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Role Of Spiritual Wellness In Employee Health

Last Updated on 03 October, 2023

Spiritual wellness is about bolstering the sense of purpose and meaning in life. The crux of an individual’s health and well-being lies in preserving the mind, body, and spirit balance. Spirit indicates the soul or psyche, and looking after your spirit is spiritual wellness.

Life becomes more meaningful when people can find a balance between their actions and thoughts. People often fail to pay attention to their inner voice, which inadvertently affects their values, morals, and beliefs. That is why we must practice spiritual wellness to live a life full of meaning, virtue, and purpose.

Today, corporate wellness programs are backed by science that plans to create a healthy workplace to foster employee well-being and enhance productivity and organizational performance. But, spiritual well-being and holistic wellness is the new science and it must be encouraged to change the dynamics of employees health and wellness.

About The Speaker

Hema Vyas has been practicing as a life leadership mentor and human capital strategist and has been one of the UK’s most prestigious therapists for the last thirty years. As an Omnipreneurial Psychologist, speaker, and mentor, Hema provides the course to commercial success, promotes inclusive and evolutionary leadership, enhances wellbeing, and generates a positive impact for independents, startups, corporates, and diverse global audiences.

Hema is a renowned speaker on heart wisdom, human consciousness, spirituality, health, energy medicine, and the science of Ayurveda.

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Show Notes

(01:45) Tell us about your journey.

(13:00) Why do you think employees should focus on their spiritual health as much as physical and mental?

(17:24) Don’t you think life is an act of balancing and spiritual wellness helps maintain that balance between employee's personal and professional life?

(21:20) What do you have to say about 21st-century holistic corporate wellness practices today? What are the major change that you have noticed?

(23:23) How important is it for employees to lead a meaningful or eccentric life in today's world?

(25:30) Don't you think spiritual wellness helps unlocks creative potential and enhances resourcefulness in employees?

(26:13) What is the role of spiritual wellness in creating or promoting a positive work culture?

(29:36) Can you suggest some on-site spiritual wellness activities for the workplaces?

(30:10) How will our listeners reach out to you?

(30:36) Do you have any valuable suggestions to share with our listeners?

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