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The A to Z About The Vantage Fit HR Dashboard

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Published on 15 January, 2021

Managing an efficient workforce in today’s date is all about how well HR professionals can analyze essential HR metrics accumulated from various sources. The proper utilization of these data can help the HRs take the right steps when it comes to effective employee management. Thereby, positively affecting the level of employee satisfaction, enhancing employee retention and reducing employee turnover rates and more within the organization. Well, all of these may sound complicated but believe me, all you need here is a great HR dashboard that can transform unorganized data into meaningful information.

The HR Dashboard is an essential tool that helps manage the human resources of any company. It is an advanced analytics tool that displays vital data visualizations and important HR metrics that help HR professionals track and analyze essential hr metrics.

Talking of HR Dashboards, the Vantage Fit app comes packed with an intuitive dashboard, allowing the HR department to easily create, manage, and view detailed insight about their employee wellness programs.

Vantage Fit is a one-stop-solution for enhanced employee wellbeing and productivity in small businesses and giant enterprises alike. It allows enterprises to keep their employees’ health in check by creating and organizing fitness challenges and contests.


This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Vantage Fit HR Dashboard.

Table of Contents
The A to Z About The Vantage Fit HR Dashboard
  1. The Vantage Fit HR Dashboard Components
  2. Advantages of the Vantage Fit HR Dashboard
  3. Final Words

The Vantage Fit HR Dashboard Components

The human resource departments or wellness administrators of companies get access to the Vantage Fit HR Dashboard once the onboarding begins. It is via this dashboard that HRs or health admins create fitness contests and challenges for the employees. They also decide on the kind of fitness rewards that the best-performing employees will receive. These rewards can be either monetary or non-monetary.

The Vantage Fit HR Dashboard has four components or subsections under it.

  • Overview
  • Create Contest
  • Reports
  • Configuration

These components serve a particular purpose and provide HR analytics that lets HR managers track and analyze employee activity and engagement levels. Moreover, they derive valuable insight into the overall health of a company.

The Vantage Fit HR Dashboard: Components
  1. Overview
  2. Create Contest
  3. Reports
  4. Configuration



The first subsection on the dashboard is the ‘Overview.’

In the ‘overview’ section, HRs have access to the data visualizations regarding the employee engagement levels, activity levels, health, and wellness.

The Engagement metric provides the HRs with insights regarding employee participation in a particular contest or challenge. The engagement percentage signifies the number of people who have actively engaged with the program compared to the number of people registered. With the help of this feature, HRs can gauge the willingness of employees to participate in challenges.

For instance, right after the employees are back to the office after months of working from home, the HR schedules a challenge to walk 7000 steps for ten days. There is probably a drop in the number of employees actively participating in the challenge than in the pre-covid times. The number of employees finishing a challenge will be even lower.

This data should tell HR managers that months of working from home has decreased employees’ willingness, enthusiasm, and energy. In such a case, HRs can set an incentive, like a monetary reward, so that more and more employees are motivated to participate and finish a challenge.

Moreover, HRs also get an understanding of the activity levels of employees over some time. Currently, Vantage Fit counts and tracks users’ steps as an activity. HRs have access to graphs that rank employees based on their total steps. The more the number of steps, the higher the rank.

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The activity levels of employees can provide significant insight into their physical and mental health as well. For instance, a particular employee, X, had been a top performer for months. Suddenly, their activity levels decrease, which consequently causes a steady drop in their rank.

The HR, or wellness admins, then understand that there has been a significant change in their lifestyle, affecting employee performance. They can then approach personally, and talk to them about it, thus giving them a much-needed mental boost.

The health metric under the Overview section gives the average BMI of a company. If the average BMI score is around 20-25, the company has pretty fit employees. It is important to note that HR managers only get access to a company’s employees’ average BMI. Privacy-sensitive data such as an employee’s height and weight are kept confidential.

The average BMI scores can guide HRs into planning and creating the kind of fitness contests or initiatives they want to introduce in the company. For instance, if a company’s average BMI is higher than 25, this should tell the HR managers that many employees are suffering from obesity or lead a sedentary lifestyle. In that case, they can organize a virtual marathon, or a virtual walkathon, with rewards that lure more and more employees to finish the challenge.

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Under the Overview section, the Wellness Metric tells employers, or HRs, about the company’s overall mood. Employees can log in their mood on the Mood Meter in the Vantage Fit app. Employees can rate their mood as Horrible, Not Good, Okay, Pretty Nice, and Awesome, based on how they feel on a particular day.

Note that Vantage Fit HR Dashboard does not expose the privacy-sensitive data such as the employee BMI and moods, but instead uses the data to get an average BMI and Mood score for the organization.

Lastly, HRs can also view information on the past and upcoming campaigns for the company. They get access to information such as

  • the duration of the contest
  • contest status
  • target
  • completion percentage
  • contest engagement
  • total number of participants
  • total steps taken
  • the number of employees completing the target alongwith the number of times they did so
  • employee leaderboard

Create Contest


The second subsection in the Vantage Fit HR Dashboard is the ‘Create Contest’ subsection. Vantage Fit allows HRs or wellness admins to create two kinds of programs for their employees:

(a) Contest
(b) Challenge

While a contest has no set target, a challenge comes with a particular goal. For instance, ‘Walk until you rank on the top of the leaderboard’ is a contest, while ‘Walk 5000 steps every day for a week’ is a challenge.

To create a contest or a challenge, HRs can go to the ‘Create Contest’ section and enter the Challenge Name, Challenge Slogan, and Challenge Logo in the required fields. They also need to enter the duration for which they want to keep the challenge or contest running. These contests and challenges can have monetary and non-monetary rewards.

Next, HRs also need to decide if they want to host a global challenge- meant for all branches of a company, or if they want to keep it local, where the challenge or contest is limited to the employees of a particular unit or location.

If the challenge is global, all employees across locations and branches receive the email or notification on the Vantage Fit application. If it’s limited to a private contest, the HR enters the employee names, and voila! The notification flashes on their phones.

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The next subsection of the HR Dashboard is the Reports segment.

HRs can view detailed reports regarding the Engagement, Activity, Health, and Wellness metrics of the employees. Each of these reports can be viewed based on three filters that are 'country', 'department', and 'gender'.

For instance, if you want to view the engagement level for the men in your company, go to the engagement report, select the Gender filter, and select ‘male.’ Similarly, if you want to get an insight on the activity levels for the marketing department of your company in Canada, select the activity metric under the Reports section. Under filters, select Country>Canada. Select Marketing under the Department filter.

One can set these reports according to various periods such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.



In the Vantage Fit HR Dashboard’s Configuration subsection, HR managers can broadcast health tips or messages and then push them to the application. HRs can select the message title, message text, image, target, and health tips they want to feature on a particular day.

For instance, on a day that the employees’ overall mood in a company is anything less than ‘Okay,’ HR managers can send a motivating tip focusing on mental health.

Advantages of the Vantage Fit HR Dashboard

The HR Dashboard on VantageFit has several advantages:

  • It assists HRs to make employee health and wellness a top priority in the company.
  • It allows HRs and health admins to create customized contests and challenges that suit their company requirements.
  • It gives HRs a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the overall employee health in the organization.
  • It helps to keep track of the individual activity and engagement levels of employees.
  • It gives HRs a glimpse into how employees are feeling mentally as well.
  • It allows HRs to choose the difficulty as well as the privacy level for each program.
  • It keeps a record of all past and upcoming campaigns.
  • Interactive data visualizations and graphs provide significant insights.

Final Words

Vantage Fit HR dashboard is an innovative, intuitive and data-driven interface that helps HR keep the employee health in check. HRs can seamlessly create customized programs that address the employees’ health needs and enhance performance and productivity for both part-time and full-time employees.

Give your corporate employees a wholesome experience at your company! Get onboard with Vantage Fit and invest your time and money in employee health now!

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This article is written by Priyakshi Sharma who is a content marketer at Vantage Circle. In her free time, she is found writing about cinema, life, and everything in between. For any related queries, contact

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