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21 Easy And Delicious Office Party Snacks and Drinks Ideas

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Published on 16 July, 2020

Be it the success of closing a deal or relaxing your workaholic employees. Throwing an office party is a great way to pump up the spirit of your organization.

We are aware that hosting a successful party at your office takes lots of preparation.

You have to take care of many things like the budget, games, lightings, music, or even your pre-party anxiety. In all these, choosing office party snacks is altogether a different level of challenge.

A party is incomplete without food as it is the prime attraction of that evening.

It would be best to consider everyone’s food choices, keeping the fact of presenting healthy yet delightful snacks on the table.

But why choose healthy snacks for office parties?

When you hear the term PARTY! What do you first visualize?

An evening full of junks, treats, sugary drinks, in simple terms eating a whole lot of calories in a day.

Thus it’s legitimate to ask why to go healthy when you’re all set for gorging those yummy chicken wings or cheese balls, Right?

Break the myth!

Healthy snacks can be included as an office party snacks.

Replacing your calorie-filled meals with veggies and fruits even in parties keep your employees active and agile throughout the games and events you will be playing. It also saves from putting on extra kilos for the office holiday season.

According to a BusinessWire study, employees who intake fruits and vegetables daily are more productive, have increased memory, and improve work-life balance. This is indeed good news for you and your business as it enhances your employee-wellbeing.

So are you planning to make your next office party fun, inclusive and memorable (in the right way)?

And if you find yourself stuck in midway listing out a menu of delicious healthy snacks.

You’re at the right place as here I have mentioned the top 21 healthy office party snacks and drinks:

1. Tortilla Chips With Fresh Mango Tomato Salsa

If you want to have a sour and spicy dip, then this colorful dish is a must-try! It won’t take your more than 15 minutes to prepare. Just grab some ripe mangoes, jalapenos, bell pepper, onions, and some lemons to spice it up. This is a great appetizer to go to any summer party. It is gluten-free, and you can serve your employees with burritos, rolls, or even nachos or tortilla chips.

2. Baked Couscous Tomatoes

If you want to add some freshness to your dinner parties, juicy ripe tomatoes are your ideal choice. It is super easy to make and doesn’t take more than 30 mins preparation time. You can add some pearl couscous make a scene-stealer appetizer.

3. Baked Vegetable Spring Rolls

These delicious baked veg spring rolls will keep your invitees full for the evening. It is loaded with rice noodles and stir-fried vegetables, which make the dish extra healthy. Platter them with creamy sesame peanut sauce for a delicious party feasting!

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4. Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushroom is a chockfull of the antioxidant selenium, which helps in building our immune system. But how about having some for the office party tonight? These adorable bite-sized mushrooms will make your party look festive. It’s easy to prepare as you need an oven to bake and some cheddar cheese.

5. Lemon Sea Salt Kale Chips

It is an all-time favorite of kids. Yet it doesn’t limit for adults... Offer your employees a healthy alternative for greasy fries. You may use curly kale or dino kale and toss-up with some sea salt and lemons.

6. Layers of Colorful Smoothies

Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

It will melt everyone’s heart, for sure. This vibrant super yummy smoothie is just the queen of drinks. You don’t need expensive champagne or cocktails; unpack some of your favorite frozen fruits and blend. You can also garnish with cinnamon or chocolate to give an extra punch.

7. Avocado and Shrimp Appetizer Parfait

This is super easy to prepare and an Instagram worthy dish. It would be best if you had some cooked and frozen avocados and shrimps. Give the right mix and serve it in a parfait or any regular glass bowl.

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8. Zucchini Tots

Zucchini Tots are a great way to bring back health in your diet. It is a tasty and light appetizer that doesn’t take much preparation time. You can mix with sweet potatoes and sprinkle some herbs to bring out the flavors.

9. Zesty Beet Dip

I understand no one would love to have beets raw. So why not prepare a dip out of it?
Zesty Beet dip is a perfect party snack to go along with your tortillas, bread, and raw veggies. Its spiciness will keep you wanting more!

10. Caponata Flatbread

This dish is inspired by Sicilian cuisine with sweet and spicy eggplant. It can be a well sought after healthy replacement of pizza.

11. Savory Thai Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Do your employees love Thai food? If yes, try this dish. Refreshing wraps with the goodness of veggies and Thai spice is just the perfect evening match. You can flavor with mint and lime juice to give an extra tinge of happiness.

12. Spicy Deviled Walnuts

This classic walnut recipe is simple to make and will give you a lasting flavor when you popped one. It’s gluten-free and has a sweet and spicy taste. You need simple ingredients like paprika, salt, pepper, and egg whites, then toss-up and serve.

13. Melon Mosaic

This dish is a summer treat. The combination of feta cheese, melon, and cherry tomatoes will give everyone a refreshing feeling throughout the party.

14. Turmeric Chai Latte

Turmeric is one of the healthiest spices in the world. Indians are known to have spice, especially turmeric, in their daily diet. Its anti-inflammatory benefits help in reducing pain. This chai tea with turmeric essence is just the healthy drink you can ever vouch.

15. Lemony White-Bean Bruschetta

This is a healthy grilled bruschetta recipe that features mashed cannellini beans along with fresh lemon and parsley. It is super yummy and satisfies the hunger of every invitee.

16. Cauliflower Popcorn

You like binge-watching over a Netflix thriller? Choose yummy cauliflower popcorns over potato fries. This dish is a beter replacement of butter popcorns in parties. It is super easy to prepare and serves the right taste for the evening party.

17. Carprese Bites

Carprese bites is an easy-peasy appetizer that can rock your office party. Decorated with herbs like basil with tomatoes and garnished with mozarella, this is a make-in-a-minute dish.

18. Mango Pineapple Agua Frescas

To add fresheness in a dull party, a mocktail like this is a must. This drink will definitely remind you those summer days. It require only three main ingrediants manago, pineapple and fresh lime juice to get you the perfect party drink.

19. Chicken Skewers with Jalapeño Cheddar Dip

Photo by Artem Beliaikin / Unsplash

Organizing an office party without grilled chicken is a big NO! Try including this recipe in your next menu, I know this will make your employees drool over the dish. It is super easy to make and requires a bare minimum effort to garnish. Just smoke them into the grill as you have a fun talk with your invitees.

20. Pink Lemon Water

This is another refreshing drink which is at par of any sweetened beverages. A dash of ice with fresh mint and raspberries is a perfect thirst quencher in a spring party.

21. Smooth Matcha Tea

Are you a chai lover? Then try this new recipe and I know you will love it. This creamy matcha tea is perfect for an evening. It has many herbal benefits which helps in rejuvinating your body.

Now I would like to know from you

Which snacks and drinks have you planned for your next office party?

Let me know in the comment section below

This article is written by Rangana Atreya, a Content Marketer at Vantage Circle. Having a creative mind with a spiritful life, she takes inspiration from travelling and learning languages. For any related queries, contact

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