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The Essential Guide to Corporate Health Checkup

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Last Updated on 13 February, 2024

The most valuable asset of an organization in today's date is its employees. Employers now take various measures to keep their employees satisfied and fulfilled.

Offering corporate health checkups to ensure healthy employees is one such important measure. Organizations create customized corporate wellness programs because investing in a healthy workforce yields better outcomes.

Health screenings in the corporate world are now an integral aspect of HR practices. It showcases a proactive approach by companies to prioritizing the health of their employees. An engaged and productive workforce leads to greater organizational performance. It is also pivotal in increasing engagement and productivity.

Lifestyle changes have led to a rise in chronic illnesses and mental health conditions. Employee health checks provide businesses and employees with early detection of health issues. Growing stress and obesity levels have established the need for periodic health checkups.

What is a Corporate Health Checkup?

Women checking BP on a man

Focusing on the well-being of employees is important in a corporate firm. Corporate health checkups help employers take care of employees' wellness. It keeps track of an employee's health status. It enables them to take preventive measures before it's too late and the person leaves the job.

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A survey by ASSOCHAM reveals that,

  • 42.5% of employees from the private sector suffer major health disorders.

  • Investing on prevention saves $150/year in absenteeism and health care costs.

  • 82% of relation exists between experience of working employees and loss of work-days.

  • Around 70% relation exists between the age factor and the loss of working days due to health issues.

The policy monitors and enhances workers' long-term physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It enhances their overall job happiness, productivity, and well-being.

Corporate health checks often entail several routinely performed medical exams, screenings, and evaluations. These evaluations are intended to identify health hazards and spot early warning signs of prospective health issues.

It also encourages staff members to lead better lifestyles. The examination may address various health topics, such as physical health, mental health, and workplace ergonomics.

A company health checkup may comprise the following key elements:

Physical Health Evaluation:

The process includes checking the body and measuring important signs such as blood pressure and heart rate. It also involves blood tests to assess health markers like cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Additionally, it evaluates how well organs are functioning.

Mental and Emotional Health Assessment:

Employees are surveyed regarding stress levels, burnout, and mental health in this area. Access to counseling or support services may also be part of it.

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Assessment of Ergonomics and Occupational Health:

This part focuses on the tangible attributes of the work environment. A few examples include evaluating the ergonomics of workstations. Another includes implementing measures to ensure employee well-being.

Employee Feedback and Engagement:

Regular communication and feedback loops are essential to understand employee requirements and preferences. This makes it easier to customize the corporate health checkup program to suit certain issues and difficulties.

Data Analysis and Collection

The information gathered from health checkups can help make specific plans to improve their well-being. We can use this data to create programs that make things better for them.

Wellness Initiatives and Programs:

Companies often offer health checkups as a part of their wellness program. This includes fitness challenges, nutrition workshops, and mental health seminars and programs. These activities promote healthy habits and give employees the tools to stay well.

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Long-term Impact:

A corporate health checkup aims to promote a culture of well-being inside the firm. This will improve employee satisfaction, lower absenteeism, boost productivity and improve business performance.

Various health institutions provide executive health checkup services at affordable prices. A sophisticated corporate health checkup package includes tests like CT Angiography and Sono-mammography. These help in the early detection of anomalies and inhibit future catastrophes.

Six Reasons why Corporate Health Checkup is of Utmost Essential.

1. Customized Corporate Health Checkup

Around 50% of the employees sign up for voluntary turnover every year due to a lack of a healthcare plan.

Organizational hierarchy is a contributing factor in workplace culture. Reports suggest that increasing power distance may lead to higher stress levels.

Cases of disengagement are becoming prevalent and it affects the outputs. Hence proper health checkup is inevitable to maintain efficiency.

Customized health checkups include tests and various wellness programs which provide flexibility. Such services drive better engagements and emotional satisfaction of your employees.

2. Promoting Healthy Work-Life within the Organisation

The chance of early death is higher for the employees following an unhealthy lifestyle.

Healthy employees bring more productivity leading to significant work efficiency for your organization.

Research says that loss of productivity is 7.5 times more for presenteeism. Hence, practicing presenteeism demotes productivity by 1/3rd. It results in the dearness of employees' health, finance, and performances.

Fostering corporate health checkup policy helps to facilitate wellness making it a norm for everyone.

Promoting a balanced work-life provides remarkable imprints of motivation among the employees.

3. Small help for their excellent life

As per the survey conducted by the human resource firm Willis Tower Watson

  • Health care services will rise by 4.9% in 2020 compared to 4.0% in 2019

  • 93% of employers believe in increasing the priority for affordable healthcare facilities.

  • 89% of employers admitted that rising healthcare costs are a concern.

Employees who come from economically-challenged backgrounds face affordability issues. Adopting healthcare facilities plays a crucial role in lifting the morale of employees. Corporate Health checkups will help them save such costs and improve their performances.

4. Helps in selecting the right candidates for your organization

Attracting and retaining quality, employees have become an important factor for many organizations. So appointing a person with prior health conditions will affect productivity.

Hence, health assessments both before and after the onboarding of employees have become important. Corporate Health Checkup policy helps to provide all the necessary screenings ensuring a healthy workforce.

5. Grows trust among the team members

Being the employer, fostering the holistic wellbeing at workplace plays a vital role. Traditional wellness programs lack in engagement among team members. Trust is the most important link between the organization and its employees. Distrust decreases the reliability of your organization in the industry.

Spreading trust and information across the organization can help reduce friction in teams.

Employees tend to connect well when their organization takes care of them. Enrolling in a corporate health checkup ensures wellness and builds the trust.

6. Women get a priority

There have always been conflicts about the roles played by the working women. Women employees switch between a homemaker and work often. This results in women often neglecting their health. The majority of women tend to remain ignorant and become reluctant to go for a health checkup.

Providing health facilities in the workplace free of cost-benefit on a large scale. Especially for female employees who generally take a back seat for a health checkup. It has proved to be an advantage.
Allowing them to think more about their well being and lead a prosperous life. This also allows them to be more productive while at work.

Benefits of Enrolling in Corporate Quality Solutions

Advanced technology made online reports handy for all the employees.
Comprehensive checkup with sophisticated technology

  • Offers pre-employment wellness programs
  • Reduced personal health care costs
  • Adopting a corporate health checkup policy can be a sound investment in ensuring a happy retainment of the workforce.

Types of Corporate Health Checkups

Corporate health examinations include tests and evaluations to keep track of employee health. These programs are made to evaluate the general health and happiness of employees.

These programs use tests and assessments to find health problems and give advice for a healthy lifestyle.

Employees' objectives, resources, and requirements can influence the kinds of corporate health examinations. Here are some examples of corporate health screening programs:

Pre-Employment Health Checkup:

An individual has this kind of health examination before being formally hired by a corporation. The goal is to evaluate the applicant's physical condition and level of fitness. This is done to determine whether they are qualified for the position they are applying for.

Before starting a job, you may need to have a health check. This could involve tests like checking your blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), eyesight and hearing. Depending on the job, you might also have to take a drug test for safety reasons.

Annual Health Examination:

The purpose of annual health exams is to be performed on a yearly basis for all employees. These examinations are designed to track a worker's health over time. This examination can help identify any potential health problems early. It will also encourage a proactive approach to well-being.

An employee's exams and tests can differ based on age, gender, and medical history. These may involve more advanced screenings and assessments. These screenings include blood tests, cholesterol checks, blood pressure measurements, and ECGs.

Customized Health Checkup Packages:

Customized health checkup packages meet the company's and its staff's requirements and tastes. These packages consider age, gender, job functions, and health concerns.

This is done to cater to different groups within the workforce. Companies also work with healthcare professionals to develop customized solutions for employees. Which in turn helps employees to address their particular health issues.

These health examinations are essential for the well-being and productivity of employees. They give businesses important information to make wellness programs. These programs also help find health trends and handle employee health risks. This is done in addition to assisting individuals in understanding their present health state.

Step by Step Manual

Corporate health checks must be implemented with careful planning, organization, and communication. Here is a step-by-step manual to assist you in successfully completing the process:

Get leadership Buy-in-

Before starting any health checkup program, getting top management support is critical. Leadership buy-in shows the company's dedication to employee welfare. It also provides the necessary tools and promotes involvement.

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Choose a Vendor -

Contact a trustworthy vendor or healthcare professional to carry out the health examinations. Check their knowledge, scope of services, and capacity to customize the program to your requirements.

Select Appropriate Tests -

Identify the precise tests that will be performed during the health examination. It is based on factors such as the industry in which the company operates, the makeup of the workforce, and health issues. Consult with medical experts to ensure your chosen tests are effective and pertinent.

Schedule Logistics -

Plan the logistics of the health exam event according to the schedule. Establish the time, place, and date. Ensure that the event doesn't interfere with regular business activities. Also, make sure that staff can access the checkup area easily.

Streamline the Process -

Streamline the registration and participation processes for employees in the health examinations. Make sure to reduce waiting times and give detailed instructions. Also, make sure everything runs smoothly from registration to test completion.

Communicate Benefits -

Employees should be informed in detail of the advantages of the health checkup program. Emphasize how it can help them feel better, find diseases earlier, and have better health results.

Track Metrics -

Define important metrics to monitor the program's progress. This might involve employee input, shifts in health indicators, engagement rates, and potential financial savings due to reduced healthcare expenses.

Checkup Day -

To assure that the checkup procedure runs smoothly on the scheduled day(s), and make sure that all necessities are provided. Necessities such as if resources are available, medical personnel are prepared, and the setup is organized.

Health Reports and Interpretation -

Reports on the results of the testing should be given to the workers. These papers should explain the findings and be simple to grasp. Ensure that employees have access to medical experts who can answer any queries.

Actionable Follow-Up -

Based on the test findings, provide advice on the next actions. Give people access to services for additional analysis and treatment if any health problems are found. To encourage good changes, put wellness initiatives and lifestyle suggestions into practice.

Corporate Health Checkup Companies in the USA

1. Quest Diagnostics


  • Diagnostic testing services
  • Biometric screenings
  • Drug testing and workplace solutions
  • Wellness services for employers
  • Health analytics and insights

Quest Diagnostics is a leading diagnostic testing, data, and services provider. It does not only provide corporate health examinations. This company does provide various health and wellness services for corporations.

2. Cigna Onsite Health


  • Onsite health clinics
  • Primary care services
  • Preventive care and screenings
  • Health coaching and education
  • Chronic conditions and management

The worldwide health services provider Cigna has a division called Cigna Onsite Health. They concentrate on providing employers with onsite health and wellness services. They also assist businesses in developing a healthier workforce.

3. Concentra


  • Occupational health services
  • Urgent care and injury care
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Pre-employment health exams
  • Health and wellness programs for employers

Concentra offers wellness initiatives, urgent care, and occupational health services. They offer services to better employers' and employees' lives.

4. Wellness Corporate Solutions


  • Biometric screenings
  • Health risk assessments
  • Corporate wellness challenges
  • Health coaching
  • Onsite flu shot clinics

Wellness Corporate Solutions works to improve employee wellness through health and wellness initiatives. They provide various services, including biometric evaluations, flu vaccines, and individualized wellness counseling.

5. Total Wellness


  • Onsite biometric screenings
  • Health risk evaluations
  • Wellness workshops and seminars
  • Health education resources
  • Interactive wellness challenges

To enhance employee health and productivity, Total Wellness offers businesses adaptable wellness solutions. They provide services like onsite biometric examinations, health evaluations, and wellness seminars.

Corporate Health Checkup Companies in India

1. Apollo Hospitals



  • Comprehensive health checkup packages
  • Preventive health screenings
  • Specialized diagnostic services
  • Corporate wellness programs
  • Multi-disciplinary medical expertise

Apollo Hospitals is one of the biggest healthcare organizations in India. They provide a variety of medical services, including corporate health checks. They offer thorough health checkup packages to meet corporate objectives and various health concerns.

2. Fortis Healthcare

Fortis Healthcare


  • Corporate health checkup packages
  • Preventive health assessments
  • Advanced medical diagnostics
  • Specialist consultations
  • Health education and awareness initiatives

Fortis Healthcare is well-known for its hospitals and healthcare offerings. They provide corporate health checkup packages, including various medical exams and screenings.

  1. Max Healthcare

Max Healthcare


  • Corporate health checkup programs
  • Preventive health screenings
  • Expert medical consultations
  • Customizable health packages
  • Health talks and awareness events

Leading healthcare company Max Healthcare in India focuses on providing top-notch medical care. They provide customized corporate health checkup programs and other events to promote health and well-being.

4. Healthians



  • Home health testing services
  • Full-body health checkup packages
  • Customized health packages
  • Online health reports
  • Preventive health recommendations

In India, Healthians is a well-liked at-home health testing service. They specialize in offering a variety of health tests that may be obtained at home or through their partner clinics. This test includes blood testing, complete body checks, and preventive health packages.

5. Thyrocare



  • Comprehensive health checkup packages
  • Specialized disease-focused packages
  • Advanced diagnostic tests
  • Network of collection centers
  • Online test reports

The leading diagnostic and preventive healthcare provider in India is Thyrocare. They provide a selection of health checkup packages that address many aspects of health. This includes thyroid, diabetes, heart health, and more.

Corporate health checkup companies worldwide




  • Corporate health assessments
  • Employee wellness programs
  • Health insurance solutions
  • Onsite health clinics
  • Occupational health services

An international healthcare organization called Bupa provides various medical services. It includes wellness programs, clinics, hospitals, and health insurance. They offer corporate health solutions for the betterment of employees. This includes health screenings, wellness initiatives, employee assistance, and more.

2. International SOS



  • Medical and travel security services
  • Medical evacuations and assistance
  • Occupational health solutions
  • Health screenings and assessments
  • Travel health and safety programs

International SOS provides global medical and travel security services. They specialize in offering medical aid and health services.

3. Cerner Corporation



  • Electronic health records (EHR) systems
  • Health information technologies
  • Population health management
  • Clinical data analytics
  • Health information exchange platforms

Cerner Corporation is a global leader in healthcare technology. EHR and health information technologies are the main focus areas for Cerner Corporation. They offer methods to improve patient health data management and enhance treatment delivery.

4. Wellable



  • Employee wellness technology
  • Health challenges and competitions
  • Fitness tracking and integration
  • Personalized health coaching
  • Data-driven wellness insights

A wellness technology business called Wellable specializes in employee wellness initiatives. They offer digital solutions, including health challenges, fitness tracking, health coaching, and analytics. These solutions help businesses in developing interesting and successful wellness programs.

5. Vital Group


  • Employer wellness programs
  • Health assessments and screenings
  • Personalized wellness plans
  • Incentives for healthy behaviors
  • Health and lifestyle rewards

Vitality Group collaborates with employers to advance the health and happiness of their workforce. They provide all-inclusive wellness packages with initiatives for health improvement. This includes personalized wellness plans, incentives for good behavior, and health assessments.

Potential Challenges and Solutions

Corporate health screening programs can provide many benefits, but they can also pose challenges. The following problems and potential solutions for organizing a corporate health checkup are listed below:

Employee Participation:

Challenge: Employees may be reluctant to participate in health screenings due to their busy schedules.

Solution: Include clear information about the importance of physical exams. You must offer flexible scheduling options. Also, provide rewards or recognition to encourage participation.

Privacy Concerns:

Challenge: Workers can be concerned about the privacy of their medical records.

Solution: Ensure that data privacy laws are strictly followed and security precautions are known. Also, whenever possible, provide anonymous or aggregate reporting.

Cost Constraints:

Challenge: Especially for smaller organizations, implementing health checkup programs can be expensive.

Solution: Consider using mobile health units or cooperating with nearby clinics as affordable solutions. Consider the long-term impact of employee health on output and healthcare costs as well.

Limited Engagement:

Challenge: Instead of seeing health exams as an ongoing effort to promote wellness. Employees may see them as a one-time event.

Solution: To maintain employee involvement, integrate routine health checkups into a holistic wellness initiative. This should encompass workshops, competitions, and ongoing health education.

Health Disparities:

Challenge: Health checks may not meet all employees' unique health needs.

Solution: Customize health checkup packages to account for different populations and health concerns. Think about providing exams for common health issues within the workforce.

Resistance to Change:

Challenge: Workers could resist change or think regular health exams are unnecessary.

Solution: Promote a healthy culture by incorporating leadership and sharing success stories. Also, highlight the program's beneficial effects on general well-being.

Inaccurate Interpretation:

Challenge: Workers may perceive health checkup findings incorrectly or overreact to slight anomalies.

Solution: Ensure that medical personnel are accessible for consultations and advice. Provide staff with educational resources to assist them in understanding their health status.

Low Follow-Up:

Challenge: Following health examinations, employees may choose not to follow recommendations.

Solution: Make health coaches or counselors available to employees. This may help employees to get advice on essential lifestyle adjustments and aftercare. To emphasize how important taking action is, send reminders and information frequently.

Cultural Awareness:

Challenge: Health checkup programs might need to consider cultural variations in attitudes toward health and well-being.

Solution: Create materials and messages that connect with people from various cultures. Encourage a respectful and sensitive environment for all cultures.


Challenge: Keeping the health checkup program moving forward can be difficult over time.

Solution: Assess the program's effectiveness and update it in response to employee feedback and shifting health trends. Showcase accomplishments and successful results to encourage continued engagement.

The Impact of Corporate Health Checkup Policies - A Case Study of Vantage Circle's Annual Health Checkup Campaign

The yearly health checkup campaign from Vantage Circle, run in April 2023 in association with Practo, highlights the advantages of corporate health checkup insurance.

The health camp had an 81% employee attendance and included many tests, such as a complete physical exam and a vision test. The findings were instructive, with the majority receiving positive health evaluations.

However, the real benefit of the health camp came from spotting significant health issues, such as elevated fasting glucose levels and widespread Vitamin D deficiency among most workers.

The advantages that corporate health checkup programs can offer to organizations are demonstrated by Vantage Circle's effective yearly health checkup campaign.

Organizations may boost engagement, reduce health problems, empower their employees, and establish a healthier, happier, and more effective working environment by prioritizing employee well-being.

This case study is an excellent example of how proactive health efforts may enhance the overall success of both individuals and the organization.


Preventive health measures ensure affordable healthcare facilities for your employees. It will promote goodwill and a healthy work environment.

Corporate health packages must include affordable and reliable services. They should be hassle-free without any post-checkup taxes. Companies are trying hard to mitigate rising medical issues and healthcare costs.

Engaging in poor-quality healthcare services may jeopardize the whole process. Thus, it becomes vital to invest in quality services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is a corporate health checkup?
Ans: A corporate health checkup is a thorough medical examination companies conduct for their employees. It includes various health screenings and tests to assess the health status.

It also helps in identifying potential health issues or risks. Corporate health checkups help promote occupational health by detecting illnesses and managing health risks from occupational hazards.

Q.2 What are the benefits of corporate health checkups?
Ans: There are many benefits of corporate health checkups for employees. They help identify health problems early for prompt treatment. Regular checkups encourage employees to monitor their health and make necessary lifestyle changes.

Companies benefit as healthy employees take fewer sick leaves. Health checks also boost productivity and morale and reduce healthcare costs for employers in the long run.

Q.3 Why health checkup is important for employees?
Ans: Annual health checkups are important for employees as they provide a snapshot of their current health status. Checkups can uncover underlying conditions and early signs of disease.

This allows employees to get timely treatment before small issues become big health problems. Checkups also offer reassurance of good health. Regular pre-employment health assessments protect employees' health, well-being, and ability to perform occupational duties.

Q.4 What is the importance of annual health checkups for employees?
Ans: The importance of regular, annual health checkups for employees is multi-fold. Checkups identify health issues early for prompt treatment. They encourage employees to focus on health and address problems.

Employees are updated on vitals like BP, sugar, cholesterol, and more. Doctors can suggest lifestyle changes to manage health risks. This protects employees' long-term health and benefits the company through higher productivity. Thus, annual employee health checks are vital for workplace health and well-being.

This article is written by Daina Barman who is a content writer and marketer at Vantage Circle. Besides being an epicure trying to cook every dish possible, she likes to dance her way around everything. To get in touch, reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com

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