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The Role of Habit Building in Fitness Journeys

Last Updated on 09 October, 2023

Habit building plays a crucial role in fitness journeys. It is often said that consistency is the key to success in achieving and maintaining fitness goals, and habits are the building blocks of consistency.

About the Speaker

An entrepreneur for life, Ashish brought his journalistic learning to his calling as a wide-spectrum communication coach, ranging from CxOs to shopflooors to enabling unemployed youth to find jobs. He believes that coaching is one of the most effective and sustainable ways of skilling, and no one should be left 'uncoached'.

Over the last decade, he and his team at Vyakta have successfully upskilled and transformed thousands of working professionals across myriad industries. Now Ashish is using the power of affordable tech to enable Vanu, a unique digital coach to deploy skilling@scale without compromising the personal connection of a coach.

Connect with him on Linkedin.

Show Notes

01:04 How does the concept of habit building intersect with achieving long-term fitness goals?

03:17 Why is habit building considered a cornerstone of sustainable fitness progress?

06:05 What are some key habits that individuals should focus on when embarking on a fitness journey?

09:21 Can you explain the psychology behind habit formation and how it applies to fitness routines?

14:12 How do small, consistent habits contribute to significant changes in overall fitness and well-being?

17:11 What are the challenges that individuals often face when trying to establish fitness-related habits, and how can they overcome them?

20:00 How do external factors, such as environment and social support, influence the development of fitness habits?

22:05 Are there specific techniques or strategies you recommend for making fitness habits enjoyable and rewarding?

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