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6 Reasons for Adopting a Corporate Health Checkup Policy [2022]

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Published on 06 May, 2020

The most valuable asset of an organization in today's date is its employees. Employers now take various measures to keep their employees satisfied and fulfilled. Offering corporate health checkups for ensuring healthy employees is one such important measure.

The rapid lifestyle transformation has resulted in an increase in various chronic illnesses. Growing stress and obesity levels have established the need for periodic Health Checkups.

What is a Corporate Health Checkup?

Focussing on the wellbeing of the employee is important in a corporate firm.

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Corporate health checkups help the employer take care of the employee's wellness. It keeps track of an employee's health status. It enables them to take preventive measures at the right time before it's too late and the person leaves the job.

A survey by ASSOCHAM reveals that,

  • 42.5% of employees from the private sector suffer major health disorders.

  • Investing on prevention saves $150/year in absenteeism and health care costs.

  • 82% of relation exists between experience of working employees and loss of work-days.

  • Around 70% relation exists between the age factor and the loss of working days due to health issues.

Various Health Institutions are providing executive health checkup services at affordable prices. A sophisticated corporate health checkup package includes tests like CT Angiography and Sono-mammography. These help in the early detection of anomalies and inhibit future catastrophes.

Here are the six reasons why corporate health checkup is of utmost essential.

1. Customized Corporate Health Checkup

Around 50% of the employees sign up for voluntary turnover every year due to a lack of a healthcare plan.

Organizational hierarchy is a contributing factor in workplace culture. Reports suggest that increasing power distance may lead to higher stress levels.

Cases of disengagement are becoming prevalent and it affects the outputs. Hence proper health checkup is inevitable to maintain efficiency.

Customized health checkups include tests and various wellness programs which provide flexibility. Such services drive better engagements and emotional satisfaction of your employees.

2. Promoting Healthy Work-Life within the Organisation

The chance of early death is higher for the employees following an unhealthy lifestyle.

Healthy employees bring more productivity leading to significant work efficiency for your organization.

Research says that loss of productivity is 7.5 times more for presenteeism. Hence, practicing presenteeism demotes productivity by 1/3rd. It results in the dearness of employees' health, finance, and performances.

Fostering corporate health checkup policy helps to facilitate wellness making it a norm for everyone.

Promoting a balanced work-life provides remarkable imprints of motivation among the employees.

3. Small help for their excellent life

As per the survey conducted by the human resource firm Willis Tower Watson

  • Health care services will rise by 4.9% in 2020 compared to 4.0% in 2019

  • 93% of employers believe in increasing the priority for affordable healthcare facilities.

  • 89% of employers admitted that rising healthcare costs are a concern.

Employees who come from economically-challenged backgrounds face affordability issues. Adopting healthcare facilities plays a crucial role in lifting the morale of employees. Corporate Health checkups will help them save such costs and improve their performances.

4. Helps in selecting the right candidates for your organization

Attracting and retaining quality, employees have become an important factor for many organizations. So appointing a person with prior health conditions will affect productivity.

Hence, health assessments both before and after the onboarding of employees have become important. Corporate Health Checkup policy helps to provide all the necessary screenings ensuring a healthy workforce.

5. Grows trust among the team members

Being the employer, fostering the holistic wellbeing at workplace plays a vital role. Traditional wellness programs lack in engagement among team members. Trust is the most important link between the organization and its employees. Distrust decreases the reliability of your organization in the industry.

Spreading trust and information across the organization can help reduce friction in teams.

Employees tend to connect well when their organization takes care of them. Enrolling in a corporate health checkup ensures wellness and builds the trust.

6. Women get a priority

There have always been conflicts about the roles played by the working women. Women employees switch between a homemaker and work often. This results in women often neglecting their health. The majority of women tend to remain ignorant and become reluctant to go for a health checkup.

Providing health facilities in the workplace free of cost-benefit on a large scale. Especially for female employees who generally take a back seat for a health checkup. It has proved to be an advantage.
Allowing them to think more about their well being and lead a prosperous life. This also allows them to be more productive while at work.


Preventive health measures ensure affordable health care facilities for your employees. It will promote goodwill and a healthy work environment.

Corporate health packages must include affordable and reliable services. It should be hassle-free without any post checkup taxes. Nowadays, companies are trying hard to mitigate rising medical issues and healthcare costs.

Engaging in poor quality health care services may jeopardize the whole process. Thus, it becomes vital to invest in quality services.

Benefits of enrolling into Corporate quality solutions:

  • Advanced technology made online reports handy for all the employees.

  • Comprehensive checkup with sophisticated technology

  • Offers pre-employment wellness programs

  • Reduced personal health care costs

Adopting a corporate health checkup policy can be a sound investment ensuring a happy retainment of the workforce.

This article is written by Rangana Atreya, a Content Marketer at Vantage Circle. Having a creative mind with a spiritful life, she takes inspiration from travelling and learning languages. For any related queries, contact

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