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8 Awesome Ideas For Brain Breaks For Adults

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Published on 24 August, 2020

In the business world, breaks are crucial in keeping one focused and sane amidst the competitive madness. These breaks allow one to take a necessary time-out, which helps manage the stress and allows for fresh ideas to culminate.

In this regard, brain breaks are an excellent practice to encourage in the workplace. Brain breaks for adults are intervals designed to give a break to the brain from continuous work. It is especially required when our minds feel blank, incapable of finding solutions.

These breaks rejuvenate the brain to work better amidst continuous workplace stress. Fun brain breaks for adults at work are helpful in many other aspects as well. Some of these are reducing workplace stress, frustration at work, facilitating a crucial time-out, increase attention, productivity, etc.

For reasons such as these, brain breaks are incredibly impactful for an office environment and employee mental health. Encouraging employees to take such a break while they are in a state of irritation, fatigue, or lack of focus is sure to help.

Now, merely allowing brain breaks for adults at work is not enough. You must make sure that your employees are utilizing these breaks well through appropriate activities. Here comes your part of making your workforce aware of the same.

So, here are a few fantastic brain breaks for adults at work ideas for your employees.

8 Awesome Brain Breaks Ideas For Adults

1. Meditation

The whole idea of a break is to be free of the workplace stress surrounding our minds. In achieving such mindfulness, office meditation techniques are a huge help. Deep breaths increase self-awareness, emotional stability, reduce fatigue and negativity, etc.


Here, even a short 10 to 15 minutes mediation session can help a lot. Also, with the use of various employee wellness apps, things are even more accessible. With the help of these apps, you can take a guided meditation session almost anywhere.

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2. Walk

Working all day in an office environment can add to your brain feeling worn out. To avoid having this, you can take a stroll outside the office premises. Being amidst nature is a great stress reliever and also serves many purposes for employee health.

Photo by Brooke Cagle / Unsplash

Walking acts as an excellent exercise regime that helps strengthen bones, lose weight, improve sleep, get healthy joints, lighten employee moods, etc. All these are very desirable effects of exercise, and walking ticks all of these boxes.

Here, you can also plan a virtual walkathon in your company, to motivate your remote employees to partake in the activity.

In February 2021, our corporate wellness platform, Vantage Fit, organized a Global Corporate Virtual Walkathon. It was a major success, with over 70 companies participating from around the world.

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3. Reading Material

Reading is also a fantastic activity to give your brain a break from work as well. But, one must be sure to grab something other than work-related material. In this regard, encourage your employees to read novels, short stories, poems, etc.

Reading some self-help books is also an excellent way for employees to better themselves in many ways. It teaches valuable life lessons that fare well in both professional and personal life.

words of knowledge
Photo by Christin Hume / Unsplash

Encourage employees to build a book club, where they can share book recommendations, share feedback about their favorite books, and so on. Apart from being an effective brain break, it is also a fun way to improve employees' social wellness.

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4. Stretches

Office stretches are one of the best activities to relieve employees from workplace fatigue. They also correct the body posture of employees, which often takes a beating at work. Even simple forearm, torso, chest, and neck stretches are very helpful for employees' physical and mental health.

Photo by Clarissa Carbungco / Unsplash

Although employees can practice the stretches at your desk, we recommend stepping outside of their workstation. The idea behind this is to take an individual away from work elements such as the PC, work desk, etc.

5. Get Artistic

To distract oneself from work, practicing some arts can be a great alternative as well. One fantastic example here is doodling. Encourage your employees to scribble on a piece of paper or write poems to let their minds wander off.

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Photo by Prophsee Journals / Unsplash

Here learning new activities can help one too. For example, learning a new language is a marvelous way to enhance employee productivity. It will enrich an employee's skill set and help a lot in their professional career.

6. Cloud Gazing

The idea of this brain break activity is to exercise one's creativity. Do you remember as a child visualizing the clouds as the shape of animals or daily commodities? You can have your employees try the same activity in their breaks as well.

Photo by All New Business

It is a calming activity that reconnects the mind and body with nature. This is a touch most people lose track of with the usual hustle of work-life. Other than the long lost reconnection, cloud gazing improves observational skills as well.

7. Laugh out Loud

One of the surest ways to ease tension is through laughter. As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine; it isn't wrong. Laughing decreases stress hormones, releases physical anxiety, muscle tension, and a lot more.

Photo by Christin Noelle / Unsplash

Therefore, having a good laugh is an excellent alternative for your employees in their breaks. They can either watch funny videos or a stand-up comic.

8. Favorite Activities

Last but not least, let your employees engage in their favorite activities for a while. It can be listening to music, painting, writing poems, connecting with friends/family members, etc. This will make them feel much better than any of the employer-prescribed break activities.

Focus Music
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These were our picks of brain break ideas for adults.


The business world is a tough one, and it will only get more challenging as time goes by. Therefore, one must do everything to survive the pressure and also maintain a healthy work-life at the same time. In doing so, breaks go a long way. Be it a brain break, a mental day off, or any breaks, it is imperative that your employees utilize these well.

When it comes to brain breaks, we assure you that the activities mentioned above can bring the best results.

Besides working as a content marketer at Vantage Circle, Shah Alif Ahmed is also an internationally certified nutrition specialist, competitive bodybuilder and a musician. For any queries reach out to

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