Step Challenge

Step challenge is a part of a wellness program usually held at work where employees compete with each other by taking steps throughout the day. The steps can be taken whenever and wherever and not necessarily while at work. These programs can make employees try to hit the newly set goals. Competing with fellow employees and creating new teams going against other teams in the company, a step challenge builds a level of team spirit together with developing a sense of health consciousness among everyone in the organization.

Every employer is vested with the responsibility of employee health. And in order to make the workforce fitness driven, they must hold wellness programs thereby leading employees towards a healthy lifestyle.

As convenient it is for the employers to hold step challenges, employees too feel no level of stress doing these challenges. Because all they have to do is walk. Most step challenges come with a leaderboard, irrespective of the format. This real-time leaderboard enables both employers and employees to check progress and ranking in the mentioned challenge.

Also, motivation is an utmost necessity when it gets to initiating challenges as such and this motivation comes easy with rewards and incentives. So, companies often award the participants based on their performance in the challenge- be it attaining a specific target or ranking high in the leaderboard.


A step challenge is designed in a way where the managers are allotted a minimum budget to kickstart a random walking challenge. Organizing a step challenge comes with three functions-

Step Tracking

In the current world, step tracking is mostly related to wearable technology. But wearables are not the only tools available for tracking- smartphones, these days have a variety of health applications which count steps on a daily basis. People who do not want to invest in a separate device can always resort to these apps.


A leaderboard has to be created either manually or using an application. This is a significant part of the entire challenge because employees able to track their own performance along with your monitoring at the same time makes the entire program transparent and easily achievable. Also, to reward employees, firstly the employer has to know who stands where, in the leaderboard and then hand out incentives accordingly.


Sedentary lifestyle is what every modern employee suffers from. No activity at all makes one lethargic. In such a situation, introducing a wellness program such as a step challenge, can help induce a healthy work culture.

A step challenge helps create a healthy competition amongst the employees and allows the team attain a healthy mind and body at the same time.

A convenient and potent activity is what a step challenge is and it motivates the staff into adopting healthy lifestyle habits.

Walking is anyway a good activity- whether a challenge or not. It helps reduce fatigue and helps with increasing stamina.

Healthy and fit employees lead to better productivity and efficiency thereby making the organization grow.

Ways to introduce Step Challenge at work

Make employees use step tracking apps


Initiate step challenges in the workplace by incorporating fitness applications and encouraging employees to use them. When the apps will show accurate step count, there will be a sense of determination developing in the employees to achieve the desired goals. This would further push them to adopt healthy behavior.

Hold Walking meetings


Prompt the higher management to start holding walking meetings in the office. When seniors and bosses will take part in these, employees will automatically join in.

Use the staircase


Elevators are generally available in every workplace. All employers have to do is make a rule of using elevators not more than three days a week. That way, employees will take the staircase and as it is known, what better way to implement a walking rule than making people take the stairs.

Initiate fun challenges


Hold healthy competitions like setting targets for employees to complete a specific step count. On achieving the set goals,several rewards can be given to them like gift cards, points, etc. These will serve as great motivation boosters keeping the staff on their feet and energized.

Offer information about nearby walking areas


Motivate employees to use their breaks doing something healthy. Make them aware of a nearby walking area when they can go for a stroll. Also, if the parking is a little far away, it would be beneficial to them for they have to walk their way around. This would further build a walking culture in the workplace.