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7 Ways Clean Workspace Can Boost Employee Health and Performance

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Last Updated on 17 February, 2023

What would you prefer? Spending an hour finding an important document before a meeting or sparing 10 minutes to organize your desk?

In any organization, every second is important for an employee; hence, losing any minute hampers your work. Cluttered space makes you lose lots of time, which is why a clean and tidy workspace matters a lot.

Because being able to "simply do the task" is not enough to maintain productivity at work. Being motivated, organized, and focused on getting things done are necessary for productivity.
Cleaning your workspace entails more than just keeping your desk spotless

Additionally, a neat desk greatly boosts productivity because you won't lose precious time clearing space.

What Is A Clean Workspace?

A clean workspace is a tidy area where employees work, leading to productivity and efficiency.

A work desk is of two types, one that is messy and the other one clutter-free. In messy desks, there are cluttered documents.

Untidy desks cause uneasiness and anxiety in a work environment. This normally happens when employees have to work under tremendous pressure and stress.

Not only is this annoying and aggravating, but it's also quite dangerous. It can also affect their mental health.

Clean Workspace Vs. Untidy Workspace

Having a clean workspace creates a positive environment and helps employees increase their focus. The most common items that lead to a messy workspace are waste paper, leftover food, used napkins, and cluttered files in some offices.

Cluttered and unorganized workspaces demotivate and distract employees from giving their best.

Thus, the time that could have gone into delving through the junk will be utilized to complete the daily tasks. Employees will improve their concentration and overall performance when they give time to everyday tasks.

The work station
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What Happens When The Workspaces Are Untidy?

According to a study , it leads to spending a lot of money. Buying cleaning supplies for tidy workspaces can cost a lot. Hence clean and tidy workspaces can cut costs.

Approximately 2.5 million dollars are spent because of cluttered workspaces.
When important files and documents are not in place, it negatively impacts employee productivity.

Untidy workspaces create hosts for viruses and germs that can linger on for up to 24 hours. According to researchers, bad hygiene affects employee health.

Employees lose almost nine working days per year to sickness.

Untidy workspace
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Why Do Employees Require A Clean Workspace?

According to Health studies , the keyboard has 400 times the number of bacteria on a toilet.Germs are spread due to a lack will be personal hygiene.

Workstations need to be tidy and odor-free as employees spend more time there. Even, when someone works from home, they must sanitize their workspace daily. This will keep the home clean, safeguard against the transfer of germs to other areas, and shield from viruses that may have been brought home.

Employees with poor immune systems are likely to fall sick, affecting their health. Poor employee health will also hamper the organization, and the overall profit will suffer. In addition, sick employees will eventually need to stay home and recover.

When workspaces are clean, it brings a sense of professionalism. As a result, more clients will be appealed to, and potential business partners will be more likely to work with you.

Organized Blogger Workstation
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7 Ways to Maintain a Clean Workspace

Your workspace will remain spotless all day thanks to these workstation cleaning suggestions. These desk cleaning tips can be implemented for your staff's best health and safety.

1. Clean office equipment regularly.

Everybody has heard the phrase "tidy space, tidy mind." This attitude can help clean off your desk and will relieve some stress. Printers and photocopies gather a lot of dust that can affect employees' productivity.

Hence, cleaning them is essential to boost workers' performance.

2. Encourage employees to clean their desks regularly

When employees have a habit of cleaning their desks, they do not make their workspace untidy. Instead of cleaning the desks monthly, employees should clean the desks every alternate day.

As we know, dust accumulates quickly; hence, keeping the desk neat and clean will significantly impact the performance of employees.

3. Create a separate space for personal belongings

Employees should not jumble up their professional work documents with personal belongings. There should be a separate area for personal belongings.

4. Keep a junk tray

Papers and files usually pile up on your desk. It is good to keep a junk tray and place them all in one place. Try to set aside 5 minutes each day to remove any clutter from your desk and the area around it. By doing this, you'll feel much better.

5. Throw the unwanted things

Won't employees need a project report from 5 years ago? Definitely No. There will be a lot of unnecessary files similar to these project reports. Recycle what you don't need.

6. Create a separate space for stationeries

Scissors, pens and staplers, highlighters, paper clips deserve their spot. Employees should make sure they make space for these items.

7. Put a color code on your folders

When documents have color codes, it is easier to find them out. For example, You can put a red color code on the important folders and a blue color code on the less critical files.

How to Maintain a Clutter-Free Desk

Keep your desk tidy and uncluttered by doing the following:

• Consider whether the object belongs on your desk. If it doesn't, dispose of it or place it where it belongs.

• After using, put pens, other stationery, folders, or books back where they belong.

• Keep vital goods you use every day in the desk drawers.

• To reduce your consumption of paper, think about turning digital.

How Do Clean Workspaces Benefit Employees?

A study was conducted and reported that some students were directed to sit in a clean workspace and a cluttered workspace. They were asked to solve geometry puzzles.

Those students who sat in a clean workspace took less time solving them than those sitting in a cluttered workspace—because sitting in a tidy workspace allowed them to focus more on solving the puzzles and less on the messy surrounding.

This experiment shows that an untidy workspace distracts the mind, making it difficult to focus on work.

Let Us Take a Look At How To Clean Workspaces Boost Productivity

1. Increases employee motivation

It is tough to stay motivated all the time. Employees do not feel motivated when things are messy in the workspace.

The disorganization of the workspace creates negativity, making the employees lose their motivation.

2. Enhances focus

It is easy to lose focus when you are working. If the workspace is dirty, the employee's attention goes to the disorganized things instead of work.

To keep the employees' focus on track, ensure that the workspaces prevent them from being distracted by messy things.

Enhanced focus
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3. Improved happiness

A clean desk matters a lot. When employees have a clean workspace, there are no distractions. Your mind is focused and happy. There is a smooth workflow.

Unsplash Power
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Keeping motivational quotes at your desk will help you recharge and feel energetic despite a hectic work schedule.

4. It helps employees to stay active and decrease absenteeism

Unclean workspace affects the health of an employee. Viruses and germs are present everywhere. If not cleaned properly, employee's health will deteriorate and fall sick more often.

In addition, keeping a hand sanitizer will prevent the workers from falling sick frequently.

Stay active and descrese absenteeism
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5. Reduces stress and tension

Stress can lead to a lot of things. When things are messy, employees get easily distracted. It eventually leads to a lack of concentration.

Keeping workspaces clean will help the employees get less distracted. As a result, they can avoid facing stress from external factors.

a business woman who is stressed and frustrated
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6. Creates good Impression

They say, 'The first impression is the last impression". If workspaces are dirty, it leaves a wrong impression about employees. For example, keeping a dustbin near the workspace is a good option. Many times we eat and throw things near the table unconsciously. When there is a dustbin, we don't have to keep it near the table but throw the junk.

7. Enhanced mental stability

The workspace environment is essential. A positive atmosphere will help the employee to approach the day with a positive mindset. It will also improve work efficacy.

Employees immerse themselves in work when the workspace is clean. An organized and clean workspace will help you boost mental stability.

Final Thoughts

Every organization has goals, values, and targets that help to contribute to organizational success. They also have a sense of being healthy and happy.

If there is no room for clean workspaces within the organization, it will affect employee work, and they will feel overwhelmed. Imagine if cluttered files surround you, and your boss asks you to find a suitable file for your work.

Check out all the cleaning advice mentioned above. It gives a thorough explanation of how to manage the workspace and how to keep it tidy. Your office will easily meet workplace safety rules if you follow each step.

The wellness of your staff will be taken care of, and a professional presentation will enhance your company's reputation.

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This article is written by Anangsha Alomyan who is a content marketer at Vantage Circle. Apart from writing, Anangsha plays the piano, acts, raps and does photography. Since childhood, she has been into sports and brought laurels across the country. An adventurer by heart, she loves to explore new routes across the Himalayas. To get in touch, reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com

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