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Building Resilience- For Teams & Individuals

Last Updated on 04 October, 2023

Resilience is typically defined as the ability to strongly cope with a crisis and be back to the normal state quickly. It mainly refers to dealing with an adverse situation through calmness thus maintaining a kind of balance.

The research on resilience focuses on those who live their lives with hope despite suffering devastating losses. It's vital to remember that resilience entails not simply overcoming a very stressful event, but also emerging with "competent functioning."

And in recent times, it has become very crucial for us individuals to build emotional resilience within ourselves.

In this podcast, Mary Ann Baynton talks about how resilience is preparing oneself to face a crisis and go back to the pre-crisis condition. She further talks about the various skills of resilience and the role of leaders in boosting the employees and building resilience in the workplace.

About the Speaker

Mary Ann Baynton is the principal of Mary Ann Baynton & Associates. Her areas of expertise include workplace mental health, psychological safety, resolving conflict, and addressing performance concerns. She strives to help people get unstuck, move beyond problems, restore productivity and improve working lives.

Connect with her on Linkedin.

Show Notes

(01:27) Tell us your experience of working as a relations specialist and being a director in workplace strategies in mental health?

(02:46) Before moving on to the topic, could you throw some light on the significance of mental health awareness, especially with regards to the workplace? And how often it gets neglected?

(06:16) Now let us talk about the topic of resilience. So, what is your definition of resilience?

(08:31) How difficult is it to bring resilience within ourselves?

(10:22) What are the various traits of resilience?

(13:28) What is psychological resilience?

(14:34) Is psychological and emotional resilience the same thing?

(14:56) What’s the role of leaders in building resilience and adaptability in the workplace?

(17:15) What about introverts? Do you think building resilience would motivate them to speak up?

(18:45) What are the benefits of resilience at work, both for employees and employers?

(20:42) Are adaptability and resilience connected?

(22:26) Do you think corporate wellness programs help boost resilience in the workplace?

(29:51) How to develop resilience with each day?

This podcast is hosted by Dipshi Bhattacharjee. Besides working as a podcast host and a content marketer at Vantage Circle, she is an animal lover with a huge fascination for Cinema, Television & Foreign languages. For any related queries, contact

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