery store.

With a surgically repaired heart, Eliz also knows stress management isn’t a ‘nice-to-have,' but rather an essential survival skill.

She is the author of five books, including Stress-Proof Your Life and a Top 50 Health and Wellness Blog. She was named a Top Online Influencer on Stress and Heart Health. She’s been seen on CNN, PBS, Lifetime, TNT, and many national and local news programs.

A national spokesperson and advocate for the American Heart Association, Eliz received the Heart Hero Award in 2010. Today, Eliz is happy and healthy living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with her wonderful husband, Clay, and their amazing (now adult) daughters.

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Show Notes

(00:31) Tell us about your journey in the field of wellness.

(03:10) What is second hand stress? Is it contagious?

(11:49) What are the signs that imply you are suffering from it?

(13:59) What is the primary cause of secondhand stress?

(26:40) What are the life-threatening consequences that can develop because of it?

(28:42) What are some ways to resist the stress of others?

(34:41) How can employers do anything to identify and reduce the secondhand stress of their employers?

(37:51) Would you like to share any more valuable suggestions with our listeners?

This podcast is hosted by Dipshi Bhattacharjee. Besides working as a podcast host and a content marketer at Vantage Circle, she is an animal lover with a huge fascination for Cinema, Television & Foreign languages. For any related queries, contact

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