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12 Best Wellness Initiatives For Employees During COVID-19

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Published on 21 April, 2021

Employee health is a trending topic across every organization. A survey report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce cites that 87% of employers stay committed to workplace wellness while 73% make sure to offer corporate wellness programs. Increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and higher employee satisfaction are key reasons that make wellness initiatives a workplace trend for 2021.

Modern workplaces are revamping their wellness strategies to improve employee health and retain top-performing employees. From offering wellness programs to adding ergonomic furniture to your office, there are plenty of wellness initiatives to choose from. It’s crucial to note that your employee wellness program should be flexible enough to cover all the nine dimensions of wellness at the workplace.

Why Should You Offer Wellness Initiatives For Remote Employees?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has entirely disrupted our lifestyle. One of the biggest challenges was the way we work. Although the transition of working from home was confronting for many organizations, a lot of them have figured out that working remotely is the future of work--pandemic or not!

With the rising covid cases, companies like Facebook and Dropbox have already initiated permanent remote work policies; others expect their employees to visit the office; until any emergencies.

Such immediate measures highlight that employee health and wellness will remain the prime focus for human resource managers in 2021.

But rising cases of burnouts and disengagement among remote workers have sparked a new revolution of virtual wellness initiatives. Many employers have already considered revamping their wellness strategies with the help of corporate wellness companies to meet employee’s health expectations.

Whatever the situation is, deploying a company-wide virtual wellness program is a quintessential factor across any employee program. So what measures have you taken to meet your employee wellness expectation? Have you implemented any wellness initiatives for employees during COVID-19?

If not, then here is a newly updated list of such wellness initiatives to help you get back your employees into health and fitness. However, remember that you can tailor this list as per your company’s specific values and requirements.

12 Best Employee Wellness Initiatives For 2021

1. Host a Virtual Lunch and Learn


A virtual lunch and learn program is an effective way to regain your lost communication with your remote employees. It is a fantastic opportunity to discuss a matter at hand over an informal lunch meeting.

Your topics can vary from thought leadership sessions to even personal development programs that give you and your employees some space to talk and exchange exciting ideas.

Tips to Host a perfect lunch and learn sessions:

  • Choose an interesting topic to talk about. Make sure it is specific, meaningful, and relevant to your employees.
  • Have a host, who is a subject matter expert and ask your employees to engage. Be sure about the time constraints and allow enough space to exchange thought-provoking questions.
  • Deliver cost-effective meals to your attendees. Make sure you have all the arrangements done previously.

2. Offer COVID-19 Test Kit


These days, if one shows symptoms like cough, sore throat, or loss of taste and smell, taking a COVID-19 test is an immediate resort for seeking timely measures.

Although the government is implementing COVID-19 testing programs across all age groups, some people are skeptical about getting tested.

As an employer, you need to ensure employee safety and offer resources that help your employees get tested; without even visiting the hospital.

One way to do this is by offering a self-diagnosis Covid-19 kit. As per a press announcement by FDA, the Lucia COVID-19 All-In-One Test Kit was the first at-home COVID-19 diagnostic test that provides rapid results.

There are many more FDA-approved kits available in the market that come under your budget. Check out the detailed list to choose one.

3. Conduct Fun Wellness Challenges


As per the Center for disease control and prevention, 80% of American adults never received the required amount of exercise per week. Overwork and lack of time are some of the critical reasons for lesser participation.

Your employees’ bad health can cost you dearly in terms of productivity and organizational success. Perhaps the situation can be worse when your entire workforce is working from home.

If you want to keep your remote employees healthy and engaged, conducting fitness challenges must be your immediate choice.

Creating healthy competition isn’t bad for your employees. It boosts passion and productivity in work along with fitness motivation. Many corporate wellness programs cover wellness challenges as the key initiative for engaging employees in fitness.

You can create engaging and customized wellness challenges with Vantage Fit. It is a revolutionary employee wellness application that helps you run smooth team challenges like a nutritional challenge, smoke cessation program, meditation challenge, and many more.

4. Consider COVID-19 Vaccine Program For your Employees

To slow down the curve, running a workplace vaccination program is the need of the hour. Companies that look forward to reopening the workplaces, accurate testing will play a crucial role in ensuring a safe workplace.

Breakrooms, cafeterias, warehouse floors are few places where the risk of virus contamination is high.

One way you can help your team members is by considering a vaccination program. Ensure you gain their confidence by educating the positive outcomes from vaccination, leading to fewer cases of illness and deaths.

CDC Recommendations: Workplace Vaccination Program

From spreading awareness to establishing vaccine policies, you can boost vaccine uptake among their essential employees. One such example is set by; Apple Inc, the first among Silicon Valley companies to launch a program that will help its employees get vaccinated.

5. Give Relaxing Meditation Breaks


Stress management is an essential factor to consider when your employees are working remotely. A recent study by Flexjobs and Mental Health America found out that 75% of employees have experienced work-related stress, which 40% experienced while working from home.

Remote working can be challenging for some people who are overloaded with important tasks with unrealistic deadlines. However, if not attended on time, this can take a severe toll on your employee’s health both physically and mentally.

Offering meditation breaks in between your workday is a great way to keep your employees relaxed. Give 10 minutes no-talk periods that allow them to refocus their work and productivity.

6. Offer Virtual Cooking Classes

Employee engagement is an essential factor to achieve organizational success. But situations may seem different when your workforce is operating remotely. Feeling disconnected and unsupportive may impact their productivity and mental health.

One way to spread happiness and relaxation among your remote teammates is by offering fun virtual team-building activities.

The most popular of them is offering online cooking classes. You can ignite lost interest and bring your remote workers together for a global cooking adventure with chefs around the world.

7. Provide Corporate Fitness Programs

Keeping up with physical fitness while working remotely may not go in tandem for some of your employees. One way to boost your employee’s fitness motivation is by providing corporate fitness programs.

Offering online fitness classes is one way that has gained popularity among companies, especially during the pandemic.

From on-demand fitness classes to customized diet consultations, your employees can leverage fitness benefits without visiting the gym.

8. Implement Virtual Wellness Walkathon

A wellness walkathon is a physical walking event where participants collaborate to spread awareness on a shared cause. But with the coronavirus cases spiking the charts, physical meetings aren’t the best choice to spread awareness.

Does that mean we aren’t going to host any team events? Well, with high technology solutions, nothing is impossible.

Thanks to corporate wellness companies like Vantage Fit, that makes it possible. It is the market leader for hosting a customized wellness walkathon or marathon for your employees.

A virtual walkathon is a walking event hosted on a shared virtual wellness platform, where all your employees log in to complete their assigned health goals.

Such platform allows you to track your employee health status in real-time. And saves a massive amount of time and energy that a manual tracking of physical activity might not offer.

9. Implement Employee Survey

No matter what you offer in your employee wellness program, implementing employee surveys and feedback should be on your priority list. It’s essential as a wellness authority to know what is working for employees and what isn’t. This way, your employees will feel free to talk about the program engagement.

Carrying out monthly wellness employee surveys, pulse surveys, or idea boxes can help you gather valuable feedback from your employees.

One such tool that makes the entire pulse survey process easy is Vantage Pulse.

Vantage Pulse is a leading employee survey tool by Vantage Circle; that follows an intelligent tracking system and customization process to help you organize an effective employee survey.

10. Offer Employee Assistance Programs

Health promotion and support services are essential investments in maintaining a healthy workforce. One such service is offering company-wide employee assistance programs.

An employee assistance program is a specialized wellness initiative designed to assist remote workers with tools and resources to solve personal issues like financial, workplace, or family issues.

EAP counselors conduct thorough health risk assessments of your employees and provide critical solutions that help in boosting employee motivation.

11. Provide Work from Home Essentials


As telecommuting and remote working gains popularity across different organizations making the entire experience more productive, engaging and fun, has become one of the crucial factors for determining employee happiness.

From setting up the remote workspace to offering ergonomic products, HR has left no stones unturned to provide employees with a comfortable and productive workstyle even while working remotely.

Vantage Perks is a leading employee benefits platform that offers corporate offers on work from home essentials for all employees.

12. Host Wellness Webinars

Every organization is unique when it comes to dealing with employee mental health issues. Factors ranging from industry, location, employee demographics, and company culture can play a huge role in determining workplace wellness.

That’s why addressing issues to avoid untimely burnouts becomes an important responsibility for you; as a wellness administrator.

Hosting wellbeing and resilience webinars is the perfect mental wellness initiative for your employees. Research experts host these webinars and provide effective solutions from their years of experience.

They understand all the potential health risks and analyze these health problems to improve employee health needs. With live video technology, your employees can access it at their comfort of home.

For better results, such a program provides online mental health training and counseling that address all the aspects of health care like weight loss programs and other practical exercises.

This article is written by Rangana Atreya, a Content Marketer at Vantage Circle. Having a creative mind with a spiritful life, she takes inspiration from travelling and learning languages. For any related queries, contact

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