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Top 21 Fun Friday Games and Ideas For Employee Wellness

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Last Updated on 13 June, 2024

Have you ever felt the Friday slump at work? We’ve all been there. By the time Friday rolls around, the week’s relentless grind takes its toll. The same tasks, routines, and the familiar office setting can mentally and physically drain you. ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ - it’s an age-old saying for a reason.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Introducing ‘Fun Friday’ games! These enjoyable workplace activities are designed to boost team morale, zap stress, and ignite creative thinking.

Whether it's Charades or Office Olympics, we've curated a list of team-building exercises to help you break free from the workweek monotony. And not just that! We’ve got a treasure trove of thrilling online games for your remote-working heroes, too.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s flip the ‘F’ in Friday, turning frowns into fun.

11 Fun Friday Games to Play at the Office

Fun Friday games and activities are a great way to improve morale, strengthen relationships between coworkers, spark creativity, promote wellness, and provide a needed break.

Here are some of the most popular and effective fun Friday team-building activities and wellness games you may organise for your employees in 2024. These are not just enjoyable but also secretly improve employee mental health and physical well-being, all while having a blast!

1. Office Scavenger Hunt

Employees playing Scavenger Hunt as part of Fun Friday Games to Play at the Office

Scavenger hunts are one of the most successful fun Friday office activities for getting workers to engage and cooperate. Teams search for items or clues within the office, racing to complete the hunt. It's a great way to break the ice and encourage employees to explore their workplace in a fun way.

Required Number of Players: Teams of 4 to 5 members
Materials Required: Scavenger hunt list, pens, paper, clues, trophies
Time Limit: 30-60 minutes

How to Play?

  • Divide participants into teams of 4 to 5 members.
  • Please provide a list of items to each team that they must collect together or tasks they must perform.
  • Set a time limit (30-60 minutes) for the scavenger hunt.
  • With every task done, teams unlock the clue to their next trophy.
  • The team that uncovers the most items or finishes the most tasks within the time limit wins.

2. Never Have I Ever

An employee playing Never Have I Ever as part of Fun Friday Games to Play at the Office

Have you ever wondered if your coworkers are more than just suits and ties? “Never Have I Ever” comes to the rescue! It's the game that lets you uncover funny and surprising facts about someone you thought you knew well. Plus, it’s the secret sauce for team-building and bonding at your workplace.

Required Number of players: Minimum 3 players

How to Play?

  • Each player starts with 10 fingers up.
  • Players take turns saying something they’ve never done, like “Never have I ever attended a virtual meeting in my pyjamas” (which I am sure we all have).
  • If someone has done what’s mentioned, they put a finger down. The last one with their finger up wins.

3. Charades

Employees playing Charades as part of Fun Friday Games to Play at the Office

This entertaining Friday game is a timeless classic bonding activity. In this game, you’ll have a blast acting out and guessing movie titles, song names, and phrases. Charades turn your office into a theatrical set where you can channel your inner Jim Carrey or Steve Carell, making workdays an entertaining affair!

Required Number of Players: 10

How to Play?

  • Select a player from one team to act out the given movie title/song silently, using gestures and movements.
  • The player’s team tries to guess the correct movie title, song name, or phrase within a given time limit.
  • If the team can guess correctly, they earn a point; if they don't, the opposing team gets it.
  • Continue taking turns, and the team with the most points wins.

Instead of movie names/songs, you might consider adding your workplace twists by replacing movie titles with lingos like "PowerPoint Presentation, Annual Performance Review, and SWOT Analysis" and more.

4. UNO

Representing UNO cards as a great Fun Friday Game to be played at Office

This 1971 American-origin card game, invented by Merle Robbins, is still a hit amongst Millennials and Gen Zs! Its simple rules and unpredictable action cards add an element of surprise and thrill to the game. You get to match colors, strategize, and plot against or form alliances with your colleagues - all in good fun, of course!

So, shuffle the deck, and let the thrill begin!

Required Number of Players: 3 to 10

How to Play?

  • Assign each player with seven cards.
  • The goal is to use up all your cards by matching either the color or number (or both) on the discard pile.
  • Use special action cards to spice up the game - reverse the order, skip a player, or make others draw more cards.
  • The first player to play all their cards wins the round.

When only 1 card remains in the player’s hand, declaring "UNO" is mandatory. As per UNO rules, failing to do so results in a penalty of picking 2 additional cards.

5. Murder Mystery

A funny animation showcasing Murdery Mystery as a Fun Friday Game to be played at Office by Employees

Get ready to wear your detective hat and channel your inner Agatha Christie! A good Murder Mystery game in the office is the ultimate Friday thrill that can transform your workplace into a crime-solving retreat. With name tags, suspect files, and maps in hand, your task is to solve the thrilling whodunit.

It’s suspense, teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking all rolled into one!

Required Number of Players: Ideal for small groups of 3 to 5 team members.
Materials Required: Clue cards, pens, notepads, and your best detective instincts.
Time Limit: Around 60 minutes

How to Play?

  • Assign character roles and provide name tags, suspect files, and maps to each participant.
  • Distribute necessary materials like clue cards, pens, and notepads.
  • Form teams of 2 to 3 participants, ensuring each team has a diverse mix of characters.
  • Introduce the murder mystery story. Encourage teams to work together and use their detective skills to gather clues and piece them together.
  • Finally, gather your teams to present their findings and reveal the murderer. The team that correctly identifies the killer wins the game.

You can encourage your employees to bring their favourite props or costumes. It can amp up the murder mystery chills by tenfold.

6. Karaoke

An employee playing Karaoke as a Fun Friday Activity at Office

This Fun Friday activity is of Japanese origin. Karaoke is a blend of two words: “kara,” meaning empty, and “oke,” meaning orchestra. In other words, it simply means “singing without music” or “empty orchestra.”

Karaoke lets you unwind, bond with colleagues, and make memories. It makes you groove and sing aloud the songs you have grown up listening to. Here, embarrassment and silliness become a bonding factor!

So, grab on that microphone, sing your woes out, and let the weekend thrill unfold.

Required Number of Participants: The more people, the more fun.
Materials Required: Microphone, Speaker System, Song Catalog, Display Screen.
Time Limit: Duration of a chosen song

How to Play?

  • Gather your coworkers and assemble the karaoke setup.
  • Pick your favorite tunes from the song catalogue.
  • One by one, grab the microphone and perform like a true rockstar.

7. Guess the Desk Challenge

alt text

Have you ever wondered what your coworker’s desk says about them? Desks are like our little homes, filled with clues about our personalities, interests, and quirks. From potpourris to action figures, every item on a desk tells a story.

With “Guess the Desk” Challenge, you get to know your colleagues beyond the professional facade. It's a playful way to bond and uncover surprising facts about your team members, thus fostering camaraderie.

Required Number of Participants: Everyone in the office.
Materials required: A camera or a smartphone.
Time Limit: 60 minutes

How to Play?

  • Take photos of all the desks.
  • Collect and shuffle the photos and then display them through a common device.
  • Ask the employees to take turns guessing the desk owner.
  • The person with the most correct guesses wins.

8. Themed Trivia

An employee playing Themed Trivia as a Fun Friday Game to be played at Office

Themed Trivia is not your typical quiz. It's a fantastic challenge that brings out your team's competitive yet collaborative spirit. With themes ranging from pop culture to politics, it ensures a mix of "aha" moments and lively debates, making Fridays at the office a highlight.

This fun Friday activity is your go-to solution for enhancing your team’s cognitive skills, encouraging collaborative work, and boosting morale.

Required Number of Participants: Small groups or the entire office – you decide.
Materials Required: Quiz questions, pens, paper, and lots of enthusiasm.
Time Limit: 45-60 minutes

How to Play?

  • Pick a theme, like "TV Show Quotes" or "U.S. Presidents Quiz."
  • Form teams of 3 to 5 members.
  • Prepare fun trivia questions based on the chosen theme (varying in difficulty). After that, host the trivia rounds.
  • Teams collaborate to answer within a time limit.
  • After tallying the correct answers, declare the winning team based on the highest score.

9. Hangman

Hangman as a Great Fun Friday Game to be played at Office

Discover an exciting world of brain-teasing wordplay! In Hangman, one player picks a secret word/phrase, and the rest dive into a frenzy, guessing one letter at a time. The twist? You have limited tries, adding extra thrills!

But it’s not just fun; Hangman remarkably challenges your word power and enhances your critical thinking ability. It unites your team as word wizards, solving puzzles and forming healthy bonds!

Required Number of Participants: Teams of 2 or more
Materials Required: Whiteboard, markers, eraser

How to Play?

  • One player steps into the role of the Game Host. He/She comes up with a word or a phrase, representing it with dashes for each letter.
  • Teams take turns suggesting letters. The Game Host fills in the corresponding dashes if the letter is part of the word. Incorrect guesses result in a part of the hangman being drawn.
  • The team that cracks the word or phrase before the hangman is complete wins.

10. Office Olympics

Office Olympics as a Great Fun Friday Game to be played by Employees

Get ready for a wild twist on your workweek! Inspired by the legendary U.S. television series "The Office," we present to you Office Olympics. It is the ultimate cure for workplace blues. Forget the mundane routine because Fridays are about to get hilariously competitive.

From chair races to paper ball shot-put, it's the ultimate morale-boosting powerhouse. It unites your team, ignites their enthusiasm, and transforms your office into a hub of limitless creativity.

So, say hello to epic games, and get ready for a day that'll leave everyone saying, "Thank goodness it's Friday!"

Required Number of Participants: Your entire office crew!
Materials Required: Nothing fancy – just regular office supplies.
Time Limit: Around 60 minutes

How to Play?

  • Divide into teams.
  • Invent hilariously unconventional games like "Desk Chair Dash" or "Cubicle Hurdles."
  • Engage in some friendly competition, score points, and name the ultimate office champ.
  • Celebrate the victors, but remember, the real prize is a day filled with laughter and lasting memories.

11. Escape Rooms

Employees discovering clues as a part of playing Fun Friday Escape Room Game

Picture this: Your office transforms into a mysterious place filled with puzzles to solve. Your task is to crack codes, discover clues, and escape from a themed room within a time limit.

It's a thrilling challenge that puts your wits and collaboration to the test while racing against the clock.

Required Number of Participants: Ideal for teams of 4 to 8 members.
Materials Required: Clues, props, and themed rooms.
Time Limit: It takes around 60 minutes to escape the room

How to Play?

  • Choose an escape room theme and set up the rooms with exciting clues, puzzles, and tasks.
  • Divide the participants into teams and assign them to different rooms.
  • Brief the teams on the rules, objectives, and the storyline behind the escape room adventure. Provide hints and support as needed. Give a time limit.
  • The team that completes all the tasks within the allotted time frame gets hold of the key and unlocks the door.

Tip: Offer the option to abort the game if a team feels they cannot continue. This is to ensure that everyone is comfortable and enjoys the experience.

5 Fun Friday Online Games for Remote Employees

Most of us dream of landing a high-paying remote job. No fretting over waking up early, getting ready, and facing commute hassle. But let me tell you this: Working from home is not as great as it sounds. It has its limitations, too.

Having a remote job can oftentimes feel very isolating. No coffee breaks, no water-cooler chats, just you and your laptop. As humans, we crave social interaction. And that’s why we have compiled a list of 8 Fun Friday games designed to bridge the virtual gap and instill a sense of community.

1. Know Your Colleagues

Employees Playing Know Your Colleagues as a part of Fun Friday Games

Feeling like a Lone Ranger in your remote work setup? Then, "Know Your Colleagues" is your go-to solution. It sparks conversations, laughter, and shared moments, making your remote workdays a tad brighter.

So, say goodbye to remote work solitude and hello to remote team bonding!

Required Number of Participants: All aboard, remote crew!
Materials Required: Any good video chat site/app.
Time Limit: 30 minutes

How to Play?

  • Kickstart by introducing yourselves and having a friendly chat to shake off the remoteness.
  • Employees share their bucket lists, likes/dislikes, hobbies, playlists, childhood photographs, and funny secrets with an assigned coordinator.
  • The coordinator jumbles up everything and asks everyone to match it with the correct person.
  • The one with the most accurate guesses wins.

You can play “Never Have I Ever” and “Truth or Dare” games too.

2. Virtual Bingo

Employees Playing Virtual Bingo as a part of Fun Friday Games

Whose grandma didn’t enjoy a classic bingo game back in her days? This timeless activity, dating back to the 16th century, has aged like fine red wine. An enticing mix of luck, anticipation, and laughter - this game still pushes people off their seat’s edge whenever a number is called out.

And in this post-pandemic era, bingo has gone virtual, too. It's, in fact, a remote work superstar! It spices up online meetings, builds strong team bonds, and makes workdays a bingo blast.

Required Number of Participants: As many remote team members as you can gather.
Materials Required: Virtual bingo cards, virtual meeting site/app.
Time Limit: Approximately 30 minutes

How to Play?

  • Assign someone as the bingo caller.
  • Share virtual bingo cards with participants.
  • The bingo caller randomly selects numbers and calls them out.
  • Players mark their cards when a called number matches one on their card.
  • The first person to match an entire row, column, or diagonal shouts "Bingo!" and wins.

3. Skribbl

Skribbl as a part of Fun Friday Games for Remote Employees

In corporate setups, proper language skills are essential for fostering effective communication. But this game changes it all. The communication here is done through drawing pictures!

Yes, you guessed it right! Skribbl is an online Pictionary game that involves drawing and guessing. This game takes a hilarious spin each time when colleagues come across each other’s ridiculous artwork! Everyone gets to unleash their creative juices and put their thinking caps on. Try it out. It’s really addictive, in a good way.

Required Number of Participants: The more, the merrier!
Materials Required: A device with internet access and a sense of humor.
Time Limit: Varies

How to Play?

  • In each round, one person becomes the drawer and picks a word to draw from three choices.
  • The chosen player draws the word on the screen, and others try to guess it.
  • If you guess right, you get points, and so does the person who drew the picture.
  • The game ends when all the rounds are done, and the player with the most points wins.

4. Two truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie as a part of Fun Friday Games for Remote Employees

Are you ready to uncover your coworkers' secrets? "Two Truths and a Lie" is the ultimate game to bring some intrigue to your remote Fridays. This game is a virtual journey of discovery and deception! It’s a great way to know each other and dispel awkwardness.

Required Number of Participants: Everyone who loves a good mystery.
Materials Required: A video call platform and your creative storytelling skills.
Time Limit: About 20-30 minutes.

How to Play?

  • Gather your remote team on a video call.
  • Each participant takes turns sharing two true statements about themselves and one false statement. The catch? They should be tricky to guess!
  • After sharing, the rest of the team takes their best shot at guessing which statement is the lie.
  • The truth is finally revealed, and points are awarded for correct guesses.
  • The player who makes the most precise guesses emerges as the victor.

5. Virtual Heads Up

Virtual Heads Up as a part of Fun Friday Games for Remote Employees

Ellen DeGeneres originally introduced this iconic game on her talk show. Since then, Heads Up has been an instant favourite among people. This electrifying Friday activity will instantly zap your boredom away!

Required Number of Participants: A minimum of two people.
Materials Required: Smartphones and Computers/Laptops.
Time Limit: Around 30 minutes

How to Play?

  • Split into two teams, or play as one big group if your team is small.
  • Each participant takes turns holding up their phone towards their computer screen with a word on their forehead while their teammates give clues.
  • The catch? You can't see your own word! It's a race against the clock to guess before time runs out.
  • Score points for each successful guess and crown the ultimate virtual Heads Up champion!

5 Fun Friday Wellness Games for Employees

Elevate your workweek with 8 wellness-packed Friday games that transform your employees into wellness champions! These quirky fitness challenges foster well-being, promote relaxation and enhance team spirit.

A healthier, happier team is just a game away!

1. Squat Challenge

An employee doing Squat Challenge as part of a Fun Friday Employee Wellness Games

Ready to give those desk work muscles a workout? Say hello to the "Squat Challenge" – an exciting Friday activity that's not just about fun but also promoting wellness. After all, sitting in the same spot all day can take a debilitating toll on your health.

A squat challenge can be a great way of strengthening your lower body and spinal cord. Just 10 squats a day can keep those backaches at bay! They are simple to perform and require no special equipment or space. You may begin by doing it among your team members and later include all your staff.

Time Limit: 5-10 minutes

How to Play?

  • You can gather your team and ask them to do a minimum number of squats as a challenge.
  • You can keep track of everyone's squat count with our VFit squat tracking app.
  • The one with the maximum number of squats wins. Reward them with exciting perks.

Suggested Read: 30-Day Squat Challenge- Track Your Growth

2. 7-minute Workout Challenge

An employee doing a 7 minute working challenge as a part of Fun Friday Employee Wellness Games

The 7-minute workout comprises twelve high-intensity body-weight movements that must be completed in order. This scientifically-backed 7-minute workout has proven to effectively enhance muscle strength, endurance, and aerobic fitness.

In just 7 minutes, you’ll feel the burn and the boost in your spirits. Who knew fitness could be this swift to achieve?

Required Number of Participants: Ideal for teams of 2 or more.
Materials Required: Workout attire and a timer.
Time Limit: 7 minutes

How to Play?

  • Everyone participating in this challenge can use the 7-minute workout challenge feature in the Vfit app to complete this task.
  • The one completing all the exercises perfectly and without a pause wins.

3. Biking Challenge

An employee doing a biking challenge as part of Fun Friday Employee Wellness Games

Ready to swap the office chair for a bike saddle? Say hello to the Biking Challenge! Every Friday, turn the workplace into a race track. By cycling together, you not only reduce the carbon footprint, but it will also boost your fitness, strengthen muscles, and build a great pedaling community.

A group that cycles together stays together!

So, bring your bikes, pedal with your colleagues, and let the good times roll!

Materials Required: A good bicycle, helmet, and knee pads.
Time Limit: 30 minutes

How to Play?

  • You can ask employees to bring their bicycles to the office that day.
  • Employees can cycle some miles within a particular time frame.
  • Ask them to use a wellness app to track their miles.
  • The one with the highest miles (within the given time frame) on their track board wins.

4. Water Challenge

An employee doing water challenge as part of Fun Friday Employee Wellness Games

In the midst of pressing work schedules, it’s easy to forget our basic need - water. Dehydration can be an energy-drainer, making it hard to stay productive, especially on a “FRYday.” But fret not; the "Water Challenge" is here to keep you hydrated and in top form.

Sip, compete, and conquer your workday with a splash of fun!

Materials Required: Water bottles with measurement marks.
Time Limit: Friday working hours

How to Play?

  • Decide the challenge’s rules by setting the water intake amount and frequency for the friday working hours.
  • Ask everyone to get a water bottle with accurate measurements to track how much water they’re drinking. To avoid missing the challenge, ask them to set up reminders on their phone.

Everyone is a winner here since you all got hydrated.

Step Challenge

Employees doing Step Challenge as part of Fun Friday Employee Wellness Games

Enter the "Step Challenge" – a Friday activity that's as simple as putting one foot in front of the other! No fancy gear is required; it's all about stepping up for good health and some friendly competition.

In this simple challenge, employees track their daily steps to reach a set goal. Whether competing individually or in teams, it's a fun way to boost overall health, enhancing their well-being and productivity.

Materials Required: Comfortable shoes and a pedometer (or smartphone with a step-tracking app).
Time Limit: 30 minutes

How to Play?

  • All employees wear their step-tracking devices. You can also encourage them to use our Vantage Fit App. It has a great automated step-tracking feature.
  • Compete to see who can take the most steps during the day.
  • Encourage short walks, taking the stairs, and moving around the office on Fridays.
  • Tally up the steps and declare the weekly "Step Champion"!

A Stanford University study found walking increases creative output by a whopping 60 percent!

Vantage Fit- An Employee Wellness and Corporate Wellness Platform

Vantage Fit- an ultimate employee wellness platform that can be used for playing various Fun Friday Employee Wellness Games

Our employee wellness app, Vantage Fit- An Employee Wellness & Corporate Wellness Platform, makes one of the most well-rounded tools for tracking various activities.

Furthermore, it is an excellent platform enabling users to host corporate wellness programs. Vantage Fit is popular among employees for its various features, including nutrition tracking,mood-o-meter, heart rate monitor, health challenges, step tracker, squat tracker, and fitness rewards.

Your employees may accomplish various health tasks and earn redeemable gift cards, further motivating them to live a better lifestyle. It also raises engagement in wellness activities, as employee well-being is critical to a company's success.

A Word from Us

In the world of deadlines and meetings, Fun Fridays are your breather. From karaoke showdowns to uncovering your colleagues' secret talents, these games remind you that work can be a blast. Boost morale, strengthen your team, and banish those Friday blues. With Fun Fridays, the office isn't just a place to work; it's a place to replenish your spirit and create unforgettable memories!

So, what’s your plan for this Friday? Try out one of these fun games, and let us know how it goes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to have a Fun Friday at work?

Fun Fridays at work are great for employees to unwind themselves from a hectic workweek. These activities for employees are a great way to recharge, relax, and have fun. Not just that, employers can introduce wellness Friday challenges as well. Such activities boost employee satisfaction and take care of their overall well-being.

What activities can we do on Fun Friday?

We can do many activities on Fun Fridays. Such activities can be broadly classified into Fun Fridays at the office, Fun Fridays for remote employees, and Fun Friday wellness games. The activities include:

  • Never Have I Ever
  • Charades
  • Office Scavenger Hunt
  • Know Your Colleagues
  • Virtual Bingo
  • Squat Challenge
  • 7-minute Workout Challenge
  • Biking Challenge, and much more.

Which is the most popular fun Friday game for employees?

The most popular fun Friday game for employees is Charades. It has been a classic bonding activity for ages. Employees can channel their own theatrical persona while gesturing movie tiles/song names, etc. It's easy, interactive, and inculcates a positive work attitude.

What are some good tips for virtual fun Friday events in online offices?

Some good tips for virtual fun Friday events are:

  • Keep activities short - 15-30 mins max. Offer small prizes.
  • Send supplies ahead of time when possible.
  • Mix up game types each week.
  • Ask for employee input and track participation.
  • Set a consistent Fun Friday schedule.

What are Fun Fridays?

Fun Fridays are a workplace tradition where companies plan special activities on Fridays. They provide a break from the regular work routine by scheduling fun activities like games, contests, themed parties, or outdoor activities on Fridays. The goal is to unite employees, reduce stress, and make the workplace more enjoyable.

This blog was written by Diana Barman and Bijaya Lakshmi Sarma, who work as marketing and wellness experts for Vantage Fit. For any queries, reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com

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