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6 Best Employee Wellness Gift Ideas

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Published on 28 July, 2022

Employee wellness gifts are a wonderful way to show your concern for the well-being of your staff. Most significantly, they motivate employees to advance their financial, social, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when looking for the ideal wellness gift for employees and coworkers, regardless of your gift-giving expertise. The good news is that all it needs is some study and planning.

After that, you'll be well on your way to discovering a personal gift that gives your employees a positive outlook on life. Let's discuss some best gift practices for employee wellness and how the right gift may promote employee wellbeing throughout your network.

The Emergence of Employee Wellness Products and Programs

Employee health and wellness program initiatives have become increasingly popular in recent times. A well-thought-out wellness campaign may significantly impact employees’ and clients’ relationships, with the potential to positively influence their mental health.

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past and present are certain to miss the future.” - John F Kennedy.

By the 1950s, organizations like Texas Instruments, Rockwell, and Xerox had all implemented staff fitness programs, according to Corporate Wellness Magazine . These early initiatives were developed to assist employees with work-life balance as executives grew more conscious of stress’s detrimental effects on employees.

However, we have come a long way since then. Be it in physical, social, or mental form; Organizations nowadays take multi-dimensional initiatives to take care of their employees, such as:

  • Taking the team out for lunch or having a small outdoor gathering for good health.
  • Creating awareness of health through seasonal health days.
  • Organizing fun health competitions such as step, water, or gratitude challenges.

The Advantages of Business Wellness Gifts

Nobody likes to be unwell at work. But regrettably, because no one has ever provided them with a strong push to take action to improve their health, some employees have become accustomed to leading unhealthy lifestyles. For the first time in your employees' lives, you may now be the one to provide them with this incentive.


There are various advantages already connected with these activities and their accompanying gifts, even though providing a thorough health program can help businesses develop a strong competitive edge down the road:

1. Boost Productivity

Companies that integrate health-based objectives into everyday activities experience lower absenteeism rates and greater productivity levels.

2. Low Absent Rate

It is far simpler to maintain a good work-life balance, and preventing creative burnout is far simpler when people are given the resources to manage their long-term health.

3. Strengthen the Company's Core Values

A physical representation of your company’s values will serve as a powerful example of your culture and dedication to clients and workers.

4. Improved Work-Life Balance

When you encourage your employees to achieve their health goals with gifts, they become happier and prevent stress and burnout.

5. Low Staff Retention

Employees feeling valued and noticed at their workplace will prevent them from leaving their current workspace. Employee health is not something that wellness gifts can magically improve. They can, however, encourage workers to consider taking good care of themselves if they haven't previously.

Your offerings in the area of wellness can provide them with a way to start this journey.

6 Employee Wellness Gift Ideas

Giving your staff a gift that improves their health is the ideal way to show your appreciation for their contributions to the team and them as individuals. It is good to express gratitude and encouragement to those who have been ill, absent from work.


The message behind wellness gifts is to "keep well," "take care of yourself," and "get well soon"!

3 Things to Consider Before Buying Employee Wellness Gifts


Let's start from scratch with your company’s mission and values as you begin to think about which presents make the most sense for your business.

Your organizational culture must naturally support well-being if you want to communicate a real and natural message that employees can relate to.

Follow these suggestions to ensure your gifting program aligns with your organization’s overall message.

1. Observe and absorb:

Create feedback forms to learn more about your employees' gifts and program preferences. Try giving gifts that have meaning to them. Hold polls on what your workers desire from a well-being package that improves the working environment.

If you let your teams choose between two boxes, the first one may be centered on mental health and contain goods that promote mindfulness or positive thinking. Similarly, we may find items that connect to physical fitness and encourage individuals to be active in the second box.

2. Take baby steps:

If this is your first time giving gifts, go for something simple and common. You can also use the old trial and error method to see which gift is most liked. In this manner, you may use whatever lessons you pick up along the road to improve your gifts in the future.

Finding the ideal present will get much simpler if you know your employees’ well-being, interests, and objectives.

3. Consider finances and logistics:

You must account for delivery costs and schedules if you have workers who operate remotely or in offices in other nations.

Additionally, if your organization wishes to reduce its carbon footprint, consider purchasing boxes from the recipient's nation.

The worldwide market for corporate wellness, which was previously anticipated to be worth US$56.7 BN in 2020 but is now forecast to be worth US$87.3 BN by 2026, is expected to increase at a CAGR of 7.3 percent throughout the study period.

Gift Ideas


Let us now look at five employee wellness gift ideas we have created for you. You can pick whichever suits your company’s health plan or the one you like the most.

1. Mindfulness Box:

Mindfulness is a state of total awareness where a person is fully aware and present with what’s happening around them.

A mindfulness box contains objects encouraging people to be more aware of their surroundings. Such an item will help them concentrate on the present to foster a sense of tranquility and grounding.

Items you can include in the box are:

  • Journal to keep a record of everything that happens around them.
  • Plants to bring positive energy in their lives.
  • Herbal teas to enhance mood and keep your employees hydrated.
  • Books on mindfulness to create awareness and stay focused.
  • Scented candles to provide them with aromatherapeutic therapy.

Purchasing mindfulness-related presents for your staff can be a part of a planned well-being strategy. This is especially true if you wish to encourage a contented, healthy, and balanced way of life inside your company.

2. Positivity Box:

Positivity implies being optimistic about situations, interactions, and oneself. Even in the most challenging circumstances, those with positive attitudes maintain optimism and perceive the best.

A positivity box is a tiny container with things that bring the owner joy. Including gifts that promote this style of thinking will not only make your teams happy, but they will also be reminded of their resiliency.

Items you can include in the box:

  • Photos of their favorite people and trips.
  • Motivational quote cards to keep them motivated.
  • Self-care products to help them relax and destress.
  • Audio Books on positive thinking for those who don't have time to read.
  • Books on general knowledge and quizzes to enhance their learning.

Giving a gift that encourages happiness shows your employees that you value them as individuals, not simply as coworkers.

3. Health and Fitness Box:

Every company needs employees who are physically fit. Workers in good health are better equipped to do their tasks and are less likely to take sick leaves.

People who exercise regularly report feeling happy in addition to being physically healthier. Sending your employees a package with nutritious meals and some basic exercise gear could help them develop healthy habits.

Items you can include in a Fitness Box:

  • Fruits and supplements for healthy eating.
  • Yoga Mats for those who love and enjoy the power of yoga.
  • Gym Memberships to get your employees moving.
  • Smartwatches for employees to track their physical activity and health.
  • A bubble bath and spa voucher cards for them to relax and enjoy their day.

Promoting fitness in the workplace proactively is a great strategy to enhance well-being and motivate your colleagues to live more active lives.

4. Vacation Box:

According to studies , about 36% of Americans hadn't had a vacation in more than two years, and 51% hadn't in more than a year.

Gifting your employees a vacation gift box will help them relax and enjoy nature without having to worry about expenses.

Items you can include in Vacation box:

  • Trekking tickets for your employees to follow their happy trails.
  • Camping around the river for them to enjoy nature at its best.
  • Scuba Diving for them to explore their inner mermaid.
  • Luxury Hotel accommodation to make them feel pampered.
  • Golf Getaway to experience the premium game.

You don't always have to spend hundreds of dollars on pricey overseas holiday packages. You may rather invest in elegant or adventurous local retreats.

5. Social Box:

Building an inclusive working atmosphere has several advantages, including decreasing absenteeism and raising employee satisfaction.

Small gestures, like meeting for lunch or having a tea break, may truly make someone's day. Selecting presents with your company's social culture shows them that you care about their social and emotional welfare.

Items you can include in the Social Box:

  • Water Bottle to keep them hydrated
  • A planner for them to plan their day out.
  • A standing desk to relieve your employees from prolonged back and neck pain.
  • Recreational room for all your employees to work on their thoughts and have fun activities.
  • Savory snacks and coffee or tea for little breaks.

Good corporate culture and employee experience are greatly enhanced when employees feel connected and valued.

6. Vantage Fit Rewards:

The all-encompassing corporate wellness app Vantage Fit is focused on exercise and preventative healthcare. With the help of programmable wellness initiatives and challenges, its cutting-edge design encourages leading better lives.

Moreover, it is a great enhancement to corporate wellness programs. Vantage Fit is popular among employees thanks to features like a calorie counter, mood meter, heart rate monitor, health challenges, and awards.

Your employees may accomplish various health-related tasks and earn gift cards that can be redeemed, motivating them even more to lead healthy lives. Additionally, it raises employee engagement levels regarding wellness initiatives during the process.

Key features of the Vantage Fit rewarding system:

  • Wellness badges recognize employees’ accomplishments every time they achieve milestones.
  • Fitness points; Employees get fitness points after completing their health tasks. These points are collected in an employee's wallet and may be exchanged for gift cards at any ecommerce website.

Supporting Employee Well-being all Year Around

While giving your employees a wellness gift box is a great way to encourage fitness motivation, this is only a minor part of a successful corporate wellness program.

Long-term benefits need company-specific initiatives that encourage and invest in employees' financial, physical, and emotional well-being. When developing your business wellness plan, consider factors like identifying unhappiness and problems and rectifying them, thus improving the work experience and implementing perks.

Other parts of corporate wellness initiatives include, for instance:

  1. Free subscription to digital wellness apps for fitness activities.
  2. Free streaming of workout videos.
  3. On and off-site Yoga sessions
  4. Free therapy sessions.
  5. Courses for professional growth.
  6. Daily quizzes and other entertaining office challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Should employers present employees with gifts?

Absolutely, giving employees giftsdemonstrates their hard work, and efforts are appreciated and well-recognized. Also, it does not necessarily need to be a monetary incentive or materialistic thing but crediting redeemable points to employees' e-wallets is also useful.

Q2. What do corporate gifts serve as?

Gifting is meant to make a favorable impression on the recipient and build a long-lasting business connection.

With branded corporate gifts, businesses can stand out and draw in customers and clients while retaining partners and staff. Corporate gifting boosts a firm’s business activity and helps increase employee engagement.

Q3. Why is corporate giving significant for all sizes of businesses?

Customers like doing business with companies they can trust. Online corporate gift purchases by businesses for their clientele foster a connection and a gradual increase in trust. It will not only help boost employee satisfaction but will also enhance retention figures.


Employee wellness gifts come in different shapes and sizes. Do not feel obligated to buy the most expensive presents if they are out of your price range. The goal is to encourage your staff to choose a healthy lifestyle on their own.

While giving gifts, don’t forget that employees might require greater assistance. In scenarios like that, HR teams can occasionally spend more on one aspect of wellness than on another. You can use any health-based app on employee engagement available online.

Feel free to tell us the gift ideas you have gifted, and also share which opinion of ours you like the most.

This article is written by Daina Barman who is a content writer and marketer at Vantage Circle. Besides being an epicure trying to cook every dish possible, she likes to dance her way around everything. To get in touch, reach out to

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