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5 Corporate Wellness Strategies You Can’t Ignore

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Published on 12 May, 2020

The success of an organization in today’s date depends greatly on its workforce. In fact, employees are the biggest asset of a company. It is for their collective efforts that make the organization thrive and achieve success. Hence, taking care of these employees becomes the utmost priority of employers. And for this, companies have now started preaching employee health by adopting various corporate wellness strategies.

Several companies are now investing big-time in corporate wellness programs because of the many benefits associated with it.

A well-designed workplace wellness program can help you:

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However, the only problem that persists is the effectiveness of the wellness program in the long run. Many such initiatives tend to fall apart when the correct corporate wellness strategies are not taken into consideration. These strategies play a vital role in ensuring that a culture of health is established across your organization. At the same time, it creates an engaging work experience for all your employees.

In this blog, I’ll be discussing a few wellness strategies that would benefit your employee wellness programs.

5 Corporate Wellness Strategies for an effective workplace wellness program

1. Start with Biometric Screenings

The effectiveness of an employee wellness program hugely depends on your knowledge about your employees’ health status. The health and wellness needs in the organization differ from one employee to the other. This is where the role of biometric screening comes into play.

Biometric screenings are general health assessments collected through health surveys or any other communication means within the organization. Though these screenings primarily include details related to an employee’s health condition, it also considers other aspects like their behavior, habit patterns, family issues, and more.

All this information provides the employers with exclusive data points to set their path for initiating a robust workplace wellness program. This puts the program managers in a much better position, enabling them to customize the wellness plans whenever they think of a change to strengthen the wellness program.

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2. Take a Sequential Approach While Assigning Fitness Challenge to Your Employees

A good corporate wellness program is all about making it easy for your employees to cope with the changes. Most managers make the mistake of throwing it all at once without thinking if they are ready for it.

For example, you assign a fitness challenge of 10 KM run or 15,000 steps/day at the very beginning of the program. Now, doing this would not only be bad for an employees’ physical health who has never done it earlier. But it will also put up a negative impression about your wellness initiative and setback the employee participation rates.

To avoid such a situation, you must design your plans and activities so that your employees find them easy to cope with. Always follow the ascending rule by throwing achievable targets to motivate your employees and make them ready for the bigger goals. It is then only when you’ll be able to hit your goal of having a team of healthy and productive employees.

3. Make Your Corporate Wellness Program Unique Through Branding

Whatever you do within your organization must resonate with your brand values. The same thing goes for a corporate wellness program as well.

Organizations that care about their employees' health and well-being possess a much better brand identity than others who don't. We can all look at Google, for example, their workplaces are filled with amenities and activities to support their employees' health. All these things enhance their brand identity that attracts people's attention.

I agree that everyone can't be like Google, but you can bolster bolster your organization’s image by branding your corporate wellness program. You can do this by naming your wellness program and drive your workplace health initiatives. It is one of the best corporate wellness strategies that organizations often forget to implement. Branding your wellness program gives your employees a feeling of exclusivity when they are a part of such initiatives. Thus, keeping the employees engaged in your health promotion programs in the long run.

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4. Take Measures to Incentivize Employees for Active Participation

Earlier I said that having a workplace wellness program helps you save on your employee health-care expenses. But you are still required to invest in your wellness initiatives. Here, the two major things you need to invest in are a corporate wellness platform and incentivizing your employees.

A corporate wellness platform like that of Vantage Fit helps employers to efficiently manage and run their wellness programs.

You can term the other one, i.e., incentivizing employees as rewarding them for their efforts. Rewarding your employees is very important for the overall success of your program. It fuels their zeal to participate in the initiative actively and give their best to grab the prize.

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You can plan to reward only those employees who complete the assigned challenges. Doing this is still going to cost you less than your health-care expenses. As well as, it’ll motivate all the others to level up their game and take steps to improve their health.

5. Harness the Power of Social Media to Make Your Employees Feel Good

Social media has become a vital part of our lives in the 21st-century. It has given us the power to express ourselves in front of the world. And one single post on social media is powerful enough to start a movement.

The reason I have included it as a part of corporate wellness strategies is because of the feeling of gratification on accomplishing a task. Nothing would make your employees happier than getting appreciated in front of tons of people. It boosts their level of confidence and encourages them to push themselves. Involving social media gives your employees a platform to prove their mettle, especially when it comes down to the aspect of health.

People would be motivated to take up a healthy lifestyle when they see your employees’ progress. Further, it’ll present a good image of your employees that will lift their morale and enhance their experience connecting with your program.

Wrapping Up

Employee health and wellbeing has become a very crucial factor for ensuring an efficient and productive workforce. Employers can surely undertake various measures to ensure the same. Even keeping healthier foods in the office kitchen will make a big difference. The success story of your wellness program is defined by what corporate wellness strategies you adopt. But at the end of the day, the only thing you must look forward to is if your strategies have improved employees' health.

Do let us know what corporate wellness strategies you'll be focusing on. Don't forget to add your suggestions in the comments below.

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