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6 Essential Steps for Workplace Hygiene

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Published on 03 July, 2020

Maintaining a clean environment is very important in the workplace. It not only helps keep an office germ-free but also helps brighten up the workspace. Especially now, wherein we are fighting a global health pandemic, workplace hygienic is more vital than ever.

Due to the drastic impact of COVID-19, companies are operating below their capacity due to social distancing norms in public spaces. It means having the lowest number of employees at the office. But, just abiding by this rule isn’t enough.

Just like any disease, bacteria and germs thrive on unclean surroundings. So, other than social distancing, you must also keep your office environment as clean as possible. This means practicing proper hygienic measures for better employee health.

Having a clean working environment makes for better employee health. It is through reducing the number of bacteria, germs, and infectious virus at the office. Maintaining a clean working environment also keeps your employees happy as well.

Therefore, employers must maintain a clean workplace. To help you achieve this, you must take these six essential steps to better your office hygiene right away.

6 Essentials Steps For Workplace Hygiene

1. Hand Sanitizer

In the conditions we’re living in today, this has to be number one. Hand sanitizer is a must-have in every office environment. As we work day-in and day-out in an atmosphere surrounded by many, there is to bound to health risks involved.

These risks are mainly the traveling or contagious bacteria and viruses. Hand-Sanitizer facilitates to cope up with this problem. It helps in the prevention of infectious germs and contributes to better employee health.

Therefore, this essential handwashing office appliance should be present in every work area.

2. Clean Air

The air indoors also play a vital role in workplace hygiene. Naturally, workers will bring some of their belongings to the office, most commonly tiffins. Sometimes, they do emit odor into the air inside. While this may not have significant health implications, it does become unpleasant at times.

So, air purifiers or other appropriate air conditioning appliances in these scenarios are a great help. In addition to this, fragrances can also help keep the environment fresh and homely.

3. Clean Windows

Sunlight is very crucial to maintain a soothing atmosphere in offices indoors. The right level of sunlight inside the premises always lifts the mood. Subsequently, it also improves productivity. Here, it is crucial to have clean windows for the matter.

This is because dirty windows not only stain cleanliness but also limits the light coming in.

4. Communal Areas

Common areas are those where the staff hangs out together for healthy snacks and coffee. Here, you must ensure the availability for proper disposing of the eatables in the area.

Food left out in the open is the breeding grounds for germs. The employees must be made aware not to leave any food out in the open. There must be dustbins where the trash can be put together and later disposed of healthily.

Also, the sinks must be regularly cleaned with detergent to ensure proper workplace hygiene.

5. Zones

There must be set zones in the office for eating and smoking. Eating or smoking anywhere must be prohibited. Having specific areas for such activities prevents the whole office from smelling funky. This is mainly a nuisance with some food that smells after a while and nicotine.

6. Personal Hygiene

Above all these, you must also encourage awareness for proper personal hygiene of the employees. It can be washing their hands regularly, daily baths, shaving, proper clothing, etc. It takes more than your efforts to keep an office environment clean.

There must be equal participation from both the employer and the employees to make a better office atmosphere.

These are six of the essential steps for employee health that you must have in your workplace.


Cleanliness is next to Godliness. A proverb we are all aware and take notice of in our everyday life. Especially now that the COVID-19 is affecting all in its path, offices need to be far more careful than ever of office hygiene.

To maintain this, you must lead by example and take the first step. In this aspect, the points mentioned above should get you started just fine. Be sure to include your employees too because they play a crucial role in this initiative.

You can do this by spreading awareness regarding the issue and how the workforce can contribute to correcting it. Once both parties come together, it’s just a matter of days to have a clean office atmosphere. On that note, we hope yours come soon enough.

This article is written by Jyoti Prakash Barman. He is an in-house Content Marketer at Vantage Fit with interests in music and automobiles. For any related queries, contact

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