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Changing the Workplace with Employee Health Management Software

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Last Updated on 13 February, 2024

Employee well-being is a crucial factor in any organization's success. These days, companies acknowledge that employee health affects productivity, engagement, and company success. Hence, businesses are adopting technology to improve employee health management.

Employee health management software is a powerful tool that uses technology to enhance organizational health solutions. The software proactively supports and improves the health and well-being of the workforce.

This blog post will discuss the software, emphasizing its features and benefits. This will also examine the software's obstacles, limitations, and future evolution trends.

We will look at a few of the most insightful pieces of information about these kinds of software. We will explore how EHMS has transformed employee health and contributed to success in today's dynamic workplace. We will also look at a few of the top health management software companies in this blog and how they work.

What is Employee Health Management Software?

Software for managing employee health aids businesses in fostering the well-being of their staff. Monitoring employee health information can help companies establish and maintain better working environments.

The software improves employee healthcare administration for HR, benefits coordinators, and medical professionals.

Key characteristics of an employee health management system could consist of -

  • Health data tracking: Employees can enter and track their health-related data. This includes medical history, prescription use, and lifestyle factors using the software.

  • Wellness programs: The software can make and manage wellness programs. Exercises like contests, meal plans, stress control, and quitting smoking.

  • Appointment scheduling: Staff members can schedule appointments with healthcare and other professionals.

Women doing online health check

  • Health risk assessments: The software may include tools for assessing health risks. It assists staff in locating potential health problems and receiving management advice.

  • Data analytics and reporting: Employers can use data analytics and reporting to spot trends. They can also gauge the success of wellness initiatives. This, in turn, can be handy when making wise judgments about how to enhance employee health.

  • Integration with wearable devices: Several modern EHMS systems provide integration with wearable fitness equipment. This includes fitness trackers and smartwatches to measure physical activity and sleep habits.

  • Communication and engagement: The software makes communicating with health professionals easier for employers. It may also include tools, articles, and interactive content to interest staff members in their health and well-being.

  • Privacy and security: These software programs focus on health data privacy and security. This is to protect the confidentiality of individuals' health reports. It complies with pertinent laws like HIPAA (in the United States) and GDPR (in the European Union).

  • Customization: Employers can alter the program. They can do so to conform to their business's health and wellness goals, branding, and policies.

Benefits of Employee Health Management Software

Man listing out the benefits of EHMS

The most valuable asset of any organization is its employees. A healthy team leads to a healthy and productive workplace. Employers must prioritize occupational health to safeguard employees' physical and mental wellness.

The use of a software-based system for tracking employee health can result in reliable data. It also improves efficiency for companies. Employee health management software helps employers identify and treat potential health risks quickly.

Let's delve into a few of the most important benefits of this software:

1. Improved health and well-being

Health risk assessments and screenings help detect potential health problems early. They allow early treatment and preventative actions.

Employees can also receive personalized suggestions based on their health data. It enables them to make more informed decisions and live healthier lifestyles.

Employee health software also includes a plethora of educational resources, tools, and programs. It helps employees manage their health and well-being.

2. Cost management for employees

Recognizing and treating health hazards early on can reduce healthcare costs. It also lowers absenteeism and increases presenteeism. This in turn helps strengthen an organization's reputation as an employer. This also attracts and retains top talent, lowering recruitment and training costs.

3. Increased productivity and engagement

Employees who are healthy have more energy, better attention, and more productivity.

Representation of increased productity

A significant emphasis on employee well-being and support generates a healthy work environment. Hence, it increases employee morale, job satisfaction, and engagement.

4. Improved data security and privacy:

Employee health management software protects the confidentiality and integrity of personal health data. It implements stringent security and privacy safeguards.

The software assists organizations in adhering to data protection standards such as GDPR and HIPAA. It will ensure the privacy and security of employee health information.

5. Regulatory compliance:

Employee health management software helps businesses satisfy regulatory requirements for -

  • Health monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Compliance

Also, the software ensures to follow all the rules and regulations of occupational health.

The program automates the documentation and reporting processes. As a result, organizations can meet legal requirements and provide relevant health information.

Top 10 Occupational Health and Safety Companies

OHS software is used to monitor employee well-being and security. It is also used to handle work-related problems that could jeopardize personnel. This technological tool helps manage and run occupational health programs efficiently. Businesses use this software to create best practices that staff must follow to avoid mishaps.

Furthermore, OHS software helps businesses in meeting industrial health and safety rules. This program is used by HR managers, health and safety managers, and all employees who perform dangerous tasks.

Listed below are some of the most promising companies that diligently work for the betterment of their employees.

  1. Ideagen


Founded: 1993

Headquarters: Ruddington, Nottingham

Specialization: Quality Management Systems, Audit & Risk Management, Information Management, Safety Management, Internal Audit.

Ideagen is your one-stop solution for all EHS activities. Ideagen EHS (previously ProcessMAP) automates EHS and ESG processes. They mainly work for large and fast-growing organizations. They provide worldwide coverage, increased utilization, and growth.

It encourages employee self-reporting, enables smarter judgments, and rapid automation. Innovators and global leaders trust Ideagen EHS for its efficiency in over 125 countries.

  1. Camms.Risk


Founded: 1996

Headquarters: Melbourne, Victoria

Specialization: Management Consulting, Enterprise Risk Management. Enterprise Project Management, Risk Management, Integrated Risk Management. Governance, Risk & Compliance, GRC, and ESG.

Camms.Risk is a user-friendly, configurable software solution for governance, risk, and compliance. With over 25 years of experience, it assists organizations in making informed decisions. They also help manage risks, align people, and focus on essential issues.

Camms.Risk assists organizations in reaching their objectives. They work with thousands of users across five continents.

  1. SiteDocs

SoteDocs Logo

Founded: 2012

Headquarters: Abbotsford, British Columbia

Specialization: Construction Safety, Safety Software, Site Safety, Safety iPad app, Safety iPhone app, Construction Site Safety, OHSA Software, and OHSA iPad App.

Since 2012, SiteDocs has focused on streamlining paperwork. They also help in assisting businesses in meeting workplace safety objectives. The SiteDocs Safety Management Programme is created by an in-house team with customer input.

SiteDocs includes a custom form builder and a PDF document library. Along with that, they also have worker certification management, reporting, and other useful tools. Its goal is to increase safety and reduce injuries while making compliance more workable and fun.

SiteDocs will assist you in effortlessly managing your safety program. It will also help you save time and ensure the greatest level of safety possible.

  1. Aclaimant

Aclaimant Logo

Founded: 2013

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Specialization: Incident+Claim management, Claim Feed & Analytics, Safety and Loss Control.

Aclaimant, a pioneer in Active Risk Management, equips people to be risk managers while lowering risk expenses. It improves workplace safety, incident, claim management, and analytics. Their way of doing this is through superior RMIS capabilities.

Aclaimant digitizes safety forms, automates risk management, and streamlines company processes.

  1. HSI Donesafe

hsidonesafe Logo

Founded: 2013

Headquarters: Gadigal Country, Pyrmont, NSW

Specialization: Learning Management, Risk Management, Incident Management, Contractor Management, and Injury & Claims Management

HSI Donesafe is a rapidly developing cloud-based safety platform. The platform assists organizations in complying with legislation and improving safety culture.

It connects field employees to boardroom management through over 30 apps. It enables real-time access, entry, and reporting of safety, compliance, and risk data.

It provides end-to-end functionality and can be customized to meet individual needs. Donesafe assists in creating a safer workplace. They address safety standards and transform data into intelligence. They also address automating and elevating safety and more.

  1. Virgin Pulse


Founded Year: 2004

Headquarters: Providence, RI

Specialization: Employee Engagement, Employee Productivity, Employee Health, Workplace Wellness, Corporate Wellness Programs, HR Technology, Employee Experience, Employee Wellbeing, Organizational Culture, Employee Benefits, and Employee Communications

Virgin Pulse, a company within the Virgin Group, is a market leader in employee wellness programs. They have options for measuring physical activity, supporting mental health, and providing dietary advice.

Their software encourages employee health through a comprehensive approach. Virgin Pulse assists businesses in developing a culture of well-being to increase employee engagement and productivity.

  1. Castlight Health


Founded Year: 2008

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Specialization: Navigation for employees, healthcare plans, holistic wellbeing, personalized experience, program integrations, transparency and steerage, and engagement levers.

An American company called Castlight Health offers its employees various health benefits. Their software lets employees monitor their health expenses, locate reputable healthcare providers, and make informed healthcare decisions.

In addition to improving employee satisfaction and health outcomes, Castlight Health assists organizations in reducing healthcare expenses.

  1. Wellable


Founded Year: 2013

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

Specialization: Health and Wellness, Mobile, Tech, Health Services, Health Coaching, Step Challenges, and Corporate Wellness

Wellable is a global platform for employee wellness with its headquarters in the US. Their software motivates staff members to adopt healthy habits through challenges, prizes, and customized wellness initiatives. By enhancing physical and mental well-being, Wellable assists organizations in developing a lively and healthier workforce.

  1. Zest Health


Founded Year: 2013

Headquarters: Lenexa, KS

Specialization: Mobile health solutions, counseling, employee benefits, telemed.

Zest Health is a US-based company focusing on making it easier for employees to navigate the healthcare system. Their program offers a simple interface for navigating benefits, managing healthcare-related chores, and accessing healthcare providers. Zest Health frees employees to manage their own healthcare, easing the administrative burden on companies.

  1. Wellness Corporate Solutions


Founded Year: 2004

Headquarters: Bethesda, MD

Specialization: Biometric screenings, health coaching, employee wellness, flu shots, employee engagement, employee retention, and employee benefits

An American business called Wellness Corporate Solutions provides comprehensive workplace wellness initiatives. Their program combines health evaluations, biometric testing, and personalized coaching to enhance employee wellness and lower medical expenses.

Delivering customized wellness initiatives to businesses of all sizes is the main emphasis of Wellness Corporate Solutions.

Implementing Software Technology for Employee Health

Software technology is a valuable tool for managing employee health. It allows HR executives to track the health of their workforce in real time. They can also customize the reports based on specific criteria.

HR professionals can also address health issues before they become serious. To install EHM software, decide which solution best suits your organization's needs.

Girl running with a wearbale device

HR executives can use customizable tools to get insights into employee health patterns. They can also expect possible difficulties.

They can then take action before they become major issues. Employers can prevent problems and save money by monitoring data regularly. This helps them stay ahead and protect their resources in the long term.

Implementing software technology for employee health management has numerous advantages, such as:

  • Improved data and analysis accuracy
  • Increased efficiency and cost savings
  • A better understanding of population well-being
  • Greater visibility into risks and opportunities across all departments

This ultimately contributes to healthier workplaces while meeting bottom-line company objectives.

Why is Customizing Important?

Adopting software technology for employee health monitoring has several important benefits.

One of them is the ability to generate customized reports based on certain criteria. Employers can see employee health patterns and create wellness programs that follow HIPAA rules.

Why is Customizing Important

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law. It is essential to adhere to national standards to protect patient privacy. This is to avoid sharing sensitive health information without permission.

Using software technology for employee health data has many benefits for HR managers. It makes their lives easier and improves organizational performance. This is achieved by providing more insight into worker wellness.

Creating customized employee health management software has various advantages, such as -

  • Including providing extensive data on team welfare
  • Identifying development areas
  • Developing plans for a healthy work environment

HR experts can tailor programs as per their specific health policies and practices by customizing the software. Workers receive automated reminders about their health and customizable reports.

This will help them to understand their personal well-being. By integrating existing HR systems, data may be easily shared across departments.

Businesses can save time and money by identifying and addressing potential problems beforehand. Managers can easily make workplaces safer and more cost-effective. They need to use ergonomic setups and offer healthier options at company events.


Employee health management software is essential for organizations. It cultivates a thriving workforce and boosts employee well-being.

Successful implementation of EHS indicates benefits such as:

AI, personalized health recommendations, virtual health coaching, and gamification will help EHS improve. Organizations using this technology can

  • Improve employee health
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Meet the regulatory requirements

It gives everyone a centralized platform to take part in workplace health promotion and management.


Q.1 What is employee health management software?

Ans: Employee health management software streamlines physical and emotional well-being for employees. It helps HR keep track of health information, plan wellness events, and advance a culture of well-being. It also uses data analytics to encourage a healthier workplace.

Q.2 Is this software secure enough to protect the privacy of employee health information?

Ans: Yes, data privacy and security are given top priority in most employee health management software solutions. They normally follow industry standards and data protection laws to ensure private health information is encrypted. They also ensure that it is maintained safely and only accessible by authorized employees.

Q.3 How is data security prioritized?

Ans: The program ensures data security through user authentication, role-based access, GDPR, and HIPAA compliance. It also requires regular security audits and updates for confidentiality, threat prevention, and encryption.

Q.4 What are the advantages of employee health management software for companies?

Ans: Software for managing employee health offers many advantages, such as -

  • Simplified tracking of health data
  • Early detection of health hazards
  • Higher employee engagement through wellness initiatives
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Data-driven insights for wise decision-making.

This article is written by Daina Barman who is a content writer and marketer at Vantage Circle. Besides being an epicure trying to cook every dish possible, she likes to dance her way around everything. To get in touch, reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com

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