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15 Fun Wellness Wednesday Ideas and Tips, your Employees Won’t Resist

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Last Updated on 02 July, 2024

The middle of the work week can feel like a slog. Motivation dips, energy levels plummet, and the allure of the weekend becomes ever-present.

Imagine a Wednesday where the dreaded afternoon slump never arrives. Instead, employees feel energized, motivated, and ready to tackle the rest of the week. Introducing Wellness Wednesdays, an innovative approach to boosting employee well-being, leading to happier and more productive teams.

Studies show that prioritizing employee well-being can lead to:

  • Increased productivity by up to 12%
  • Improved employee morale by 31%
  • Reduced healthcare costs by 20%

However, keeping employees engaged with wellness initiatives can be challenging. That's where fun and creative Wellness Wednesdays come in!

Why Should You Offer Wellness Wednesday?

Before jumping into the perks of introducing Wellness Wednesday as a part of your employee wellness program, first, let's get acquainted with its concept. What is Wellness Wednesday? Or how is it different than any other day of the week?

Wellness Wednesday is a weekly observance or event focused on promoting or encouraging healthy lifestyle practices that contribute to overall employee health and well-being.

The goal of Wellness Wednesday at work is to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of your mind, body, and soul, and to provide practical tips and resources for employees to do so.

Now that you are acquainted well with the idea of what wellness Wednesday is, let’s briefly discuss why you should offer one at your workplace.

  1. It helps to reduce employee absenteeism as employees who are actively engaged with wellness initiatives tend to take fewer sick leaves. Again, a report by the American Psychological Association suggests that wellness programs can reduce absenteeism by as much as 28%.

  2. Wellness initiatives like Wellness Wednesday can help to boost employee engagement. According to a study by Gallup engaged employees are more motivated and show almost an 21% increase in productivity.

  3. It helps to reduce stress by encouraging employees to practice stress management techniques like mindfulness, meditation, and yoga, as a part of Wellness Wednesday initiatives.

A study by the American Institute of Stress estimated that stress alone costs U.S. businesses over $300 billion each as a form of absenteeism, turnover, and decline in productivity.

  1. It helps to attract and retain top talent when companies start to prioritize employee well-being.

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15 Fun Wellness Wednesday Ideas (On-site & Virtual)

Wellness Wednesday initiatives are about having a little fun while taking care of both your physical and mental health. So, what are you still waiting for? Confused about how to start your Wednesday?

With all the possible benefits, and to make it easy, we’ve listed 15 different types below in 3 different categories.

5 On-site Wellness Wednesday Ideas

Choose this dynamic list of on-site activities that will make Wellness Wednesday the most anticipated day of your week.

1. Group Fitness Classes

Make your wellness Wednesday one of the most awaited days by introducing some sweat-inducing fitness classes. Again, when it comes to employee wellness, there’s no better way to boost productivity and morale than by encouraging everyone to get active.

You can offer fitness classes, wellness challenges, group Zumba sessions, or just a designated time for employees to hit the gym. You can even encourage your employees to share their sweaty selfies using relevant hashtags for more fun and engaging.

2. Yoga Sessions


Waiting for fun on Friday can seem very weary, and often result in a mid-week slump. If you are looking for something both fun and relaxing way to get employees over hump day, then mid-week yoga is a great option.

Practicing yoga is one of the best ways to get rid of stress and muscle tension. You can choose the type of yoga you want to practice, it can either be traditional mat yoga or even as modern as something like chair yoga.

Yoga sessions not to mention are a great way to help employees bond over and build a strong and positive work environment.

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3. Healthy Snack Potluck

What better way to bond with your colleagues than over good food and some humor? Office potlucks are a great way to bring your company and employees together.

Make your wellness Wednesday a fun event by organizing a healthy snack potluck at work. It will help promote healthy eating habits and make them aware of the many health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables or any other healthy snacks.

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4. Walking Meeting

Elevate your meetings by swapping the boardroom for an outdoor path. Host a walking meeting as part of your wellness Wednesday initiative. If you are not aware of what it is, then worry not.

Walking meetings are just what they seem, a meeting you host while walking or moving. Hosting one instead of the traditional boring meetings has many benefits. It helps to improve productivity, boosts energy levels, and enhances general well-being by incorporating regular movement and fresh air.

Additionally, the space of the outdoors increases brain function which can help stimulate creativity, innovation, and memory.

5. Mindfulness Sessions


Hosting mindfulness sessions is a great way to relieve stress at work. Taking one hour of your day to learn about stress-melting techniques of mindfulness can help both employees and the organization.

If you are looking for a calm and collective work environment, then mindfulness is the best option.

Mindfulness can help employees reduce stress, increase focus, and improve overall wellbeing. Encourage employees to take a mindful moment during Wellness Wednesday with guided meditations, quiet reflection time, or even a group mindfulness session.

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5 Virtual Wellness Wednesday Ideas

Wellness Wednesdays aren't just for on-site teams! Here's how virtual wellness initiatives can be a fantastic option for your remote employees:

1. Virtual Yoga/Meditation Sessions

Although back-to-office work culture is back, yet there are still many companies that are still offering work-from-home. Virtual Yoga allows employees to stretch, breathe, and find their inner peace from the comfort of their own homes or workspaces.

Employees can participate in online meditation sessions to reduce stress, increase productivity, and boost overall employee wellbeing.

Virtual yoga or meditation session helps employees, who may feel a little self-conscious get involved, as nobody will be able to see them participating.

2. Virtual Fitness Classes

Virtual fitness classes have become a popular way to stay active and engaged, especially for remote teams. However, hosting a virtual fitness class can be quite a pickle. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while offering one -

  • Select a user-friendly platform like Zoom, Google Meet, or dedicated fitness apps that allow live video and audio interaction.

  • Consider collaborating with a wellness coach or online instructor experienced in leading virtual classes.

  • Promote the virtual fitness class through internal communication channels, emails, and social media with clear details like time, platform, and instructor (if applicable).

  • Greet your participants, introduce yourself and the class format, and set expectations for the session.

  • Begin with a 5–10-minute warm-up routine to prepare participants physically and mentally for the workout.

  • Maintain a positive and motivating tone throughout the class. Play upbeat music to enhance the experience.

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3. Team Step Challenges Using Activity Trackers


Are you are looking for a fun and interactive way to get your team moving on Wellness Wednesdays? Look no further than team step challenges using activity trackers!

It helps teams compete to clock the most steps, promoting movement and camaraderie. Again, it is perfect for both on-site and remote teams, fostering inclusivity. Moreover, it is easy to keep track of your employees' progression.

Here's how you can run a successful step challenge -

  • Seamlessly connect with popular activity trackers or apps like Vantage Fit to enable team step challenges and individual progress monitoring.

  • Start with achievable weekly/daily step goals that gradually increase.

  • Choose a fun theme (e.g.,"March on Challenge") to increase engagement.

  • Recognize and reward the top performers and showcase team progress!

Ready to transform your Wellness Wednesdays and create a thriving culture of well-being within your organization? Visit Vantage Fit today to learn more and schedule a free demo.

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4. Wellbeing Webinars/workshops

Wellness Wednesday is all about self-care, so why not offer educational sessions on topics like stress management, healthy eating, or overall well-being? With the rise of remote work, why not bring self-care straight to your employees’ screens with Wellbeing Webinars?

With these online workshops and webinars, you can offer a convenient way for employees to learn and improve their well-being, no matter where they are. It can help prevent a range of employee discomforts, including; burnout, muscular pain, stress, diabetes, mental health struggles, and more!

5.Mood Log Magic


In addition to flexibility and convenience, remote work can also present challenges in maintaining team connection and emotional well-being. Having a sense of isolation or disconnection can negatively affect morale and productivity.

Regular check-ins can bridge the physical gap and keep your remote team feeling valued. It doesn't have to be elaborate or time-consuming. It can be as simple as logging in your mood in a wellness app or asking your employees, “How are you feeling today? ’

You can help your remote employees take charge of their well-being with Vantage Fit's Mood Log feature ! This isn't just another check-in channel - it's a personalized tool to track their emotional state throughout the workday.

Employees can confidentially log their mood throughout the day, whether they're feeling energized, stressed, or somewhere in between. They can also share what's impacting their mood – is it a looming deadline, a recent win, or maybe that never-ending cup of coffee?

5 Wellness Wednesday Challenges

What is more engaging and motivating than a challenge? Choose this dynamic list of wellness challenges that will make Wellness Wednesday the most anticipated day of your week.

1. Hydration Challenge


On Wellness Wednesday, encourage employees to stay hydrated by setting a hydration challenge. The challenge could consist of drinking 2 liters of water during the day or avoiding unhealthy drinks. You can ask your employee to keep track of their water intake by using an app that has an inbuilt waterlog facility like the Vantage Fit.

2. Gratitude Challenge

Often the work week can feel like a never-ending to-do list and it’s easy to forget all the good things in life. That’s where gratitude challenges come in.

By taking just a few minutes to reflect on what you are thankful for, you can shift your focus from stress to positivity.

Encouraging your employee to take part in Gratitude challenges can be a great way to shift their focus from stress to positivity and create a happier, more productive work environment. They can also help foster a sense of community among your employees.

A study conducted by the Glassdoor team shows that 53% of employees claim that they are willing to stay longer in a company if their boss appreciates them more (Glassdoor Team, 2019). Meanwhile, another research states that 66% of employees are willing to quit their jobs if they feel like they are not appreciated (Lipman, 2017).

3. Sleep Challenge

The fact that one in three adults don't sleep enough isn't surprising. Likely, many of your employees aren't properly rested when they report to work.

Get your team involved in a sleep challenge. Track their sleep with a sleep app for a week, and award prizes to employees who consistently sleep 8 hours.

4. Mindfulness Challenge

It can take a lot of work to get through the middle of the week. If you want to incorporate mindfulness into your Wellness Wednesday routine, try a quick mindfulness challenge first!

Introducing mindfulness exercises ranging from 5-minute- to 20-minute mindfulness sessions will help your employee refocus, relax, and approach the rest of the day with renewed energy.

Wellness Wednesday is the perfect time to start a mindfulness challenge. For five days, encourage your employees to practice mindfulness for five minutes a day.

According to a study, mindfulness-based stress reduction training has been shown to decrease total mood disturbance, including stress, anxiety and fatigue in medical students (Rosenzweig, Reibel, Greeson, Brainard, & Hojat, 2003).

5. Make Someone’s Day Challenge


Brightening up someone else's day with a compliment or kind gesture can help boost their mood, self-esteem, and happiness, and encourage kindness and empathy in the workplace.

If you think about it, a simple act of kindness like bringing your colleague their favorite coffee or leaving a thoughtful note on their desk can go a long way in making their day.

And who knows that positive energy might even inspire your employees to pay it forward.

4 Tips to Turn Your Wellness Wednesdays into Employee Magnets

Through Wellness Wednesday, you can consider these key tactics to increase employee participation and engagement. Here are some tips for making Wellness Wednesday a success -

  1. Establish a clear understanding of what Wellness Wednesday is, its goals, and its benefits among employees. Communicate upcoming wellness activities through email newsletters, posters, and intranet announcements.

  2. While participating in Wellness Wednesdays is important, employees must have the freedom to decide when to participate. Employees can make decisions that support their idea of a fulfilling experience when their individuality is respected.

  3. Encourage your management and leaders to actively participate in Wellness Wednesday. It helps to demonstrate dedication to their well-being. When leaders prioritize their wellness, it encourages employees to follow suit, cultivating a culture of wellness.

  4. Make sure to seek participant feedback regarding their experiences and preferences related to Wellness Wednesday regularly. It can help tailor activities and offerings to better resonate with employee needs and interests.

Summing It Up

Implementing fun and engaging Wellness Wednesdays is a powerful investment in your employees' well-being, leading to a happier, healthier, and more productive work environment for everyone. So, what are you waiting for?

Start planning and unleash the wellness magic in your organization! Remember, small changes can lead to big impacts. Start your journey to a more vibrant and thriving workplace with Wellness Wednesdays.

This article is written by Neha Yasmin who is a content marketer at Vantage Fit. A selenophile with a penchant for discovering great meals and drinks. Is a self-proclaimed binge racer with a knack for cooking in her spare time. For queries, reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com

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