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Believing in Yourself: The Key to Self-Confidence

Last Updated on 30 June, 2023

Self-confidence implies having a genuine belief in oneself and their abilities. Trusting your potential and acting toward it results in an increased realization of your self-worth.

In this podcast, Jocelyn M. Reaves, the founder of Fireside Insights, talks about the facets of self-confidence and its impact on our lives.

About the Speaker

Do your work. Come to the office, come to the meeting prepared. Dress the part. Look the part. Do your research so that you can feel as good as you can, walking into a space, knowing that you deserve to be there. - Jocelyn Reaves

Jocelyn Michelle Reaves, MPH, is a healthcare executive turned entrepreneur. Realizing her passion for healthcare stemmed from her desire to help people actualize their potential and provide tactical solutions to create transformative change, Reaves founded Fireside Insights and CoachedIT to develop people and help businesses reach their career goals.

In addition to her companies Fireside Insights, which provides strategic and operational support to businesses, and CoachedIT, which helps connect humans with highly qualified coaches and resources, she is also the host of Confidence Daily-a digital lifestyle magazine with the sole goal of helping women cultivate confidence in every aspect of self-care in life.

Connect with her on Linkedin.

Show Notes

(01:04) Tell us about your wellness journey.

(01:50) What is self-confidence? Can self-confidence be learned or developed over time?

(02:48) Do you think there is a reason behind low self-confidence?

(04:47) How can we identify the factors behind low self-confidence?

(07:24) Is self-confidence built over external factors?

(10:22) How can we overcome imposter syndrome and feeling like we don't belong?

(13:06) Is low self-esteem related to low self-confidence?

(15:46) How can we challenge negative self-talk and cultivate more positive self-talk?

(19:27) How can we cope with setbacks and failures while still maintaining our self-confidence?

(25:18) What are some common thought patterns and behaviors that contribute to low self-confidence?

(29:27) How can mindfulness and self-compassion practices help us boost our self-confidence?

(32:26) How can we build self-confidence in the workplace and our careers?

(38:34) How can employers help employees develop self-confidence?

(41:55) What are some tips for building self-confidence in both personal and professional relationships?

(45:06) Would you like to give us some valuable suggestions?

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