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5 Best Green Office Design Ideas That Boost Employee Well-Being

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Last Updated on 03 June, 2021

Incorporating oneself close to nature rejuvenates creativity, and tranquility in life. Going green contributes to living a stress-free experience. It finds a special mention in the workplace where employees complain about leading a sedentary life inside depressing, dysfunctional cubicles that takes a toll on their performance and motivation. These rising issues of employee health forced employers to emphasize the concept of green office designs.

According to Havard's study,

  • Green office designs improve employees' sleep quality by 6%.

  • Improves cognition function scores by 26%.

  • Reduction in sickness-related absences by 30%.

It's based on the theory of biophilia — the humans' affinity towards the living systems. This instinctive bonding with nature in a beautifully decorated office is far greater than aesthetics.

5 Top Reasons To Offer Green Office Designs

As there are countless benefits to designing a green office, Here are a few reasons to consider one for your own.

1. Provides Adaptable Temperature

Temperature extremes can lead to wastage of energy, in terms of natural and human resources. A study found that productivity drops by 4% if employees aren't habitat at a comfortable temperature.

2. Bring Back Positivity

Employee stress is one of the everyday worries across corporates. Keeping them close to natural elements can help in bringing back the positivity at work. Its effects cover worker happiness and creativity to increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, better staff retention, improved profits, and the enhanced ability to attract the best workers.

3. Encourage Natural Light

It is that your employees can work better when exposed to natural light. Setting up large windows to let sunlight is not only saving your electricity bills but boosts employee productivity. It also reported improving sleep that helps in focussing at work the next day.

4. Lowers Carbon Footprints

Merely switching to LED and other energy-saving appliances affects your overall office's energy usage. Also, making sure that all lights are turned off at the end of the workday can make a massive difference in bills and lower carbon footprints.

5. Foster Holistic Employee Wellbeing

Indeed, you can't afford to ignore nature in the workplace. Incorporate natural elements, such as plants, colors, and ventilation benefits both companies and their employees. It contributes to nurturing the holistic employee wellbeing of mind and body, which helps in organizational growth.

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5 Best Green Office Designs To Boost Employee Productivity

1. Verticle Wall Garden

On our top list, we prefer the magnificent beauty of vertical gardening. Its popularity among workplaces, hotels, homes has recorded to be unmatched among other decors. Its welcoming green vibes are perfect for an office that instills positivity.

You can get a wide range of wall planters, where the moss walls and plant walls top its the lists. Framing one of your office walls will guarantee to add beauty positivity among your employees.
I once photographed a similar view and I was happy to find a similar one in another location in Wrocław.
Photo by Paweł Czerwiński / Unsplash

2. Hanging Planters

After experimenting with living walls giving hanging planters a shot isn't a bad idea. It helps you save your floor space, giving you enough coverage of green across the office rooms. These hangers are great in boosting employee productivity and an efficient way of introducing nature in office design.

3. Plant Pots

If you wish, you can bring the whole nature, but we want a clean yet lively green space for your office. Placing small pots such as bonsai at each desk with a few ornamental plants placed at some strategic distance will complete your office's look.

Planting some foliages helps in preventing dust and humidity. Asking your employees to nurture their plants is an excellent way to bring nature closer to them.

Photo by Ron McClenny / Unsplash

4. Good Ventilation

Breathing clean air is far better than inhaling any artificial coolers. When going green, efficient ventilation is a must criterion to consider. Setting up large windows will bring in the natural light along with fresh airflow on a pleasant day. It also creates an optimum temperature within the office, which doesn't affect your employee's health.

5. Switch To Green Products

Follow the concept of reuse, reduce, and recycle within your workspace. Instead of purchasing new items, aim to incorporate the 3R formula to promote a sustainability workplace. Try using durable and eco-friendly products that are locally available.

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Wrapping Up!

Office decor says a lot about your work culture. Whether it is regular or aesthetic office seating, your employees must feel inspired and productive while they are at work. Hence, an employer must provide a stable environment; a decent understanding of green office design helps boost employee well-being.

With the help of green office spaces, you can mirror the natural environment to provide a calming effect on your employees. Its increased oxygen level helps to strengthen the immune system and even promotes harmonious interactions.

This article is written by Rangana Atreya, a Content Marketer at Vantage Circle. Having a creative mind with a spiritful life, she takes inspiration from travelling and learning languages. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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