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Transform Your Employees' Health Through Corporate Fitness Classes

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Last Updated on 16 May, 2024

Employee health is becoming the topmost priority for employers worldwide. Big and small companies alike are introducing wellness initiatives like corporate wellness programs for their employees. From workplace meditation classes to healthy lunch and learns, employers are looking for new and innovative ways to incorporate healthy habits in their employees’ lives.

One great way that employers are improving their employees’ health is by introducing corporate fitness classes. The fantastic benefits of physical exercise on employee health and productivity are why such classes are becoming popular.

In this article, we’ll discuss more on corporate fitness classes and how they can help employers build a healthy culture in their workplace.

What is Corporate Fitness, and what are corporate group fitness classes?

Corporate fitness or corporate fitness programs are an integral part of effective employee wellness programs. Physical fitness is essential for employees’ wellbeing, and it provides several benefits to both employers and employees alike.

Coming to corporate fitness classes, they are instructional sessions that a professional fitness trainer or instructor provides to a group of employees in an organization. They are usually part of companies’ corporate fitness programs, including fitness challenges, step challenges, etc.

Such classes can be conducted on-site or virtually through the use of technology.

What are the benefits of Corporate Fitness classes?

If you want to improve your employees’ health and fitness levels, introducing corporate group fitness classes can be very beneficial. By taking part in such fitness sessions, your employees can become healthier, physically, and mentally.

Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, virtual fitness classes for employees helped employers a great deal by enabling them to keep their employees fit and healthy while working from home. They helped make up for the lack of facilities like gyms and helped employees achieve their fitness goals.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of introducing fitness classes for your employees -

  • Improved employee health and fitness
  • Increased employee productivity and performance
  • Increased potential to attract and retain talented employees
  • Decreased absenteeism and fewer sick leaves
  • Improved workplace environment and company culture

How to introduce and start fitness classes for your workforce?

As mentioned earlier, encouraging physical activity through fitness classes can significantly improve your employees’ health and productivity. Besides reaping the said benefits, your employees will become much more equipped to handle any physical and mental stress that may come their way.

Here are some tips to help you introduce and start corporate fitness classes for your employees -

  • Educate your employees on the benefits of physical exercise and how it can impact their lives for the better.
  • Hire a certified trainer or instructor who is comfortable providing training sessions for large groups of people, on-site or virtually.
  • If your employees are working from home, you can opt to go for virtual fitness classes. However, keep in mind that on-site fitness classes will reap faster results.
  • Before your employees start working out, ask the trainer to provide an informational session on injury prevention and a demo on proper warm-up exercises.
  • Break the monotony with high energy total body workouts such as cardio, kickboxing, tai chi, etc.
  • Use a fitness app to keep your employees motivated and on track. Vantage Fit, for example, has fantastic features like heart rate monitoring, calorie counter, and step counter to help your employees stay interested in their fitness and health.
  • Reward your employees with health-related incentives such as healthy snacks, lunches, and so on to increase participation and motivation.
  • Create individual contests among your employees to make your fitness classes fun, exciting, and maximize engagement and motivation.
  • Track your employees’ progress, compare the results before and after taking part in the fitness classes, and share them with your employees.
  • Ask your employees for feedback regarding their fitness class experiences to help you understand what can be done better in the future.
  • Share your organization’s experience through social media channels to encourage other companies to prioritize their employees’ health and fitness. Doing so will also improve your brand image and improve your ability to hire exceptional talents.

Final Words

It is not surprising that corporate fitness classes are becoming so popular among employers worldwide. Incorporating corporate group fitness classes as a part of your employee wellness program can be outstandingly beneficial. Not only will your employees enjoy taking part in such classes, but they will also be able to combat the harmful effects of sedentary lifestyles and become healthier and fitter.

Besides working as a content marketer at Vantage Circle, Shah Alif Ahmed is also an internationally certified nutrition specialist, competitive bodybuilder and a musician. For any queries reach out to

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