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350 Million Steps, Greener Planet, Countless Smiles: Walkathon 2023 Concludes in Triumph!

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Last Updated on 25 November, 2023

With the final strides across time zones, Nov 5, 2023, marks the closing of the Vantage Fit Global Corporate Virtual Walkathon 2023.

The event was nothing short of a spectacle, with over 2300 participants across 36 companies, forming 43 teams.

Total Participants companies and teams

The footsteps echoed far and wide as participants from North America, Europe, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and Africa joined the wellness challenge. Walkathon 2023 stood as a rallying point for employers and employees to unite to improve the world.

Map and location of the participants, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, North America, Europe

The Greater Objective of Pursuing Employee Wellness and Building a Greener Planet

An astounding 350,000,000 steps were taken collectively during this Walkathon. That’s roughly 266,000 kilometers in distance - enough to circle the earth not once, not twice, but SIX times!

Total Steps taken this Walkathon

The massive effort is not just a stroll in the park; we're talking about burning 12 million calories, equivalent to 20,000 Big Macs.

Calories burned this Walkathon

The third installment of the Walkathon was more than just a fitness challenge. It was an opportunity for organizations and employees to come togehter, and positively impact the world.

Each step contributes to a greener planet, as trees will be planted globally based on this cumulative effort.

Beyond the impressive step count, the walkathon carries another profound purpose. The idea is to build a healthier workforce, spread awareness about employee well-being, and encourage individuals to set on a wellness journey.

A Look at the Top Performers

Walkathon this year was quite a challenge. Teams battled day in and day out to complete tasks and to stay on top. The participants demonstrated incredible commitment and dedication to their wellness goals, and they set the bar high for future participants.

The top performers, with exceptional commitment, claimed their spots on the podium. APRAAVA EnergiWalkers came in full throttle and scored an average of 4336 points, securing the first position.

winner 01 Positon Apraava

Blaize Walker left no half-measures and scored an impressive 3783 points to secure the second position.

winner 02 position Blaize

Not far behind, Getronics GetStriders clinched the third spot with an average of 3542 points.

winner 03 position Getronics

In recognition of their achievements, the top three teams received rewards worth USD 2,500, USD 1,500, and USD 1,000, respectively.

As a token of our commitment to their well-being, each top winner was awarded a Certificate of Joining. Furthermore, they’ll enjoy a full year of complimentary access to the Vantage Fit Platform, further enhancing their wellness journey.

Notable Achievers

A special nod to the top 10 for their display of remarkable athleticism. Seneca Global, Enking Climate Green Volunteer, and Dhariwal Infrastructure Limited RPSG DIL Walkers showcased sheer grit and secured the coveted 4th, 5th, and 6th positions.

Meanwhile, Haldia Energy Limited RPSG HEL Walkers, Mavenir Telco Trailblazers, ICAT Logistics ICAT Steppers, and Mavenir Cloud Crusaders pushed themselves to the edge and finished seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth, respectively.

Top 10 Performers as it stands

A glance at the top 10 performers this Walkathon

top10 position holders

Closing Thoughts: A word from Vantage Fit

The third season of the Vantage Fit Global Corporate Virtual Walkathon was a tremendous success. We look at the Walkathon as a celebration of corporate wellness, unity, and environmental stewardship.

The collective achievement of 350 million steps resonated far beyond the virtual realm. It is such a demonstration of commitment that truly motivates us to organize events that embody the essence of "employee well-being."

We at Vantage Fit would like to thank all the participants and partners for their support. We look forward to hosting an even bigger and better Global Corporate Virtual Walkathon next year. Until then, let the spirit of wellness resonate across borders and time zones.

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