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13 Best Exercise Equipment For Desk to Stay Healthy

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Last Updated on 31 January, 2024

Leading a sedentary life might be more harmful to your health than you know. If you sit for prolonged periods in the same place, you can call on too many illnesses.

Studies also show that people who lead this kind of lifestyle are prone to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. It's important to note that prolonged sitting can adversely affect your muscle health.

Further, anyone who has worked from home for the past few years may have felt stagnant. Walking or moving around as much has been difficult for you. And for those working from the office, finding time to exercise can be difficult.

This is where under-the-desk workout equipment comes in handy. These types of equipment keep your circulation running. Moreover, they can improve alertness and focus while multitasking and save time. Hence, it helps improve overall employee health and well-being.

There is a wide range of office desk workout equipment available. There are a lot of standing desk exercise ideas and useful desk accessories on the market today.

Benefits of Desk Exercise Equipment


Due to excessive sitting time, desk jobs raise the risk of health problems. Hence, the health and fitness organization has created new workout equipment to use while sitting at a desk. These pieces of equipment provide various health benefits to office workers. They enhance your physical and mental health.

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Here are 7 benefits of using desk exercise equipment:

1. Improved Physical Fitness:

Incorporating desk exercise equipment into your regular routine helps enhance physical fitness. It includes training diverse muscle groups and improving cardiovascular health. The use of these tools on a regular basis can result in enhanced strength, endurance, and flexibility.

2. Weight Management:


A sedentary lifestyle and prolonged sitting can contribute to weight gain and obesity. Using desk exercise equipment like under-desk ellipticals or tiny exercise bikes allows you to burn calories while sitting or standing. Adding these tools to your work routine will help you manage your weight and achieve a healthy body composition.

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3. Reduced Stress Levels:

Stress is unavoidable at work, and regular exercise is essential for dealing with it. Our bodies release endorphins when we exercise, easing pain and stress.


While not as demanding as gym workouts, desk activities can help manage stress and anxiety. Inactive exercise using desk exercise equipment can help relieve stress.

4. Increased Productivity:


Physical activity increases productivity and cognitive performance at work. Desk workout equipment allows you to be active without interrupting your workday. Increased blood flow to the brain can boost concentration, focus, and work performance.

5. Decreased Restless Energy:

Employees with ADHD or neurological problems experience excessive restlessness due to daily activities. Desk exercise equipment can help these people focus on their work. It also controls their hyperactivity and impulsivity. However, choosing the proper equipment is critical to avoid further distractions.

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6. Better Sleep Quality:

Physical activity enhances sleep quality, but not everyone has the time or endurance to commit to full-body workouts. And sleep deprivation can affect your performance at work without you realizing it. Now, you can always try doing light exercises at work to improve your sleep health.


Light physical exercises such as stretching and walking can help you sleep better. Desk exercise equipment might help you get more sleep. Incorporating movement into your sedentary lifestyle can help you adopt healthy habits.

7. Improved Blood Circulation:

The circulatory system is important for delivering oxygen and nutrients to cells. And impaired circulation can cause swelling and blood clots. Desk exercise promotes circulation and efficacy in daily duties.

It is usually important when working in a rigid office setting. The availability of equipment for minor to moderate desk exercises can improve general health and well-being.

Who can benefit from desk exercise equipment?


According to research, sitting or standing still for extended periods of time, such as from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. at work, can hurt your cardiovascular health. Keeping some workout equipment at your desk will remind you to move for a few minutes every hour, enhancing your health.

While we may all benefit from greater movement during the day, we don't need additional equipment. But employees working 8-9 hours daily can benefit from these desk exercise equipment. However, simple activities like getting up for water, walking around the office a few times, or stretching at your desk also help.

13 Best Exercise Equipment for Desks for You to Use

Different office desk workout equipment meets different customer requirements. By customizing and varying your options, you won't be storing excessive calories.

There are numerous options for staying active in your office or home office. These options range from folding treadmills to the Cubii under-desk elliptical and various desk cycles.

Although some equipment, such as desk treadmills and stationary bikes, requires you to leave your office chair. However, under-desk ellipticals and similar pedal exercisers can keep you moving while you sit.

Let's consider a few options and decide what suits you best.

1. Equipment for Standing Desk Exercise

An adjustable standing desk is an excellent piece of office exercise equipment. A standing desk has numerous advantages over a traditional old work desk, including reducing obesity risk.
Standing workstations help users burn nearly twice as many calories as sitting desks. They also boost metabolism, resulting in faster digestion and more energy.

Standing desks help you to maintain posture and elevate your heart rate compared to sitting. If you currently own a standing desk, pair it with an office desk exercise machine to boost your general health.

2. Stability Cushion

Like an ergonomic stool, a stability cushion is useful if you habitually slouch toward your computer. It has an unstable surface that pushes your body to engage stabilizing muscles even when you're sitting. It can improve your posture, strengthen your core, and prevent back pain by being placed on your office chair or used as a standing pad.

3. Small Hand Weights

Bringing small hand weights to work might get you some looks, but it helps combat the negative effects of sitting for 8-9 hours.


Using hand weights can help you stay active and build strength throughout the day. Better blood flow to your hands and fingers can also boost your energy levels, especially if you work at a computer all day.

4. Full Desk Bikes

This office desk workout equipment provides traditional upright bikes. It functions as a stationary bike without handles, allowing you to store it beneath your desk. However, you will most likely require a standing desk if you want the correct height. The bike is also available with a front-mounted computer desk.

5. Yoga and Exercise mats


This is an adaptable office desk exercise equipment. You can roll it up, store it beside your desk, or put it flat beneath it. You can use the mat for various purposes, such as pilates, yoga, and stretching.

6. Hand Grip Strengtheners

Hand and grip strengtheners are simple gadgets that help strengthen the grip and forearm muscles. They are ideal for people who spend a lot of time typing or doing things with their hands. You can increase hand dexterity, prevent wrist injuries, and relieve tension by utilizing these strengtheners during short breaks.

7. Balance Ball Chair

Do you want to improve your back health and core strength while working? This balance ball chair allows you to accomplish all of that and more. It helps strengthen the core, aligns the spine, and alleviates back pain and stiffness.

Using one will increase your energy levels and productivity by combining an active body with an engaged mind. This ball chair is suitable for most stand-height desks.

8. Treadmill Desk

Walking while working is a simple method to prevent sitting all day. A treadmill desk can also help you
stay active while being productive at work. This desk style can help with back or neck pain, boost energy, support weight loss, and provide other health benefits.

You can switch from a sit-stand desk to a treadmill workstation during the workday. Using the treadmill lets you type, review emails, converse on the phone, take video calls, and perform other tasks.
Unlike a fitness treadmill, you can use a treadmill desk daily for numerous hours at slow speeds.

9. Resistance Band

You can use these bands during your break while chatting with your coworkers. Because why not get in shape with your colleagues? Although workplace gym equipment can seem bulky, some options don't occupy much space.

Resistance bands are a great choice for strength training equipment that can easily be stored in the office. They are compact and an excellent addition to your office training kit. You can attach them to your desk or chair for bicep curls, tricep extensions, and shoulder presses.

10. Under Desk Exercise Bike Pedal

If you want to ride while working, a desk with a bike underneath can be a nice solution. Under-desk bikes and exercise balls are great options for novices and those seeking a low-impact workout.

You can place it beneath or on the desk, allowing you to pedal with your legs. It has a handle that allows you to move it around. On a computerized display, you can view your pace, time, distance, and burned calories in certain versions.

11. Fitness Tracker

A check and balance system is essential, especially when attempting to achieve a goal. No matter how slowly you improve, it motivates you to strive for more.

Consider purchasing a wearable device that monitors your daily movements and exercise levels. Fitness trackers can help you adjust your equipment's intensity or functionality using the data they provide.

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12. Under Desk Elliptical

It's a good idea to keep an under-desk elliptical at your office. These are simple small gadgets that allow you to exercise while sitting. They provide a lot of health benefits because they keep you moving while you work and decrease stress.

They give you a low-impact cardiovascular workout, strengthen your legs, and increase blood circulation. You have the option to adjust the intensity according to your fitness level. And you can gradually increase it by changing the resistance levels.

13. Ergonomic Stools

An ergonomic stool is a great choice to complement your office desk exercise equipment. It promotes good posture and ensures comfort, making it a perfect addition to your workspace.

The ergonomic stool is a lightweight, comfortable seating solution with a dynamic weighted base. You can adjust it in height up to ten inches, and the slanted seat keeps the core strong and fortified.

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Remember to listen to your body and make any necessary changes. You should stop and seek medical attention if you suffer any pain, discomfort, or strange symptoms while using desk exercise equipment.

Why Trust Us?

People are increasingly recognizing the benefits of leading an active lifestyle. Employers are also jumping on board, encouraging staff to live more actively. For example, your employee wellness program could provide free access to free gyms, onsite yoga courses, or chair massages.

Understanding this necessity, Vantage Fit emerged as a reliable AI-powered platform. A platform that enables people to track their nutrition, mindfulness, and fitness routines.

Vantage Fit promotes employee wellness by building trust and making workplaces more active and lively. Hence, you can use all the thirteen desk exercise equipment listed in this blog and feel the difference.


Q.1 Do under-desk workout machines actually work?

Exercise machines that fit under the desk come in a variety of styles. The most affordable choice is a pedal exerciser with no or simply fixed resistance. It is also possible to find stationary bikes that move in a circular motion under the desk.

Q.2 Can I use desk workout equipment without interfering with my work?

Although workplace gym equipment may seem bulky, it doesn't have to be. Resistance bands are a great option for compact training equipment that can be kept in the office. A wide variety of alternatives make it possible to use the equipment discreetly and quietly.

However, selecting equipment appropriate for your work environment and keeping your movements within a comfortable and reasonable range is critical.

Q.3 Can desk workout equipment help you lose weight?

Desk exercise equipment can help burn calories and increase physical activity. But weight loss is a multifaceted process that includes various factors.

These factors include a healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices. Desk exercise equipment is important for a complete weight loss plan. Nonetheless, it may not be enough to lead to significant weight loss.

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