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Reasons Why Every Organization Should Offer Environmental Wellness

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Last Updated on 23 April, 2024

The modern world is brutal and competitive. Everybody tries to keep up with the dynamic nature of the social system, which we have formed for ourselves. And that is why noticing the importance of environmental wellness becomes an aberration.

All of us have heard of physical wellness, mental wellness, etc. Usually, these are given enough importance, as they are individual in nature. But surely the environment deserves a little bit more attention.

Humans are the most intelligent breed of species on earth. We must learn to coexist with each other, taking the environment and other species into consideration. Only then we can justify that gift of intelligence and wisdom.

What is Environmental Wellness?

"One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.”
—Leo Tolstoy

Environmental wellness is achieving sound health through an environment that enhances the well-being of an individual and the community. It promotes interaction with nature by creating an enjoyable personal environment.

When we take air, water, land quality into serious consideration, we are aware of our nature and environment, further protecting ourselves from environmental hazards.

However, it is not only about saving ourselves by creating healthy and clean surroundings. But in fact, there is more to this dimension of wellness. Awareness about the natural environment is of no use if we cannot do anything about it.

Environmental wellness includes having respect and awareness of the surroundings and working for its betterment.

Harmony with the earth, along with relating nature to our self is quite common. And, taking care of the environment we live in is suitable for both people and nature. Maintaining good air quality or surrounding yourself with green plants are aspects of both sustainability and well-being.

Signs of Environmental Wellness

  • Being aware of the impact on the environment from individual decisions.
  • Working at the community level to make improvements.
  • Following a well-defined pathway having the four R’s (Reduce, Re-use, Re-think, Recycle).
  • Awareness of the risks and proper assessment.
  • Leading a respectful lifestyle, one that is in harmony with the environment.
  • Understanding the purpose of keeping a healthy personal and work environment.

Environmental Wellness in the Workplace

When we talk about environmental wellness in the workplace, the concept becomes office-centric. It talks about the physical comfort employees receive via temperature, light, and other ergonomics at work. An environment can have a significant effect on how the staff is performing. Employers are regularly striving to ensure employee well-being in the best possible way. However, the term comfort does not mean one needs a nap room, which is a comfort provider, but that’s not what we are talking about here.


Employers should regularly make assessments of the workplace to make sure that it is more eco-friendly and relaxing. They should take into consideration all the feedback from the employees and make necessary adjustments.

Working at a place surrounded by fresh air, natural lighting, and comfortable temperature can play a big role to boost the productivity of the employees.

Organizations aiming for a fit lifestyle for their employees through wellness programs will see good performances and lower investments in insurance costs.

All these changes have physiological effects on the performance of employees working in a particular environment. But if you look at it from the larger perspective, the working environment can be tweaked to increase efficiency.

These days, companies go beyond traditional wellness programs to create an environmentally conscious work culture through environmental wellness, a new initiative to promote healthy living. In today’s world, people prefer to tie up with companies having a history of ecological commitments.

Building an eco-centric company culture involves locking your vision and making environmentally friendly habits in the office a mandate to achieve sustainability. As an employer, you can take many cost-effective and sustainable initiatives to lessen the carbon footprints and establish environmental wellness in the workplace, not just on the occasion of Earth Day but every other day.
That way, every day is Earth Day.

Air quality is said to be the most considerable positive influence on wellness. Employees feel sleepy, itchy, and irritated when exposed to poor air quality at work. And once they leave the office building, the symptoms improve.
Hence, for all the right reasons, environmental wellness puts a burden on the organization to encourage healthy living. Whatever it takes for them to do it is worthwhile. Its an investment which is well worth it.

Why is Environment Wellness important?

Health and Well-being


When we are exposed to low air quality, what happens?

We fall sick. It’s that obvious. Poor air quality puts you at a higher risk of heart diseases and attacks, along with asthma and bronchitis. Smoking is also considered another form of air pollution, and in every way, it is worse.
So, why would you let your employees be in a similar situation? Instead, promote a healthy workplace environment and help the staff realize their choices and the impact of these very choices on their wellness.


Practicing environmental wellness makes one kind towards themselves and planet Earth. That way, employees appreciate the resources and feel responsible for keeping air, water, and land clean.


Learning to be kind is an art, and kind employees will provide better customer support and make better team players. Their goal is to conserve instead of wasting. Through kindness, we would make great stewards of the planet.

Happiness and Productivity

Building a workplace with a healthy environment enables your employees to breathe fresh indoor air and encourages them to go outside.


Employers who motivate their staff to exercise takes the award for being the most supportive. This boosts employees to add some activity to their sedentary lifestyle. The more they go out on runs and walks, they tend to burn more calories. This, along with their physical wellness, helps in uplifting mental health.

One of the most prominent benefits employees receive is stress relief and increased productivity. A fit and active employee is always more efficient than the one who is not. So, all that needs to come from an employer is fitness motivation.
There is something about good air quality and our surrounding temperature that helps reduce stress.



Shouldn’t we feel responsible for whatever we leave for future generations?
Making employees realize the impact of the present on future kids is necessary step employers can initiate. Through an excellent environmental wellness program, employees can understand and work towards developing connections between their behavioral choices, the health of mother Earth, and future generations.

All of these are a pretty easy task. So, inspiring your staff to be environmentally responsible is being healthy, further increasing their life expectancy.


The main principle of environmental wellness is respect—respect for nature and all the species living in it. It encourages to practice such habits that promote a healthy environment. When you become environmentally concious, you will be able to realize how your daily habits affect the environment. Improving this dimension of wellness is quite simple and results in a more balanced lifestyle.

Employees who learn the lesson of compassion contribute to make the work environment more conducive and productive. In anyway, building a healthy workplace with greens all around by putting plants is refreshing and a prerequisite for an office environment. Employees should breathe fresh air, drink clean water, and work, and you as an employer need to give them a good reason to do so.

This article is written by Dipshi Bhattacharjee and Nizamul Bhuyan. Both Work as Content Marketers at Vantage Circle.For any related queries, contact

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